Comfort and Joy

Hi Friends!

This December has been a time of poignant reflection. I have been intentional about honoring the past year and all of the lessons that it taught me. There were many difficult lessons, ones that I never dreamed I would encounter. Life can be a great teacher! By embracing the small moments and big milestones, I have grown in so many unexpected ways. 

‘Comfort and Joy’ is the theme of my Self-Care bullet journal this month. The Winter botanical illustrations were inspired by artist Shayda Campbell. ♥

Throughout December,

I have been intentionally focused on

creating moments of Comfort and Joy.  

Just last week, as I hurried from place to place,

the bright afternoon sunshine drew me to

  a joyful, unplanned destination.

The Winter Flower show at our nearby Conservatory

was in full bloom!

Wrapped in the love of family and friends,

I am happily celebrating

a simpler, quieter holiday season this year.


The magic of the season glows 

with sweet reflection,

small handmade gifts of love,

and time spent connecting with those I hold dear.


Favorite holiday traditions warm the heart…

and new traditions add cozy, comfort!


TIME is my most precious gift ~

time with loved ones,

creative time,

time to learn and grow,

 time to give and share …

and time to just BE.


Sending big hugs and warm thoughts

to anyone hurting during this holiday season.

Look for small moments of Comfort and Joy

in each and every day.

Celebrate in your own special way!

May we all step into the new year (and new decade!)

with light, grateful hearts!


Merry Christmas, sweet friends!

So grateful for your visits and thoughtful comments

all year long!


With love,

♡ Dawn










12 thoughts on “Comfort and Joy

  1. Lovely thoughts of comfort and joy, dear Dawn. I always enjoy when you visit the conservatory and share photos from there. The lovely shades of pink of the poinsettia tree are beautiful. You are so right about time, my friend. It is most precious! I hope you and your family have the most wonderful time together this Christmas.

    • Oh, thank you so much, Martha Ellen! You are an ‘angel’ of a friend! ♥ Our lovely, little Conservatory feels like a calm ‘oasis’ on a busy day.
      Sending warm Christmas wishes you, Grayden, and your entire family! Wishing you a season filled with comfort and joy, dear heart!♡

  2. Dawn,
    What a lovely post. I traditionally buy red poinsettias, but the vibrant pink and the pink and white poinsettias you’ve shown are lovely. I hope the coming year is a happy and healthy year for you.

    • Happy holidays, Karen! Red poinsettias were always a Christmas tradition here, too. Now I’m drawn to the soft pinks and the pink and white varieties. They would look lovely with any decor. Wishing you and your family a cozy Christmas, wrapped in love! Warm hugs, Karen!💗

  3. Merry Christmas, Dawn! I, too, have often wandered into the conservatory in the park. It’s such a beautiful, peaceful place any time of year. A hidden gem for our community, to be sure. Also, your bullet journal is just beautiful. Wishing you a peaceful holiday season! xoxo, Carol

    • Visiting the Christmas Flower show is one of my favorite holiday traditions, too, Carol! That day I was actually on my way to the library for a Meditation class. As I passed the Conservatory, I knew it was the perfect time to enjoy the poinsettias! So glad I stopped to visit! Hope to see you again soon, Carol. 😊 Christmas blessings to you and your family. Enjoy every moment together!💗

  4. Beautiful post, Dawn. Hope your Christmas was a calm and peaceful as the photos here. My daughter and I decided to make it a laid back Christmas this year. Christmas day was spent quietly reading and resting. No big meal and lots of calls to and from family all over. I like the idea of more comfort and joy. We all need more of that. Keep taking care of yourself first. Such and important thing to do. Christmas hugs and love, M

    • Oh, thank you, Marlene! We enjoyed four lovely, family Christmas gatherings. It was such a blessing! Today I’m a bit tired, but so grateful for all of the sweet memories we made together. 😊 Your laid back Christmas sounded really nice, too! There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate together! So glad that your daughter is there with you, Marlene. Yes, now we can slow down and rest a bit. A whole new decade awaits! 💗

  5. Comfort and Joy – I love this, dear Dawn, and read it in a quiet moment, sipping my morning tea, soft music playing as I map out my day. We have a house full of family and all the accompaniments that come with young children. The Up North family will be visiting friends in the area today, while I hope for perhaps a long walk and to finish a Christmas read. 🙂 I will adopt your “comfort and joy” moments today and I will think of you as I do it.
    Your Christmas sounds “just right” and you are spending your time wisely.

    I love your photos and, as you might suspect, you were in one of my favorite places. I celebrated my birthday earlier this month, a rather big one this year. My gift was a family portrait there. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

    Happy New Year, Dawn.

    • Happy Big Birthday, Penny!! What a perfect location for your very special family portrait! I look forward to seeing it, too.😊
      Our mild weather has been a lovely surprise… and it makes everything easier. Yesterday, a dear friend and I took a long afternoon walk through the woods and over to the old mill. What a delight to walk, talk, and listen to the birdsong on 26. December! It was a wonderful gift of comfort and joy from Mother Nature. 😊 It sounds like we are both being more intentional about enjoying the quiet moments between all of our family holiday activities, Penny. I’m certain that Kezzie and Ezra bring so much fun and excitement to your house during their visit. Enjoy every moment of your time together, dear heart!
      Wishing you a healthy, happy start to the new year (and new decade!)! Warmest hugs!💗

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