A Wee Bit o’ Green…


Hi Friends!

‘Twas a lucky morn here!

As the rain showers ended, the birds began to sing so loudly,

as if to share the happy news…

I grabbed my denim jacket and headed out for my morning walk through the garden

observing the quick growth of foliage, in so many shades of green.

I have been checking the garden each day for a week or so.

Today was different ~ a wee bit o’ green and purple!

Oh, my heart! The first Springtime blossoms were open!

Miniature irises were in full bloom

and crocuses were just unfurling their petals.

Daffodils will add sunshine to the garden any day now.


It’s still too early to uncover our Midwest garden beds

from their crunchy, leafy confetti

here in USDA Zone 5.

Snowflakes are predicted this weekend.

(We have memories of one late March snowstorm of 16 inches!)

While we wait, we enjoy our favorite garden books and magazines

and dream our garden dreams…


Our Conservatory, in a nearby park,

is a lovely oasis

filled with sunshine


wee bits o’ green.


It’s the perfect place to pause and reflect…





I have been feeling so lucky

(and by lucky, I mean blessed beyond measure!)

for all of the special people in my life.

YOU are one of them!


Thank you so much for stopping to visit today.

Wishing you lucky days, too!

(‘A Wee Bit o’ Green’ ~ all supplies by Stampin’ Up)

Erin Go Bragh!


P.S.  What’s blooming in your neighborhood and your garden this week?


27 thoughts on “A Wee Bit o’ Green…

  1. Don’t you just love this time of year. We have been getting the occasional shower and my garden looks so happy. There is a vibrancy to the green tones in the garden right now that really isn’t the same once summer arrives. I love spring. Happy spring to you and Happy St. Patrick’s Day this Thursday!

    • Hi Karen! It’s my very favorite season! When I saw the first tiny blossoms this morning, it felt like Springtime in my heart! I think of you and your garden, Karen, each time we hear reports of raindrops in California. Such a blessing! Hope gentle showers help water your garden all year long! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, too! ♡

  2. Hello Dawn! Just sitting down with a cup of tea and I saw your sweet post! You have such a lovely way with words that is so uplifting! Things are beginning to green up a bit here in northern Wisconsin. Robins galore, readying their nests, I’m sure. Daffodil leaves are peeking up….just hoping we don’t get a big snowstorm. Seems like we usually do JUST when we are beginning to enjoy Spring. I have yet to hang clothes on the line. Maybe next wash day! Have a wonderful week! ♡

    • Such a sweet thing to say, Karen! I haven’t seen a robin in the garden yet. Lots of cardinals are adding color to the garden, though! We haven’t put our snow shovels away yet… just in case. I know how much you love hanging your clothes on the line. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you for Afternoon Tea, Karen! Our special day is less than two months two months away! Time will fly!! Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ♡

  3. I so enjoy your post! I’ve planted the planter on my front porch with tulips and primroses and the urn by the garage with primroses and pussy willow branches. So festive!

    • Oh, thank you, Jo! Your containers are a breath of Springtime!! In our garden beds, the foliage on the tulips is about eight inches tall. It won’t be long now!! It’s such a delightful, happy time of year! 🙂 Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Jo! ♡

    • Many thanks, Julie! It won’t be long now! 🙂 I just love seeing daily, little changes in the garden in the Springtime. Little miracles of nature! Enjoy your garden! ♡

  4. Gosh and Begorra, what a lovely way to awaken! Thanks for another uplifting message. Love the photos too. The bouganvilla is ablaze in our neighborhood in all colors except green!

    • Top o’ the Morn, dear Anne! Many thanks for your sweet words. The bouganvilla must look stunning! It blooms in my mom’s garden all year long. Hers is a gorgeous fuschia color! Hope the recent rains have gently watered your garden. Thinking of you and sending warm hugs, my friend! ♡

  5. What bright and sunny images and words, Dawn. Wonderful post full of all the hopes and promises of spring. The daffodils keep pushing upward and the ferns are starting to show. I love this time of year (and yes, I do remember that snowstorm). I slowly pull that “crunchy, leafy confetti” away, in part for the plants protection against the elements, and in part so the deer don’t find them. 🙂
    Off for a walk in the muddy woods today – and thoughts of our Irish feast in a few days.
    I have shamefully failed to say I hope you are feeling better.

    • Heartfelt thanks, dear Penny! Isn’t it amazing to see the changes in our gardens from day to day? I’m sure that’s why Springtime is my favorite season in the garden! Hope the hungry deer stay away from the new growth in your garden. Enjoy your walk in the woods! I’ve been thinking about the Daffodil Glade at the Arb. It should be in full glory soon! 🙂

      Thanks for your good wishes. I’m resting… with anticipation. Hoping to feel better by the first day of Spring! It was so wonderful to meet my “old friend” for the first time on Sunday! ❤ Sending more hugs! ♡

    • You are so right, Judy! It’s very, very, very tempting to clean up the garden beds early. Lessons learned remind us to be patient a bit longer! In the meantime, it’s such fun to make garden plans! I’ve been thinking about the perfect spot to plant your hyacinth beans. 🙂 It will be such fun to watch them grow! You must really have ‘garden fever’ after a day at your Master Gardener symposium!

      I just returned from voting. 🙂 Hoping all those political phone calls will end for a while now! Sending lucky wishes for a great week ahead! ♡

  6. Oh Dawn, I’m so happy to see your garden begin to tempt you with what is to come. Your rain is going to bless you with green very soon. What a sweet post about the blessings we all share and need to remember each day! Happy St Paddy’s to you , my friend! ♥

    • What a delight to hear from you today, Martha Ellen! I walk through the garden each day, but know that it’s just too early to begin gardening in the Midwest. So, I’ve been thinking about gardening! I think I have found the perfect place to plant the very special, historic Jacob’s Ladder seeds from Colonial Williamsburg. 🙂 I think they would be so sweet growing along our white picket fence. Wishing your family a festive St. Patrick’s Day celebration, too! It’s the perfect time to count our blessings! Warm hugs! ♡

  7. Dawn, I’m so happy to see life in your garden after the long winter. I like the image of dried leaves as confetti protecting your beds. The Iris and crocus are vibrant. I love that shade of purple and the joy they bring to the garden.

    I hope your weather behaves itself this year. 16 inches of snow in later March sounds daunting.

    Happy St. Patrick’s day. I love all those Irish blessings and quotes.


    • What a joy the first blossoms always bring, Alys! Although this winter wasn’t as snowy as the past few years, we did have very, very cold temperatures without a thick blanket of snow to insulate the tender roots. So, it makes me very happy to see signs of life reappear! Each day this week a few more blooms opened. Each blossom is truly celebrated in early spring! We really hope the mild weather continues…

      Thanks so much for stopping to visit. Wishing you gentle showers and joyful hours in your garden, dear Alys! Happy weekend! ♡

      • It’s funny that snow can actually act as an insulator. Fascinating. I’m glad to hear that the flower count continues. I hope your mild weather continues, too, Dawn. Have a terrific weekend.

  8. Happy Spring, Dawn! How are you feeling? Hope you didn’t get too much snow; I’m glad the sun is shining here, even if it is a little bit chilly.

    • Hi Chris! You are so sweet to ask. I’m still resting, seeing the doctor, and thinking positive thoughts. We missed the snow last weekend, but may get a little this week. Have you noticed any green in your garden yet? I can see lots of green hiding under the brown, crunchy leaves. It’s just too soon to uncover things here in USDA Zone 5. Sending Happy Easter wishes! ♡

      • Glad to hear you’re resting up, Dawn! That’s so important to recovery and so many people take it for granted. We’ve got some flower buds here and some tulip stems peeping up through the dirt so far. Happy Easter to you as well. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend ❤

      • I will take your words to heart, Chris. ❤ Resting doesn't come easily for me. There are so many interesting, exciting things to do and learn! Yet, I know that rest is key, so I'm doing my best. Wishing you tulips and daffodils! Have a wonderful Easter with your favorite family traditions (and maybe some new traditions) in your new home! ♡

  9. Such beautiful pictures and sayings…..we are all anxiously awaiting spring’s arrival to stay. We’ve had a few gorgeous days, but I’m waiting for the warm weather to make a comeback and stay awhile 🙂 Happy Spring Dawn!

    • Many thanks, Loretta! It’s the same here. Our warm, sunny days are fleeting. We will also have rain and snowflakes this week. It’s such fun to dream about Springtime in the garden. Thanks so much for visiting today, Loretta. Sending sunshine! ♡

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