Magnolia Blossoms


Hi Friends! What a wonderful welcome home! After a lovely summer-like visit with relatives in the Southwest, it was time to return home to springtime in the Midwest. While we were away, I was curious about our Magnolia tree, near the front porch. Would we miss its bloom time while we were away? Since we arrived home late at night, the answer to my question had to wait until dawn. We were thrilled to discover our Magnolia tree in full bloom in the morning light! Bright and beautiful, the blossoms danced in the breeze under bright blue skies. Our Magnolia welcomed us Home, Sweet, Home in the happiest of ways!


What a joy to see our Magnolia tree in full bloom!

Our Magnolia tree is a very dear part of our garden. It was planted fourteen years ago, to replace an old Crab Apple tree that was no longer healthy. After admiring the Magnolias growing throughout town, I knew that it would be the next tree planted here. The day it was planted, it was only waist-high. It looked more like a bush! With patience, we happily watched our little tree grow to its mature height. With just a bit of pruning  of the lower branches each year, our Magnolia gives us so many gifts throughout each season.


In the springtime, our Magnolia tree becomes a giant, fuchsia bouquet, flowering for a week or two, before its leaves appear. Throughout the summer, we are often surprised by more blossoms tucked amongst its leafy branches. We often discover a bird’s nest hidden in the Magnolia. A birdhouse also offers shelter to our feathered friends.  The perennial bed beneath the Magnolia  tree adds an ever-changing splash of color throughout the entire growing season. Winter snows cling to the bare branches and the new buds for next year’s Magnolia blossoms. There is always something interesting to observe! While reading on the front porch swing on a summer afternoon, our Magnolia provides the perfect bit of privacy. The birds sing its praises and the gentle breezes create a little dance among the leaves. On summer evenings, the Magnolia provides pleasant company as we watch sunsets from the front porch.

“The best time to 

plant a tree

was twenty years ago.

The second best time

is now.”  

~ Chinese Proverb

National Arbor Day, celebrated on the fourth Friday in April, is the perfect time to think about all of the amazing  benefits of planting trees. Planting times vary across the country, based on temperature and moisture conditions. Spring is a great time to plant trees in the Midwest and Northeast. In the Northwest, people often plant trees in the Fall. In the Southern states, trees are often planted in late winter.

We recently watched the beautiful, animated short film ‘The Man Who Planted Trees.’  Based on a story by Jean Giono, this award winning film shares an optimistic tale of the importance of planting trees. It’s definitely worth watching here.

This year, we are looking forward to planting dwarf, re-blooming Lilac trees (Syringa Bloomerang) in our yard. Just imagine lilacs blooming in the spring, and again from mid-summer to the first frost. I’m already dreaming of crocks filled with Lilacs on the front porch throughout the summer months!

During our visit to the Phoenix area last week, one amazing tree captured my heart! The Jacaranda tree thrives in warm climates with sandy soil.  Its gorgeous purple panicles caught my attention everywhere we went. The Jacaranda tree could not survive our harsh Midwestern winters. So, I took lots of pictures so that I could ‘bring home’ the warm memories of  this colorful tree!

The Jacaranda trees were all in bloom in the Phoenix area last week.

The Jacaranda trees were all in bloom in the Phoenix area last week. Their blossoms are just beautiful against the blue sky!

Everywhere I look, there are trees in full bloom. What a joy! It is the perfect time to grab my camera and take a springtime walk through the neighborhood. I’m so happy that the recent rain and wind spared the blossoms.

What a wonderful ‘Welcome Home!’

Take time to enjoy the trees today!

Take time to enjoy the trees today!

I hope you are enjoying springtime blossoms on the trees where you live, too!

Which trees are your favorites? Which trees would you love to plant?

Have a lovely day! I always enjoy our visits!

Scatter sunshine!

♡ Dawn


22 thoughts on “Magnolia Blossoms

    • Thanks, Julie! Each blossom in springtime is so precious after our long, cold winter. So heartwarming! Thanks for visiting today, Julie! ♡

  1. What a beautiful magnolia. There are several on the lane where we live but none on our property. I was hoping this would be the year that two young redbud trees would bloom for us, but alas it was not to be. Maybe next year. Dogwoods along the edge of our woods will open very soon.

    • Thank you, Marcia! I enjoy seeing the Redbud trees blooming in our neighborhood. You are so fortunate to have Dogwoods! Enjoy the beautiful springtime colors. Thanks for visiting today, Marcia! ♡

  2. Your Magnolia Tree is beautiful, Dawn! What a nice way to be welcomed home. I too love trees! It would be a sad world without them. We are blessed with many trees on our property. My favorite is the dogwood and birds have planted many in our yard. They are now blooming gloriously! I will have to look at your links. The tree you featured in Phoenix is just beautiful. I love how different things grow in different parts of the country. The southwest is filled with many interesting plants. What a lovely Chinese Proverb–I’ve never heard it before—So true! Thank you for all the lovely photos and welcome home! ♥

    • Heartfelt thanks, Martha Ellen! It must be just lovely to have a Dogwood tree in your yard. I was completely smitten with the Jacaranda trees in bloom! I have been visiting the Southwest every spring for many years. Perhaps this was the first time that they have bloomed during our visit! There will be a few more posts coming about the plants in the desert Southwest. They are really fascinating! I must come visit to see what’s new in your garden! So happy that you stopped by today, Martha Ellen! ♡

  3. A most delightful walk about your garden, Dawn, and your magnolia is simple magnificent and it is a pleasure to see it in each season.
    I’m interested in the re-blooming dwarf lilac. It sounds delightful, and, oh, to have repeat blooms.
    Welcome back – and here’s to some warmer weather.

    • Many thanks, Penny! It was 93 in Phoenix and a bit of a shock to arrive home to the 30s! Today I cut the grass wearing my winter coat. Brrrr! I truly hope that tonight will be our last Freeze Warning. My garden beds are tugging on my heartstrings. Can’t wait for warmer days! So happy you stopped to visit, Penny! ♡

  4. Dawn,
    What a display. I loved the pictures of your magnoia through the 4 seasons. We have a Southern Magnolia, an evergreen with large white flowers. Its in a container right now but I will plant it in the yard at some point. I’m going to watch the film on the tree planter. I love trees and blooming trees are icing on the cake!
    Enjoy your weekend, I hope it includes some time in the garden.

    • Hi, Karen! Your Southern Magnolia sounds so lovely! It’s so cold here at the moment. Yesterday I wore my winter coat while cutting the grass. The past two nights we have had frost. So, I’m going to wait a bit longer to tidy up my flower beds. Next week should be a little warmer! Can’t wait! Happy weekend, Karen! ♡

  5. Hi Dawn! Oh that Jacaranda tree…we had one on our property in Los Angeles and the color was so spectacular! And now in Minneapolis, many neighbors have these fabulous magnolias. SO GORGEOUS! Are you enjoying your spring? WE ARE though it’s slow in coming. Happy day! Anita

    • Hi, Anita! The Jacaranda trees in bloom stole my heart everywhere we went in the Phoenix area! Just gorgeous!! It must have been so wonderful to have one growing in your yard! The springtime flowers and trees in bloom are pure poetry now. Watching the trees leaf out is such a happy sign of spring! It’s my favorite season of all ~ new growth, in so many ways! Wishing you a delightful spring weekend, dear Anita! ♡

  6. This Magnolia Tree is so very pretty – It’s raining here today, but just outside my window I have a wonderful Star Magnolia, and I can’t keep looking at it. – The Jacaranda tree of course do not grow here, but it must be very beautiful. You just have to love this season 🙂

    • So happy that you stopped by today, Sussi! I know just how beautiful your Star Magnolia looks, for there are many of these trees in bloom throughout our town this week, too! I hope your Star Magnolia blossoms will last through a rainy day in Denmark. Wishing you a happy week in your garden, Sussi! ♡

  7. What a beautiful Magnolia tree, Dawn! My mom would love to have one of those in front of our house, or a cherry blossom tree! I just hope our little fig tree in the backyard produces a lot of fruit this year. Hope you have a wonderful week ❤

    • Thanks so much, Chris! Hope you will share a post about your little fig tree someday! My husband would love a little fig tree. So, please let us know how it does. It will begin to warm up this week. I’m hoping to spend time in the garden every day. So much to do! Have a happy week, Chris! ♡

    • Isn’t it wonderful, Ericka? I am so excited to plant a re-blooming Lilac in our yard! My husband grew up with a yard filled with Lilacs. It would be very special to plant some here. We have noticed how the trees are leafing out so quickly now. So happy that spring is here! Wishing you happy days in the garden, Ericka! ♡

    • So happy to see you, Deb! I chose this variety of Magnolia because of its deep, rich color. Most of the Magnolias throughout our town are the beautiful, pale, pink varieties. I love them all! Our blossoms are still holding on for almost two weeks! A true celebration of spring! Wishing you a good day, dear Deb! ♡

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