Just a thought…

“Today’s card making events and scrapbooking crop nights have become the modern equivalent of the quilting bees of days gone by. Artistic women gather together to create handmade pieces that are beautiful and useful, while enjoying the company of kindred spirits!” ♡ 


Hi Friends!

Just imagine the happy sounds of laughter and encouraging words coming from a friendly group of women gathered around long tables for a paper crafting workshop! It was a wonderful way to spend last Sunday afternoon. We all enjoyed one another’s company as we carefully cut, stamped, and embellished bits of red, white, and blue paper. As we worked on our projects together, my thoughts drifted back to the pioneer days and good, old-fashioned quilting bees! Those gatherings also brought together women who cherished spending creative time together, while busily stitching colorful quilts for their families to use and enjoy for years to come.

Antique Star quilt wall hanging

Antique Star quilt wall hanging


Times have changed so much through the years, yet our desire to gather together remains just as strong.  Today, it seems more important than ever to slow down, connect, and share with kindred spirits. This little project, completed in just a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, will always remind me of that special gathering of talented women. It was a time to create, make new friends, share stories, and learn from one another. I’m so grateful that some things never change…

♡ Dawn

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It was such fun to create this Americana project on a recent Sunday afternoon!  (Designed by Laura B., Studio1Stampers.com)  All products by Stampin’ Up!