Lions, Lambs, and Bunnies, too!


Hi Friends!

Rabbit! Rabbit!

What a fun tradition!  I can still remember saying these words in my childhood. Saying ‘Rabbit Rabbit’ to the first people you greet on the first day of a new month will (hopefully) bring you good fortune throughout the month. Rabbits have been considered a sign of good luck for over 2,000 years. Written references to beginning the month with this superstition date back to the early 1900’s in the United States. Even President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was known to begin the month with this quirky saying. (You can ‘Listen to the Story’ in a clip from NPR news here.) Oh, no! Have you forgotten to say ‘Rabbit Rabbit’ this morning?  No worries!  Before bedtime, you can say ‘Black Rabbit’ or ‘tibbaR tibbaR.’ That’s ‘Rabbit Rabbit’ backwards!  Just wanted to welcome you with a little smile today…


Girlfriends greet one another with ‘Rabbit Rabbit’ each month on Susan Branch’s blog. Any ‘Downton Abbey’ fans will really enjoy her wonderful recaps of each episode!


We also have a weather saying for the month of March.

“March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.”

It’s definitely true here in the Midwest today! March is roaring in like a lion, bringing more snow and cold temperatures. At this very moment, I can hear snowblowers roaring in the distance. My garden is still buried under a thick blanket of sparkly, white snow. More snowflakes will fall on Tuesday. It’s truly a ‘Marshmallow World’ everywhere we look. 

Our herb

Our Herb Garden in February


Our snow-covered Magnolia tree

After one of the coldest, snowiest Februarys on record, so many people are celebrating the arrival of March! Today marks the start of meteorological Spring.  The First Day of Spring (March 20th) is just around the corner!!

Spring is on the way…

and I’m just helping it along!

I’ve been busy inside packing away our folk art Snowman collection

a bit earlier than most years.

It will be lovely to see them again next Winter!


 Bunnies and baskets

have begun popping up.


What fun to dream new Garden Dreams

and make new plans for this year’s growing season!


It’s heavenly to pour over favorite gardening books,

while sipping a cup of tea,

as the snowflakes dance and twirl outside.

Gardening magazines are overflowing with inspiration.


It’s definitely ‘Spring Fever’ time in the Midwest.

Spring is my very favorite season…

and I just can’t wait to get started digging in the soil,

cleaning up the garden beds, and planting a few new native plants!

I’m dreaming of daily walks through my perennial and herb gardens,

watching closely for tiny green shoots to appear.

Spending time in the garden always makes my heart bloom!


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St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, on March 17th, spread lots of cheer.

Everyone can feel just a wee bit Irish on that day.

Our thoughts turn to parades, wearing our brightest green sweaters,

and the scent of Irish Soda Bread baking in the oven.


What will you do to celebrate the small moments that make March special?

Are you making garden plans? Or are you already busy working in your garden?

Spring is already on the way!

We can all celebrate its arrival a little bit early… especially this year!


Some very special celebrations to share…

Did you know that the Welsh people are celebrating a special day today? It’s St. David’s Day in Wales! My friend, Deb, is celebrating on her lovely blog. Deb will be so happy to share the festivities with you, with photos and videos of the St. David’s Day traditions in her village, in west Wales.


Whether you are planning a trip to Europe or enjoy armchair travel, I know you will enjoy my blog friend, Sandy Allnock’s, amazing slideshow celebrating  her recent adventures in London, Edinburgh, Paris, and Rome. Sandy is a true artist, and it shows in everything she does!


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Thanks so much for visiting! 

Hope you will find a small moment to celebrate today!

Warm hugs,