Oh, the Possibilities…


Hi Friends!

Cheeriest New Year greetings to all!

I have always loved to celebrate new beginnings.

Oh, the possibilities that lie ahead of us all in this brand new year!


This year marks my fifth year to invite

‘One Little Word’

into my life for the new year.

The power of intentionally focusing on just one word

for the entire year

is really quite remarkable!

Oh, the possibilities…

‘One Little Word’ is a powerful concept taught by designer and memory-keeper Ali Edwards in her year-long workshop. Although I have not participated in Ali’s ‘One Little Word’ workshop yet, I have been so inspired by her ideas for being more purposeful with my intentions each year. I have grown in so many ways by choosing ‘One Little Word’ to guide me through each new year. (Please read about Ali Edwards’ ‘One Little Word’ here.)

In 2012, I consciously searched for my very first ‘One Little Word.’ I knew that it should be a very powerful word that I wanted (and needed) to bring into my life. Ever since then, my word has chosen me! I always begin listening for my word in late November. A few words often come to mind, but when my ‘One Little Word’ finds me, my heart knows it! (Take a peek at my four past words here!)

I am so happy to invite

‘One Little Word’

into my life again for 2016.

I can’t wait to follow its leads

to discover where it will take me!

One Little Word

Today I’m delighted to share my

‘One Little Word’

for 2016…


Throughout each and every day, we are faced with so many decisions.

Each decision comes with many choices.

In the year ahead, I will intentionally make choices

that help me to


Jane Shasky's beautiful artwork in my Lang 'Bountiful Blessings' calendar is the perfect way to help make my 'One Little Word' visible.

Jane Shasky’s beautiful artwork in my Lang ‘Botanical Inspiration’ calendar is the perfect way to help make my ‘One Little Word’ visible.



The beauty of ‘One Little Word’ is that it

encompasses all areas of  life.

It reminds me to be brave with my life,

making mindful choices,

that will help me blossom in new ways!


Ali Edwards reminds us to make our ‘One Little Word’



Keeping my word within reach

will inspire me to


as I make healthy lifestyle choices,

take on exciting, new creative challenges,

cultivate new plans for our perennial and herb gardens,

intentionally build my technology skills,

and discover new ways to share handmade kindness.

Oh, the possibilities!


How do you plan for the new year?

Do you make resolutions, set intentions, choose ‘One Little Word,’

or have you found other ways to make it your most remarkable year ever?

Hope you will leave a comment to let us know…

Be brave with your life!

♡ Dawn