Anticipation… {via Pinterest}

Hi Friends!


Can you feel it?

Are there signs of Spring in your garden?

What signs of Spring are stirring in your heart?

In the Midwest, we are still living in a ‘Marshmallow World.’ The bright sunshine makes our snowy landscape sparkle like glitter. Our bone-chilling temperatures keep us bundled up in layers, hoping to find a bit of warmth. The Winter winds are still biting cold. Waist-high snowpiles along our driveway make backing down the driveway a bit of a challenge.

My perennial and herb gardens remain buried under a very thick blanket of snow. I’m longing to peek into the garden! I’m yearning to see a blade of green grass anywhere. Although we are surrounded by the reminders of a very long Winter, I can already feel the early signs of Spring sprinkled throughout each day!

The signs are everywhere…

Last night, I read the entire issue of ‘Garden Gate’ magazine, from cover to cover.

We shivered and huddled for warmth, while standing under the full ‘Worm Moon’ and star gazing.

At the market today, packets of flower seeds jumped into my basket.

A pair of cute, sturdy garden gloves hopped into the basket, too.

I have been sketching a few plans in my Garden Journal already!

This weekend, our clocks will ‘Spring Forward’ one hour, as Daylight Savings Time begins.

Our extended weather forecast calls for more seasonal temperatures, above freezing, at last!

The signs are everywhere…

Exactly two weeks from today,

at 5:45 pm Central DST,

Spring arrives!!

(Check out the Countdown to Spring clock.)


“One of the most delightful things

about the garden 

is the 

anticipation it provides.”

                                                                                ~ W.E. Johns


In the Springtime, the Magnolia, tree near our front porch, bursts into bloom.


Spring bulbs add bright, cheery pops of color throughout the garden.


Irises are one of special flowers that brighten our Friendship Garden.


Bright peonies in late Spring bring old-fashioned charm to the garden.


Following the stepping stone path across the yard to the Herb and Tea Garden in the Spring makes my heart sing!

Let's relax and enjoy a cup of tea together!

Right now, snow is still halfway up my white picket fence. I can’t wait for the glorious Spring day when I can first open the garden gate… and step inside!

Spring is on the way…

and the 


is so delightful!

While our gardens rest, insulated by the snow, Midwest gardeners are so curious to see what’s happening in our garden beds. We haven’t been able to see our gardens since the blizzard buried us in snow five weeks ago! Our gardening friends in New England have been waiting much longer, through their relentless series of winter snowstorms.

As we all anticipate Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are waiting for the arrival of Autumn. Visiting garden blogs from other parts of the world has been such a joy during our Winter days. It has been so lovely to peek into gardens of blog friends in Wales, Scotland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and closer to home in California and Arizona. Although we are separated by distance, we all share the same joys of digging in the soil and nurturing new growth in our beloved gardens. 

Wherever you live, I hope you will take time to notice all of the subtle changes…  

in nature and in your heart. 


Enjoy every moment!

I can’t wait to share a few of my garden plans with you! It will be fun to hear about your garden plans, too!

Counting the days!


P.S.  Have you seen any signs of Spring yet in nature… or in your heart? Hope you’ll share…

A Walk through Our Friendship Garden…

      “It takes a long time to grow an old friend.”  

~   John Leonard  ~

Our Friendship Garden warms my heart!

Our Friendship Garden is filled with heartwarming stories!


Hi Friends!

Every day as I walk past our Friendship Garden, I stop and linger a bit. “It takes a long time to grow an old friend.”  So true! The seeds of kindness and nurturing help friendships to blossom. This special garden bed is living proof that dear friendships grow and flourish over time. For me, one of the special joys of gardening has always been sharing plants with perennial friends. It’s such fun to dig up perennials from my garden and plant a little happiness in my friends’ and neighbors’ gardens!  In early June, our Friendship Garden suddenly bursts into color!  Should we take a peek?

The perennials in our Friendship Garden celebrate nearly thirty years of dear friendships. Located near our back door and garden arbor, it’s the perfect place to reflect and remember all of the special friends that have become part of this garden. Over the years, each plant in this bed was a gift from the garden of a friend. What could be sweeter?

Yellow Bearded Irises are the first to bloom in our Friendship Garden.

Yellow Bearded Irises are the first to bloom in our Friendship Garden.

Every plant in this garden bed tells a special story of friendship. These yellow Bearded Irises are from the Wisconsin lakeside cottage of of dear friends. We transplanted them here so long ago. Every Spring, they celebrate our friendship in the sunniest of ways!

Spiderwort, with blossoms lasting a single day,  attracts bees to the garden.

Spiderwort, with blossoms lasting a single day, attracts bees to the garden.

This Spiderwort was a surprise gift from a dear next-door neighbor. We always stopped to chat as we worked in our gardens. She was from the island of Guernsey and her British English filled me with delight. I could listen to her charming stories forever! We were both surprised to find this Spiderwort from her garden growing in my Friendship Garden one day. It landed in just the right flower bed. Gardening magic!

Dwarf Siberian Irises bloom near a birdbath.

Siberian Irises bloom near a special birdbath.

Siberian Irises are a gift of friendship from a sweet gardening friend. They were plentiful in her garden and are now thriving in our Friendship Garden, too.

Peonies, Anemones, and Dwarf Siberian Irises fill the garden with color each Spring.

Peonies, Anemones, and Siberian Irises fill the Friendship Garden with color each Spring.

The Peonies are the oldest perennials in this garden bed. They have lived here longer than I have! Every June, they bloom vigorously reminding me of the special lady that lived in this cozy, little home before me. She wanted to be sure that someone would take care of her garden when she moved away. She even wrote me letters to see how the gardens were growing. She told me that this little house had such a pretty garden when she moved here many years earlier. So she wanted to leave a pretty garden for me! What a lovely tradition! Over nearly three decades, I’ve moved so many of her perennials to new places in the garden, to create a garden of my own. Yet her perennials always provide history and tradition in our garden.

Purple Bearded Irises were transplanted from the garden of a special friend.

Purple Bearded Irises were transplanted from the garden of a special friend.

Irises have always grown near my door to celebrate the special gift of my faraway friend! As I pass by, I happily greet them, with “Hi, Iris!”  ♡


Oh, how sweet to be named after a flower!


Now our Friendship Garden is overflowing with abundant blooms.

It’s the perfect reminder of how my life is overflowing

 …with the blessings of friendship! ♡


There are so many other plants shared by my perennial friends sprinkled throughout all of our garden beds ~

         heirloom Hollyhocks from Julie’s garden in Minnesota,

lush ferns from Anna’s shade garden,

 delicate “Blue Mist” Bluebeard bushes from Candy’s garden,

a beautiful Rhododendron, Yucca, sage, and chives from my mom’s garden,

 bright, cheerful Daisies from Kim’s garden,

pale pink and rose-colored Hollyhocks from Mildred’s garden next-door,

and very old ferns from Mildred’s hometown garden in Wisconsin.

Recent gifts of friendship also have a very special place in our garden…

Garden Stones by Kristin (hand-lettered, and oh-so-beautiful),

“Tiny Dino” Asiatic Lilies from a young student (Celebrating our ‘dino-mite’ year together!),

 pretty wildflowers from Sabine in Rheinstetten,

and lovely, old-fashioned “Lenten Rose” Hellebore from Sandie’s garden. ♡

As I walked through our gardens today, 

I realized that everywhere I look

there are perennial gifts

celebrating friendships that continue to grow and flourish in my life!

“It takes a long time to grow an old friend.”

… and new friends add more sweetness every day.


 All of my friends are such blessings in my life!


♡ Dawn

P.S.   What special memories have you planted in your garden?