Small Moments

Hi Friends!

Happy International Women’s Day! I’m so glad that YOU stopped to visit with us today. The nicest people, from across the globe, always seem to find their way here. Yesterday, we had visitors from the U.S., UK, Ireland, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, France, South Africa, Canada, and Brazil. It fills my heart with joy to know that you spend a few moments of your busy day in this little corner of the internet! Whether you are a longtime friend or this is your very first visit, I hope you feel ‘at home’ here.

I have been contemplating some small moments that I want to remember as the weeks pass. Today, in my Midwest garden, there are only a few small snowpiles remaining. In January, we had 22 inches (56cm) of snow. February brought us 22 more inches (56cm) of snow! Shoveling snow became my regular ‘workout’ for a few weeks. With a desire to play in all that snow, I couldn’t wait to build a snowman (actually, a snowlady!).  😉

Meet Rosemary, the snow gardener! 🙂 She was named for my favorite herb and enjoyed wearing my straw, garden hat over her dried Hydrangea tresses. Each time I peeked out the window, Rosie was smiling back at me! To her good fortune, an Arctic plunge kept temperatures below 0 degrees for days on end.

With several more inches of glittery snow, Mother Nature dressed Rosemary in a flowing wedding gown. We will always remember her nice, long visit and all of the joy she brought us!

Last week, I gratefully put away my warmest, woolen mittens. As the snow melted, I happily noticed a most welcome sign of Spring during my daily walk through the neighborhood. It definitely put a smile in my heart and a spring in my step!

It just amazes me how these delicate Snowdrops can withstand the weight of so much snow cover! In our garden, the Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ is showing its foliage. The Daffodils are already three inches tall. The buds on the Lilac, and Rhododendron are swelling. True signs that Spring is just around the corner!

The Magnolia buds have me dreaming my garden dreams as I wait. In fact, I have been thinking about mulch this week as I ponder a few changes to the garden. 😉

This is already my tenth year of choosing ‘One Little Word’ to guide me throughout the year. This year’s word  reminds me of the many ways to add S P A C E to my life. On the first page of my 2021 Self-Care bullet journal, my new word is surrounded by all of my previous ‘words.’ I continue to call upon all of these ‘words’ day after day!

As I continue to work through The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, I have been reflecting on Creative Space and the ways that I incorporate creative rituals, inspiration, nature, and sensory experiences into my little Paper Garden studio downstairs.


For my Artist Date last week, I added touches of Springtime to my Self-Care bullet journal. The dot grid pages are filling up with creative affirmations, studio rules, and my creativity contract. Little-by-little, step-by-step, I can feel tiny, meaningful changes happening in my creative soul. I always look forward to our Tuesday Creative Cluster gatherings, via Zoom. Creativity is such an important part of my healthy lifestyle!

This year’s valentine for my sweet husband used non-traditional colors for a more natural look.

I never remember to photograph the inside of my handmade cards before I write in them! (So, I used a few seashells to hide the personal words here. 🙂 ) My cards are always embellished on the inside as a special treat for the recipient.

Distress inks and more stamps and dies from The Greetery helped me to create a collection of winter sprigs.

It was such fun to fill a tiny, stoneware pitcher with winter berries and greens for my parents. It won’t be long until things start to ‘bloom’ in my Paper Garden studio. Springtime usually arrives a bit early there! 🙂

Last week, I was blessed with the BEST small moment of all! It truly felt like a Red-Letter Day!!

After weeks and weeks of searching unsuccessfully for a vaccine appointment, a wonderful, unexpected opportunity arose! Our suburb worked to provide vaccines for 970 Seniors (65+ years old). With support from the police and fire departments, city officials, several pharmacists, and many volunteers, they set up a one-day vaccine clinic to administer our first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Everything went so smoothly. We will all return in three weeks for our second dose of the vaccine!

As I headed home, my heart was overflowing with gratitude. My vaccine felt like a very big deal!! Each precious vial of ‘hope’ will help to lead us out of this pandemic if we all continue to do our part, by wearing masks, social distancing, and washing our hands! We cannot let our guard down yet… This week marks one whole year since we went on lockdown and began staying at home. Like so many of us, I long for the day that my whole family can gather together again!

I continue to be so very grateful for the diligent work of the scientists across the globe and those who volunteered in clinical trials, the dedicated doctors, nurses, and lab technicians (true unsung heroes), the first responders and the essential front-line workers whose personal sacrifices every day make a difference for us all.  I see you. I appreciate you. I honor you all!

Very often, the small moments take up the most room in our hearts!

♥ ♥ ♥

I’m thinking of you all

on this

International Women’s Day!

Stay safe and healthy!

With much hope,

♡ Dawn

P.S. Please let us know what small moments are bringing YOU hope right now. If this is your first visit, please say “Hi.”  We would love to meet you! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Small Moments

  1. Congrats on that first shot. It is such a mental relief to get the vaccine. Although things won’t dramatically change for a while, it is still the only road out of this lockdown. Your cards get more intricate and beautiful each year. They are truly works of art. Small moments right now are tending some seedlings and watching them grow. Your spring flowers are lovely. I ‘think’ winter is almost gone.

    • So true, Judy! It was a huge mental relief to get the vaccine (and to know a second dose is on reserve). As I headed home afterwards, I took in a deep breath of HOPE for our future!
      Many thanks for your kind words, Judy! I have been trying to take inspiration from my garden, creating cards that reflect each season. My little Paper Garden will be blooming with early Spring flowers in the coming weeks!🌷The tiny, ‘fresh cut’ blossoms will fill tiny, paper sprinkling cans. Such fun to play in my Paper Garden as I watch my perennial garden wake up!
      I love watching your seedlings grow, Judy! Hope that you will keep sharing them on your blog! I never mastered the art of starting seeds inside because I would always leave town for my Spring Break to visit my parents in Arizona. I never wanted to abandon the little seedlings. I do enjoy sowing seeds directly in the garden for Cosmos and a few other annuals. We will be doing our Springtime ‘Happy Dance’ very soon! Sending big hugs, Judy!💗

  2. Hi Dawn, waving from warm and very windy Texas! Jim and I survived the arctic blast and loss of power. I played Little House on the Prairie much longer than I cared to. My landscape and Live Oak trees are definitely dead and all the experts are saying wait 6 – 8 weeks to give things a chance to recover. No one knows for sure what will survive because nothing to this extreme has ever happened. I don’t care about landscape plants, they can be replaced, although if I lose my Old Blush roses that I planted 23 years ago I would be sad. But our trees can’t be replaced in our lifetime. Our 2 large Live Oak don’t look nearly as bad as the tree we planted for our granddaughter 23 years ago, which is a good size tree and I pray it makes it. And so we wait and I have never been more hopeful for spring. I am also waiting anxiously for my hummingbirds to return. We had a large bird die off in the storm, it was so sad to see and since the arctic blast reached all the way to the coast no one is sure about the hummingbirds. My feeders go up this week.
    Your cards are just so beautiful and the love and talent that go into each one is clearly visible. I know how special your little paper garden is to you. I feel the same about my plant/craft room in the barn.
    Jim and I are both fully vaccinated now and I took him in Sam’s yesterday to pick up a prescription. I had the wheelchair in the car and when I asked him if he wanted to go in with me he said yes. I thought to myself, who would think going into a store would be such a monumental event, but he has not been in one for over a year! Be careful of your second dose of the vaccine don’t have anything scheduled for the day after. Everyone in our age group that I know was sick the next day. It hit me HARD! But I was never so happy about getting a vaccine! Thank you science and researchers!! ❤️ Think of the lives saved!
    So here is to Spring! I believe we have another cold spell coming but then we should be on our way!

    • Oh, Chris! It’s so good to hear from you again. I have read your long letter several times documenting what you and Jim experienced during the Arctic blast. You have both been on my heart! Hearing a personal account really brings the news reports we watched to life. Playing ‘Little House on the Prairie’ was challenging in sooooo many ways! I never dreamed that your trees would die. Oh no! What a loss! I truly hope that your Old Blush roses and your granddaughter’s tree will survive the Texas storm damage. The poor hummingbirds that had to endure the Arctic weather. I hope they will return to your garden, Chris! Climate change is real and so dangerous. The people of Texas and the other southern states affected must keep reminding the rest of us just how fragile our environment is so that we can continue to make necessary changes!! Please continue to share with us here on our blog, Chris. Your voice needs to be heard by others across the nation and the globe!!

      Oh, thank you for your kind words, Chris! A little piece of my heart goes into each and every card. I just love knowing that you have a plant/craft room in your barn! That sounds like a dream-come-true creative space! I would have to hang a quilt from the barn rafters or walls.💕 Every time that we are driving through the countryside, I look for tiny, old barns that would be perfect for a studio space. I always point them out to John! I know that it is too cold here in Illinois for a creative space in an old barn. (It’s really cold in our basement, too!) But I can still dream… and keep searching for the perfect, little barn… 😊

      I completely agree with Jim! I haven’t been in a store for a whole year either. I think about how much fun it will be to go into a store and touch soft towels! I just don’t want to order them online. I have been in many hospitals and medical offices over the past year, but I really miss visiting our library and nearby Conservatory. While waiting in line for the vaccine, I commented, “It’s soooo nice to be around real people, instead of Zoom people!” Everyone nodded in agreement!

      Thank you for the warning about the second dose, my friend. The pharmacist also told us that the second dose will have a 50/50 chance of side affects. I know that my dad felt fine, but my mom had lots of side effects. I will try to be prepared! The side affects show that the vaccine is doing it’s job. For that, we must be grateful!
      Sending hugs all the way to West Texas, Chris! I cherish our long distance friendship. Have a delightful, ‘almost Spring’ day!!💗

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