Hi Friends!

It began as a quiet Winter’s day here in the Midwest. After a nice morning spent with my parents, I headed home to watch the ceremonial registering of the 2020 Election ballots in the U.S. Capitol Building. I still have such fond memories of visiting the Capitol Building as a child on a special, family trip to Washington, D.C. Perhaps that is where my interest in government began so long ago.

Tragically, January 6, 2021 will be remembered for an assault on democracy in our homeland by American terrorists. As I watched in shock while white Supremacists climbed the Capitol stairs and scaled the walls, I kept asking myself, “Where are the police and the National Guard? How can this be happening?” It was such a contrast to last year’s Black Lives Matter marches for racial justice that were surrounded by police in riot gear and National Guard troops. Enough is enough!

The peaceful transfer of power is a cornerstone of our government. Thankfully, democracy prevailed! I noticed small changes late into the night when members of Congress slowly came together to work toward change. The events of Wednesday have further opened our eyes to the extreme dangers of the deep divide that separates Americans. Although I am fearful of the things that could happen during the next twelve days, I remain very hopeful that things will improve for everyone with the peaceful transfer of power to the new administration. I pray that our new leaders will guide us carefully through the pandemic, saving lives and helping us all slowly move back into our routines. Working together can make life better for us all!

♦ ♦ ♦

Since Wednesday, I have felt a strong need for quiet and stillness… just to process all that has happened. There have been many conversations with family members and video chats with friends abroad as we all try to understand. I have also been listening to the voices of Black women and learning just how much trauma they are feeling in the aftermath of Wednesday’s attack on our democracy.

Sipping soothing, herbal tea while rereading last year’s journal brought me comfort in the stillness

My ‘word’ for 2020 proved to be very helpful as I learned to savor all of the unexpected time spent at home!

Tucked behind each monthly welcome page, were my goals and a list of things I looked forward to during the month. There were so many changes during the year as Covid restrictions completely upended our daily lives! Although I made fewer handmade cards, I wrote so many more letters to friends, near and far, last year. We were all looking for personal ways to connect at a distance.

It was interesting to revisit some of the lessons learned that helped me through 2020.

As I reread the pages of my 2020 Self-Care bullet journal, I found so much peace in all of the monthly Gratitude pages. There were so many blessings, large and small, in the past year. I’m truly happy that I documented them all on my journal pages!

I looked back on the little things that filled my December days. A few times throughout the year, I document the little things that are currently happening. These pages become tiny time capsules of months gone by.

I quietly reflected upon all the valuable lessons that my Self-Care journals have taught me over the past three years. During my first year of bullet journaling, my monthly “Reasons to Be Proud” pages were filled with things I had done for other people. Ever since, I have intentionally documented things that I am doing for my own Self-Care each month. It was a challenge at first to find things that I had done for myself. Now it has become easy to fill a whole page with things that I do for my own Self-Care each month! 🙂 I am often surprised by the unexpected ways that my bullet journals help me to grow.

Savoring the healing stillness during this emotional week has been a true blessing for me. I’m looking forward to ‘restarting’ the New Year next week! 😉 I have a brand new journal to fill with healthy habits and positive thoughts. I also have a brand new ‘word’ to guide me through whatever 2021 brings!

How are you feeling this week?

What has helped you through these challenging times?

Hope you’ll chat with us…

♥ ♥ ♥

Please take extra good care of yourself!

Stay safe and healthy!

Sending healing hugs,

♡ Dawn


13 thoughts on “Stillness…

  1. My dear Dawn, how I love those journals you create. They are such works of art. Even if I had the time and patience, I don’t think I have that talent! While I am still hopeful for 2021, it has surely had a sketchy start. We started by losing a niece to Covid on January 1st. I had just received her handmade Christmas card and newsletter the week before. This year I was determined to send her a response to let her know how her uncle and I were doing. Instead I will be sending her husband our deepest sympathies. She was 56 years old and a ray of sunshine. So that is 2 family members for us that have been affected by this virus. Our younger niece survived but is still on oxygen. Jim and I get our first vaccine shot next Thursday.
    On Wednesday I was glued to the TV as I witnessed insurgents try to destroy our democracy and today I spent the day penning a letter to Senator John Cornyn. I wrote it out long hand. An email is so easy, or printing it out on the computer, but I wanted him to know that I took the time to write it. We must make our lawmakers understand that we do hold them accountable, in their deeds or in their complicit silence. Now is the time to work together and bind this nation.
    Otherwise, I am dreaming of spring and perhaps being able to have a vegetable garden this year. I am still hopeful for this year, that we can have a new start and a brighter future. I guess there is a little Pollyanna in all of us.

    • Sending my deepest sympathy, dear Chris! I am so very sorry to learn about the loss of your sweet niece and to know that another dear niece is battling Covid. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 My heart goes out to your family. I will keep you all in my prayers.
      I’m so grateful that you and Jim will get your vaccines so soon, my friend!💕
      Thank you for writing a letter to your Senator! Yes, our lawmakers are responsible for their deeds or their silence on matters of such importance. You should feel empowered by sharing your voice with a lawmaker who can help make a difference. I truly hope that our lawmakers will begin to cross the aisle to work together. We have seen what happens when they cannot compromise and work together for the people.
      Kindred spirits, Chris! 💕Gardeners always look toward the future with great hope! Garden dreams are the perfect way to spend our winter afternoons! Dream on!
      Heartfelt thanks for your sweet words about my bullet journal. The time that I spend creating the pages feels like a meditation and a special gift that I give myself. I’m absolutely certain that you could create a very special bullet journal, dear heart!
      Be sure to let us know how your vaccines go!
      Sending warmest hugs, Chris! Be well!💗

  2. It has been a challenging and isolating nine months. This past week put a heavy layer of sadness on top of that feeling of isolation. I’m not sure I understand my fellow citizens, and that concerns me greatly. Differences of opinion, of course. But this past week was almost too ugly to digest with each of us having citizens from our state participating in that march. One of our Chief of Police was in attendance. I still can’t process that. I’m hopeful things will get better, but it is like that pandemic, it’s not going to be a quick change. Stay well.

    • I feel the same, Judy. Strong differences of opinions run so deeply, even within families. It has been incredibly sad to watch this great divide grow even wider over the past few years. I fully support peaceful protest marches for change. An armed siege on the Capitol while elected officials are inside working seems so unbelievable in a democracy. Yet we watched it happen on Wednesday afternoon. This is a very dark chapter for our nation in so many ways. I pray that empathy, kindness, love, civility, and responsible leadership from all sides will slowly bring hearts and minds together for the good of us all.

      During this most challenging time, it is so important to protect our health and our hearts! Judy, I thought of you when I filled a basket with stitching projects for the new year. Although I have found it very difficult to be creative in the past months, I know that it is important to my health to de-stress by playing with paper and ink, watercolors, and needle and thread while my garden sleeps. Stay safe and healthy, my friend!
      Sending big, squishy hugs across the miles!💗

  3. A neighbor called to ask if I were watching TV. I put in on and wept in horror. Am grateful for a phone call from an old friend that was so reassuring. Now, am pleased that the toxic drip of his Twitter account has been stopped. I write in my journal to focus on the positives but document the feelings of current events. Have planted things and walked listening to uplifting human stories. FaceTime has brought friends and family near at hand. May we all rise from this experience with renewed energy to make things better.

    • So glad that you are here today, Anne! I’m very pleased to hear all of the wonderful ways that you are practicing self-care during this very challenging time, dear friend! You never cease to inspire me, Anne.💕 “Renewed energy to make things better” would be a true blessing coming from this storm. Thank you for always sharing your words of wisdom with us, Anne!
      Stay safe and healthy, dear heart! Huge hugs!💗

  4. Oh Dawn, there are no words to express the horror that has happened. I find myself questioning how this was ever able to be! I still get goosebumps just thinking how fragile our republic is. Many lessons have been learned during this time hopefully. I pray that Hope prevails with the new administration. We must all come together though we are so divided. Our hearts must find common ground.

    • It’s truly unimaginable, Martha Ellen! As each day passes, we see more horrific videos from last Wednesday’s attack. I share both your fears and your Hope that we can find common ground and ways to unite in the coming years.
      Thank you for always being here, Martha Ellen. Please take extra good care of yourself, dear heart!
      Sending huge hugs across the miles! 💗

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