Simple Joys

Hi Friends!

Our cozy, little nest is overflowing with simple joys during this extra-special Christmas season. It is so delightful to have my dear parents staying with us! My mom and I have been singing favorite Christmas songs together. Dad and I have been reminiscing over old family photos and scrapbooks together.

When we trimmed our Christmas tree before I headed off to Arizona last month, I set aside a few cherished ornaments so that my parents could enjoy hanging them on our tree once again. It’s these simple joys that make our hearts swell!

Today Mom hung this beautiful dove that she

stitched with love

for my very first Christmas tree

thirty-eight years ago.

Today Dad hung this sturdy Model A Ford

that he handcrafted

for that first Christmas tree

so long ago.


We are all enjoying the love and kindness of friends and neighbors.

It’s truly heartwarming that so many special people

are showering my parents with hugs.

Simple joys!


On Christmas morning,

Santa will fill our Christmas stockings

with tiny treats.

We don’t need any brightly wrapped gifts

beneath our Christmas tree.

Our gifts this year


our parents

gathered around the tree with us.

We all agree that this will be the BEST Christmas ever!


You have all been on my heart so often,

sweet friends.

Thank you for being so wonderful!

   Your kind words and your visits to our little blog

the entire time I was away

mean the world to me.

May your Christmas stockings

be filled with simple joys

today and always!

Wishing you an abundance of

good health, peace, love, and friendship.

From our home to yours…

Merry Christmas!


With much love & gratitude,

♡ Dawn

P.S.  Stay tuned for busy New Year here on our blog. 🙂





22 thoughts on “Simple Joys

    • Merry Christmas, Judy! 🎄 Wishing you and your family the very same blessings! You add much-needed beauty to our world with your beautiful garden and handmade quilts, Judy. So grateful for our friendship! Sending warm Christmas hugs! 💗

  1. With our growing family I love your idea of only having stockings for the adults. I’m so glad your parents are able to enjoy Christmas in your lovely home with you. A very special Christmas indeed!

    • Merry Christmas, Cathy! 🎄 It’s truly a magical Christmas for our family this year ~ one that we will treasure forever. Sending warmest wishes from our home to yours this Christmas! 💗

    • Merry Christmas, Aquila! 🎄Enjoy every moment with those you hold dear. I’m looking forward to a fresh New Year filled with possibilities! Thank you for being here. Sending warm hugs!💗

  2. Merry Christmas! As I sit here in the dark morning hours, I love the day after Christmas. It always has a calm, warm wonderful feel, full of pleasant memories of Christmas itself; family, laughter, food, gifts, and friendship. I hope your day was wonderful and I know it was special with your parents there and memories were being made. And now we look forward to the new year and all the adventures it will bring. Thank you for being here and sharing with us. I look forward to new blog posts and the ongoing friendship. Much love and blessings to you.

    • Merry Christmas, Chris! 🎄 So true! I love this quiet time of reflection… looking back on all of the holiday memories and looking forward to a whole new year of possibilities waiting just around the corner! I’ve been writing in my Christmas Memories journal, with the soft glow of candlelight and Christmas music playing. Now we have some rainy days. So, it’s a perfect time to open my blank journal to create a new Self-Care journal for 2019. I think I will ask my mom to help me fill a Basket of Sunshine to ease us through the long winter months. My parents are missing the desert sunshine during this rainy stretch. Sending my love and blessings all the way to Texas! 💗

  3. What a special Christmas you and your family enjoyed, dear Dawn! The simple joys of time spent with each other is my favorite part of Christmas. Memories like this will always fill your heart with JOY! Happy New Year, sweet friend! ♥

    • Happy, Healthy New Year, Martha Ellen! So very true! We will always treasure the memories of this very special, old-fashioned family Christmas celebration. I know just how wonderful your family Christmas celebration was, too! This week, we are both sipping tea and reliving the lovely glow of the holidays. So much JOY and so many blessings to count! Hope you are enjoying this first week of a brand new year. Sending sunny hugs across the miles, dear friend! 💗

    • They are the very best gifts of all, dear Penny! Everyone in our family agreed that this was our MOST special Christmas ever. I know that your Christmas was filled with wonderful, cherished memories, too. These memories that we hold in our hearts will keep us warm on even the coldest Winter days!
      Happy 2019, sweet friend! I’m hoping that our paths will cross in some of our favorite places in the coming year. 😊 Sending sunny wishes for a very Healthy, Happy New Year, Penny! 💗

  4. Dawn, I have such admiration for your love of family and for your appreciation of beautiful traditions. How special to have your parents with you at last, and to have saved those treasures from Christmas past for them to hang on the tree. Wishing all things wonderful in the coming year. xo

    • Happy New Year, dear Alys! Your kind words always warm my heart. I’m certain that your sons will treasure your family traditions more and more as they grow up, too! You have built such strong family bonds over the years.

      We are truly enjoying having my parents as our special guests. We just love hearing all of the family stories and learning about history through all of Mom and Dad’s stories. So much wisdom in their words and memories! We are so blessed by each day we share together.

      Hope you are enjoying your time with the boys during Winter Break. When your nest grows quiet again, you can embrace all of your plans and dreams for the New Year. Can’t wait to hear all of your latest news, sweet friend! Sending sunny hugs and much love across the miles! 💗

      • Heartfelt thanks, dear Alys! Although we are very sad for the health reasons that brought our parents back home, we are cherishing EVERY moment we can share together. My mom and I enjoyed a nice, little Winter walk this afternoon. It was a rare 53° January day here. Another gift!
        Blessings in the New Year! 💗

      • So very special! We are all cherishing the small moments that make each day special. I am ever so grateful for you, too, dear Alys! You have been such a huge support for my family. I can’t thank you enough for your advice, helpful book recommendation, and your generous donation to help find a cure. You are a true gem! Love you! 💗

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