Give Love…

Hi Friends!

If I’m not working in my perennial and herb gardens, there is a very good chance that you will find me hard at work downstairs in my little Paper Garden studio. I just adore playing with ink, paper, stamps, and watercolors. However that isn’t what truly inspires me to nourish my heart and soul by creating handmade cards.

The real reason is so much more important!

♫ ♬  Please take a moment to enjoy this song.

The lyrics truly melt my heart… for so many reasons.

(I’ll be very quiet, so you can listen while you scroll down. 🙂 )

Perhaps you will understand why I do what I do…

Every time I hear this song

tears stream down my face.

These words hold so much meaning,

now more than ever…

I give love.

Papertrey Ink ~ Best Dad Ever die, Mix + Mat:Herringbone die


Power Poppy ~ peony ♥ Papertrey Ink ~ Just Desserts ♥ Simon Says Stamp ~ Mom die, heart die


Power Poppy ~ Cozy Cupfuls stamp ♥ Papertrey Ink ~ Choose Joy stamp, Tag Sale:Quilted die


Art Impressions Watercolor ♥ (Inspired by Bonnie Krebs)


Papertrey Ink ~ Quoted:Dream Big stamp, Mix + Mat:Herringbone die


Power Poppy ~ Soothing Sympathy ♥ My Favorite Things: Wonky Stitches Rectangle die


Papertrey Ink ~ Quoted:Start Again, Mix + Mat:Scallops dies, To the Point Edgers dies ♥ (Inspired by Nichole Heady)


Power Poppy ~ Sage Advice stamps  ♥  Papertrey Ink ~ Tag Sale:Quilted die


Art Impressions Watercolor   ♥ (Inspired by Bonnie Krebs)


Papertrey Ink ~ Quoted:The Most stamps, Give Love stamps and dies, Mix + Mat:Postal ♥ (Inspired by Lizzie Jones)

The very moment the ink is dry, I pop the card into an envelope, add a pretty postage stamp, and send the love to someone special. I make a few notes in my Paper Garden Journal, so that I will remember which stamps I used for each person’s card. (They will be getting much more happy mail from me, and I want each card to be extra special!) 🙂

“I give love to all of my people.

All my people need love.

I give some.” 

~ Andy Grammer



So glad that you stopped to visit today.

Wishing you happy August days!

Embrace a whole new month of possibilities…

Paper hugs,

♡ Dawn

P.S.  You will find links to all of my favorite small, independent stamp companies in ‘Favorites‘ at the top of my blog!






29 thoughts on “Give Love…

    • Thanks so much, Cathy! I started cardmaking when I made cards for our deployed military. They used our cards to write home to their family and friends. Now I just make cards for my family and friends. I also like to give sets of handmade cards as gifts. You wouldn’t believe how long it takes me to make a card! Sending bright, sunny thoughts, Cathy! ♡

  1. so so so beautiful Dawn! I was not familiar with that song – what a LOVEly song it is! that will really stay with me. Let’s give love to all of our people! 🙂 ❤

    • Heartfelt thanks, Jodi! Isn’t it a powerful song? I cry every single time I hear it (usually in the car while I’m driving!). Yes, let’s give love to all of our people. All of our people need love! Warmest hugs, Jodi! ♡

  2. Dawn, I’m so happy to know you! Your heart is a special one that radiates love. In all the craziness of this big old world your spirit shines in all that you do. Whether it’s in your perennial garden or your paper garden. Thank you for lifting the spirit of your readers. I love seeing your beautiful cards, but more than that, I love your heart! ♥

    • Sweet Martha Ellen, you have truly touched my heart. Happy tears are falling! 🙂 I’m sure that’s the reason we quickly became special friends. Kindred spirits truly understand! I love our little tradition of sending handmade, hand painted cards to one another, dear heart. 🙂 The spirit in me honors the spirit in you! This Andy Grammer song speaks so strongly about the reasons that we give love ~ in our own special ways! Wishing you a lovely start to August, Martha Ellen! ♡

  3. Well now that sweet little song will be in my head today! Wouldn’t that be wonderful if that caught on!!
    You have found such a wonderful way to express all the love you give to all of your people!
    You made my morning smile! 😀❤️

    • Rabbit! Rabbit! Wishing you a very happy August, dear Chris! Isn’t it a powerful song? It speaks to my heart and brings tears and smiles at the same time! It helps to explain why I spend hours making a single card. The entire time I am working, I am thinking about the special recipient. It truly feels like a little ‘visit’ with someone I hold dear. We all have such special ways of giving love. Today we have a whole new month to give love! 🙂 Thank you for starting my day with a big smile, too, Chris! Sending warm hugs… and a cool breeze! ♡

  4. Rabbit, rabbit…You are such a consummate artist. I love each and every card. You certainly give love. Thanks for the joyous awakening this morning.

    • Rabbit! Rabbit! Happy August, dearest Anne! Actually, you are an artist. 🙂 I think I am still more of a crafter. Hoping to blossom into an artist with lots and lots of practice! 🙂 Even though it takes a great deal of time to make each card, I think it is time well spent. I’m learning and growing… and it makes my heart so happy to “give love to all of my people” in this special way! ♥♥ Wishing you and your people a wonderful start to August, dear heart! ♡
      P.S. Heartfelt thanks for all of the beautiful cards you send! Happy Mail = Happy Hearts!!

    • Thank you for your very kind words, Judy! I think card making is a great activity for our brain health ~ lots of new learning and problem-solving. I’m sure it is the same with your beautiful quilts, on a much grander scale! We are both so blessed to have indoor and outdoor activities that make us happy all year long. I do wish I could make cards a bit faster though, so that I could make more. “All of our people need love!” Sending you a peaceful, easy feeling today… and always, Judy! ♡

    • Oh, Linda! Thank you so much! I have been thinking of you, dear friend! I know that you will enjoy card making, too! I’m so excited to help you discover some wonderful, essential tools and to try a few different techniques together. We must plan our play date in the Paper Garden. I’m really looking forward to it! Let’s choose a date in August to get inky! So glad that you stopped to visit and join in the conversation today, Linda! ♡

  5. Dawn, I’m back to visit your post for a second time. You are such a lovely soul, and every one of these cards is a reflection of that. The video, too, and the beautiful sentiment of giving love. We need that now more than ever. They’re all so pretty and unique. My favorites, of course are all the hand-painted flowers. They’re such a nice blend of your paper and perennial garden.

    Thanks to you, I’ve been pouring over Jennifer McGuire videos hoping some of her goodness will rub off. Also, thanks to you I’ve been experimenting with my Big Shot and various leaves from my garden. I’ve mostly made a mess so far, but it’s a process, right? I’m having fun. Life is still so full, with work, my boys, three cats and all the other minutia of our days, but I’m trying to give myself permission to spend more time crafting. One day I hope to turn out beautiful cards like yours.

    I too have made cards for friends, but mostly using photos. I’ll have to blog about that one day. Thanks for the inspiration and for your breath of fresh air.

    • Oh, Alys! I’m so very happy to know that you have been squeezing a bit of crafty time into your days. It’s so good for the heart and soul! Stick with it! It takes a lot of practice. I still have many days when things don’t go smoothly in the Paper Garden! I wish I had more time to play with ink and paper. I always feel so happy after a few hours of creative time! 🙂

      I’d love to hear more about your experiences with Chlorophyll Printing, Alys! What kinds of foliage have worked out well for you? I’m so grateful that you reminded me about this amazing technique! I learned about it last Autumn, on my final day of clean-up in the garden. So, my foliage choices where quite limited. I really, really want to do more Chlorophyll Printing with my herbs. It would be fun to make little card sets and bookmarks as gifts! I think I will also try making the prints on watercolor paper, since some of the foliage was quite juicy when I ran it through the Big Shot. Oh, what heavenly, herbal fragrances filled the Paper Garden that day! 🙂 Yes, I definitely must experiment again!!

      Check your email later this afternoon. I’m going to send you some card making inspiration, with links! Thank you so much for visiting (twice) today, dear Alys! Wishing you sweet, happy August days! ♡

    • Aren’t those succulent postage stamps gorgeous, Alys? I got them at the post office just last week. I think my faraway friends will love them! Sending ‘Happy Mail’ is a perfect way to give love… and no one does it better than you, dear Alys! Sending paper hugs across the miles! ♡

      • Thank you for those paper hugs, and for your newsy email. I was excited to see your name in my inbox. I’ll explore the posts and will see if I can manage the date and time. It sure looks like fun. And if not this year, soon. I’ll be an empty-nester this time next year when my youngest heads for college. I’ll need some good distractions. xo

      • The Papertrey Ink Stamp-a-Faire will be a perfect distraction for you next summer, Alys! Hope you will have a bit of time to peek in this year, too, from August 25-28. There will be so much inspiration from the incredible Papertrey Ink design team! We’ll be in touch, my friend! 💗

  6. You are amazing, Dawn! Simply amazing. Your cards and sentiments brought smiles to my face and a few tears to my eyes (good tears). Your thoughtfulness grows, like your gardens, from the words you use to the images you craft and to the very stamps you use. You really are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing the efforts and talents from your Paper Garden.

    PS – Happy Belated Rabbit, Rabbit. 🙂

    • Oh my! Your kind, encouraging words brought tears of joy, dear Penny! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This Andy Grammer song sums it up perfectly ~ “All my people need love.” So, whether a homegrown garden bouquet, a handmade card, or a helping hand, l give love. I just love sharing a piece of my heart! I know that you do the same, Penny. Kindred spirits, for sure!

      Aren’t the stamps and dies amazing???? Every month, small, independent stamp companies design and manufacture these lovely products, made right here in the U.S.A. It feels so good to support these businesses, owned by women. It really feels like we are helping their families! It is so wonderful to be a part of the paper crafting community, both locally and worldwide. I find inspiration every single day from all of the talented card makers who share their creativity online!

      I feel so blessed that my passions for gardening and paper crafting allow me to spend time in both of my ‘gardens’ all year long! (I could just use about six more hours in each day! Never enough time!) Wishing you only good things throughout the whole month of August, Penny! Warmest hugs! 💗

  7. I’ve not been getting notifications so trying to catch up in the reader. I do not care for it as much. But these posts of yours have made it worth it. Loved the video and the happy tune. You inspire me but there is not way I can do anything as beautiful as you do with these cards. They are stunning. Feeling quite cheered up now. Thank you and I love this journal as well. Good idea to keep track of the cards you send.

    • I’m so happy that you are enjoying these posts, Marlene! I’m not writing as often as I did in the past. Life just keeps getting busier! Hopefully, as the garden slows down, there will be more time. I dearly love this little blog and genuinely miss all of the kindred spirits who gather here when I don’t have a chance to post. Thank you for taking the time to find me in the Reader. That’s the same way I discover your posts, Marlene. I’m often late to arrive… but happy whenever I find a post from you!

      My Card Journal is also another Lang journal.:) I keep it on my craft table and quickly make note of the recipient, the occasion, the stamp set I used, the sentiment and the date mailed. Since I usually buy stamp sets with a special person in mind, I try to make sure that I use a different stamp each time. I like to send cards to the same people again and again. If I don’t keep track, I can never remember what kind of card I made for each person. It’s really fun to look back in my Card Journal at the end of the month to see all of the handmade cards I sent out.

      Marlene, have you ever visited the SplitcoastStampers site? There is a wealth of inspiration, information, and crafty chat. Papercrafters (like gardeners) just love to help one another with helpful tips! 🙂 Happy crafting, Marlene! ♡

      • I’m so ready for winter so I can get more of this done. Having the laptop break was the Universe’s way of giving me a bit of time to catch up. Love how you use those journals. I have quite a few but never thought of keeping one for cards and gifts I send but I really should. I forget so quickly. Thanks for the additional links. I have lots of tabs open on the laptop now. So much to learn and fun to have. Soon. Thanks for all the inspiration. Hugs, M

      • Winter is such a great time for ‘nesting’ and working on creative projects, Marlene! I soon discovered that I needed a Card Journal of some kind. When family and friends would call to thank me for their card, I often had to ask, “What did it look like?” Now, I take a quick peek at my notes in the Card Journal, and I can visualize the entire card. I try to remember to photograph each card. Often, I am so excited to mail the card, it is sealed in its envelope before I take a photo. For me, a little Card Journal has been very helpful.

        Our milder temperatures this week have me thinking about Autumn cards! As I walked along the Prairie yesterday, I could see a few yellow leaves swirling down in the late Summer breeze. It won’t be long now… 🙂 Thanks for always being here, Marlene! ♡

      • We are going into the high 90’s the first week of Sept. 😦 I love, love, love autumn. A cooler autumn. 🙂 I’m going to keep a card journal now too. I take photos of things I make but forgot about the cards.

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