‘Perennials’ in Bloom

Hi Friends!

The month of May has been a whirlwind of activity here, both in and out of the garden. All month long, however, a certain word has been on my mind. Each time I think of this word, it just lifts my spirits and makes me smile!

I first read this ‘new’ word, in a place where I always find wonderful inspiration ~ on Susan Branch’s blog! Take a peek at this interesting quote from Susan…

We are definitely Perennials!

Just saying the word makes me so happy!

The delicate blossoms of Cranesbill Geranium, Lilies of the Valley, Daisies, Allium, and Spirea add color to the garden in mid to late May.

We are each unique, but are kindred spirits in so many ways!

Bee on Cranesbill Geranium blossom

Perennial Cranesbill Geranium

Perennials are always as ‘busy as bees’ learning new things and sharing what we learn.

We are curious, peace loving, patriotic, and try to make a difference in our world.

Traveling, reading, finding mentors, and taking classes are just some of the ways we learn.

I love to walk through the garden each morning to fill a stoneware crock, pitcher, or Mason jar with a simple bouquet of Peonies for our front porch.

We try to add beauty to our world every day.

That’s just what Perennials do!

We pick a bouquet, write a letter, create art, bake cookies,

and share our gifts of handmade, homegrown kindness.

We seek out beauty wherever we roam ~ on every walk and down every garden path.

Floral wishes for a very special anniversary!  (All supplies by Papertrey Ink)

Perennials love to celebrate life’s special moments!

Today my parents are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary! ♥♥ All month long, family and friends have joined together for a card monsoon. 🙂 We have been sending lots of special anniversary cards across the miles. Each day when my parents walked to their mailbox, they were surprised to discover more happy wishes! They have been bubbling over with joy throughout the month of May. Tonight they are celebrating with friends!  🙂

Clematis climbs high on our arbor

Perennials work hard toward our goals and reach new heights.

Since last September, I have been working very hard to reach

an important, personal goal.  I’m s-l-o-w-l-y getting closer to my goal!  🙂

Dandelion seed head

When life gives us ‘weeds,’

Perennials whisper, “Take it one day at a time.”

We unfurl our petals slowly… and one day, we are suddenly in full bloom!

This Columbine grew through a tiny crack in our driveway. I don’t have the heart to pull it out. What an inspiring reminder of the power of determination!

Perennials can often overcome challenges!

“We can do hard things!” was a daily reminder in our second grade classroom.

(Perennials can be any age at all!)  🙂

Susan Branch’s newest book is filled with her wonderful, hand lettered quotations and beautiful, watercolored illustrations.

Perennials are grateful for the small moments that make each day blossom!

On a recent morning, I picked a small bouquet of flowers,

brewed a pot of tea,

and read on the front porch, while listening to the birdsong in the garden.

My heart was filled with gratitude for these simple pleasures… and I smiled all day long!


With heartfelt thanks to Susan Branch for helping me to discover that I am a Perennial.

(It’s so much sweeter than being a Baby Boomer!)  🙂

Perhaps you are a Perennial, too….

Perennially yours,

♡ Dawn

P.S.  I wonder if I will ever grow into a Wildflower??  🙂










26 thoughts on “‘Perennials’ in Bloom

  1. Good morning, Dawn! Such a lovely post to wake up to this beautiful morning on the East Coast. I love how you have personalized Susan’s wonderful way of life and shared it with us. Your cards are exceptional! And I love how you’ve made yourself a picket fence garden.

    • Rabbit! Rabbit! Wishing you a happy start to the month of June, Cathy! Susan has felt like a true kindred spirit for the past thirty years. I just love the label Perennials. It fits us just perfectly! Many thanks for your kind words. My white picket fence surrounds my Herb & Tea Garden. It has always been the ‘heart’ of my garden. When I’m not in the garden, I am often downstairs in my little Paper Garden studio playing with ink and paper. It’s a place to learn new things while being creative. My favorite part is mailing off handmade cards to family and friends! It was so nice to find your thoughtful comment this morning, Cathy! Thank you so much for visiting today! ♡

    • Isn’t it a wonderful label, Marcia? Normally, I don’t like labels… but this is one I just love! Each day, I stop and think about being a Perennial and it makes me smile. I’m quite sure that my friends are also Perennials in the garden of life! After a very cool, rainy Spring, our gardens are lush and a few weeks ahead of schedule. Busy days in the garden here! Thanks for stopping to visit today, Marcia! Happy June! ♡

  2. Perennials! Year after year there they are getting bigger and stronger! Yep that’s us…..the bigger part anyway.😄. I love that little Columbine in the driveway. I don’t think I would have the heart to pull it either. When I read Susan’s post about the perennials I loved it too. It was a word I could embrace! My very favorite plant is my Sweet Annie (Artemisia Annua) that I brought from Ohio. It is practically the only plant that I loved in my Ohio life that has adapted to this harsh West Texas climate. And I love it’s spunk and tenacity. Some years it struggles here and some years I have a bumper crop! It is allowed to grow wherever it comes up. Because of the winds here and the fact that my little herb is a reseeding perennial, it is likely to come up anywhere. Often in the early spring I dig it out of the yard and carefully transplant it back into the flower beds. Some mornings I just wrap my arms around a big plant of it and inhale that wonderful fragrance. Love my Sweet Annie!
    Thanks for the reminder that we can do hard things! Yes we can!

    • Oh, Chris! You, my dear, are so much like your Sweet Annie: Embracing change, growing stronger with spunk and tenacity, facing struggles yet still flourishing, and growing a beautiful life in new places! ♥ Perennials are much loved for so many reasons! Please hug your Sweet Annie for me today, my friend! So proud that we are Perennials and that Susan brought us all together! Chris, you really should think about writing a blog (in your ‘spare’ time ~*wink*) because you are a wonderful writer, dear heart. Thank you so much for being here, Chris! Sending sunny thoughts and big hugs! ♡

    • Rabbit! Rabbit! I love that you popped in this morning to greet the new month, dear Anne! Thank you so much for being a special part of the surprise card monsoon! My parents shared your card with me via Skype. They were just bubbling with joy! Celebrating our lives as Perennials… and sending much love! Hugs for your mom from us! ♡

  3. Dawn, your posts are always uplifting to my heart. Thank you! Your garden is looking so lovely with all the beautiful perennials in bloom. It is truly a miracle to see all of our flowers come back year after year. Although this year my geraniums did not return. It’s okay because I am blessed with so many others that are happy in my little beds. I love how Susan Branch is such an encouragement to us. She truly has a happy heart that she shares, especially all the Girlfriends we have met through her! Congratulations in getting close to your personal goal. We are Perennials, my friend! ♥

    • Aren’t Perennial friendships the best ever, Martha Ellen? They just keep growing and changing and getting stronger with each passing year. We are Kindred Spirits from all parts of the world! I nominate Susan as our Perennial-in-Chief! (She even lives in a white house!) 🙂 Perennials forever, dear heart! Thank you for always being here, Martha Ellen! Have a wonderful start to June! ♡

  4. Yahoo Dawn, I am a perennial too! So happy to learn about it. I love perennial flowers and have all of the ones you shared in my garden as well. I stroll the garden in the early morning and late evening. It rejuvenates my soul! Congrats to your parents!

    • You are most definitely a Perennial, Jann! Isn’t that the perfect word for us? Strolling through the garden quiets the mind and nourishes the soul for me, too. Those golden hours, when the sunlight is just right, are an especially lovely time to be in the garden. I’ll bet you are also rejuvenated and inspired each time you enter your Hilltop Cottage! 🙂 Wishing you happy June days, Jann! Thanks so much for stopping to visit today! ♡

    • Big hugs, Karen! Celebrating all of the Perennials in our blogging community! Wishing you happy June days in your garden. Thanks for stopping to visit today! ♡

  5. Such a warm and lovely post, Dawn. I’m definitely a perennial. What a lovely descriptor. Leave it to Susan Branch, eh? Kudos to you for adopting it and sharing it here. I love the hopefulness of the columbine breaking through the crack of the driveway. I am just like you: I wouldn’t want to move it either.

    Happy Anniversary to your parents. 65 years is impressive. I LOVE the idea of the mailbox stuffed with cards. A true delight. You are full of happy, homey, hug-gable ideas. xo

    • You are most definitely a Perennial, sweet Alys! ♥ Whatever would we do without all of the inspiration from Susan?

      I’m sure my neighbors wonder why I don’t back down the driveway in a straight line, but I always drive around that little Columbine in bloom. She is a determined, little perennial and has grown through the driveway for three years in a row! I will pass along your happy wishes to my parents. 🙂 Our surprise Card Monsoon was such fun for them… and for all of us! As a card maker, I truly believe that every card is a little gift sent from the heart. You always say the sweetest things that make my heart smile, dear Alys! Thank you so much for visiting today. Wishing you happy June days in your garden, my friend! ♡

  6. Oh, how I enjoyed reading this, Dawn – and I am, indeed, a Perennial. What a good “label” for all of us. 🙂
    You got quite a shot catching that bee in the Cranesbill. The hummingbirds are back and this afternoon, while mowing the lawn, Tom awakened a fawn. Life is grand.

    • Isn’t it a perfect choice, Penny? Normally, I avoid “labels” of any kind. However, Perennials just describes us perfectly and makes me smile! Something fun to mention at your next Garden Club gathering! 🙂

      I wish we had hummingbirds in our garden all summer long. Sometimes they visit during their migration. Now that I have moved so many perennials from the front to the backyard, I hope they will find them! The fawn must have been so beautiful. Just this morning, we spotted five young groundhogs with their mother in the garden. Sooooooo cute, but I know they will be so hungry and will use my flower beds as a ‘salad bar.’ My husband was in the yard and two little groundhogs just came up and sat by him! I must keep my camera handy! Our flora and fauna bring so much sweetness to our lives! Enjoy this lovely Sunday, dear Penny! ♡

      • I know what you mean about “salad bar”. The deer had quite a party last week with the hostas. A few were untouched and I did some cut ‘n paste – well, just cut! 🙂 Sunday was lovely, wasn’t it? Today, we had an excellent presentation on how to use cameras, especially IPhones/tablets in photography nature.

      • Oh, those hungry deer! Hope your hostas will come back stronger than ever, Penny. We would love to read a post with nature photography tips one day! We are really enjoying this cool, sunny week in the garden and on the walking paths. It’s energizing! A heat wave is on the way this weekend. Wishing you nice days in the garden, Penny! ♡

  7. I’ve been in love with perennials for at least the last fifteen years. Each year they come back like a special friend coming to visit. I’m a baby boomer and love the expanded use of the word. 🙂 Your cards are extraordinarily beautiful as always, and I wish your parents the very happiest of anniversaries with more happy, healthy ones to come. 🙂

    • What a perfect description of the perennials in our gardens, Judy! “Each year they come back like a special friend coming to visit.” We eagerly await their arrival and worry about them if they are late. Isn’t it wonderful that we are Perennials, too? 🙂 We are always learning and growing in exciting new ways at every age! Thank you for your very kind words, Judy! It was such fun to surprise my parents with a card Monsoon in honor of their 65th Anniversary! Their mailbox was filled with happy wishes in a month-long celebration of love. I will pass along your happy wishes to them today! Sending warm hugs and sunshine your way, Judy! ♡

    • Such a sweet thing to say, Ginnie! Isn’t it fun to know that we are Perennials, too? A zest for life is just part of our charm! Hope you are enjoying these lovely June days, Ginnie! ♡

    • You are most definitely a Perennial, Marlene! You create beauty with a needle and thread, and like the plants in your garden, keep bouncing back year after year! Let’s all celebrate our wonderful, new ‘label’ ~ Perennials! Thanks so much for visiting today, Marlene! Hope your week is a nice one! ♡

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