Walking in Peace…

Hi Friends!

A quiet walk in nature always soothes my soul. Especially during these uncertain, often frightening times in our world, it helps to seek out an oasis of peace, calm, and beauty. Just one hour of walking amidst the blessings of Springtime on a Sunday afternoon really lifted my spirits! I hope it will lighten your heart as well, as you walk along with us…

As we left home, we didn’t have a definite plan about where we might walk yesterday. April showers during the past week have made many of our favorite walking places very muddy. As we drove, it suddenly dawned on both of us ~ a beautiful place of quiet and peace where we have walked in the past ~ the 40-acre grounds of the National Center of the Theosophical Society in America.  Although the Theosophical Society is closed on Sundays, the grounds are open during daylight hours and visitors are always welcome to enjoy a quiet walk.

So, we set off on our peaceful walk…

We wandered past the historic library building,

under the willow trees, across a tiny creek,

to the Perkins Pond at the south end of the campus.

A few feathered friends entertained us as we watched families of Canadian geese and ducks enjoying a relaxing, afternoon swim. Benches along the quiet pond invite visitors to pause and meditate, or sit and reflect upon the quiet beauty.

As we walked under the tall pines, following moss-covered stone paths,

we meandered from patch to patch of colorful Spring flowers,

deep in thought…

A bright patch of yellow

led us to our next peaceful place.

As we looked up, beyond the daffodils,

tucked in amongst the tall trees,

a sight stopped us in our tracks…

Our hearts smiled, as we carefully stepped

between the Spring blossoms

for a closer look.


We lingered in this peaceful spot for a few moments,

speaking very softly,

not wanting to disturb the stillness.

Then we continued on our walk,

past an area filled with busy bee hives,

a prairie garden restoration underway,

across the squishy, rain-soaked grass,

and past a peaceful shrine

with candles aglow.

In the distance, I could see

the quiet oasis

where we have walked before.

In the middle of the peaceful, grassy area is a Cretan labyrinth. The large stepping stones set upon a field of pebbles is unicursal in design. Entering from the bottom of the labyrinth, visitors can walk its single, winding path from the circumference to the center and back out again.

Many years ago, we walked this labyrinth with a large, meditation group. I have also walked this labyrinth in quiet, private meditation. Since there is only one path to the center of the labyrinth and back out, it helps to quiet the mind while walking.

On Sunday afternoon we walked the labyrinth


on our own,

following the long, winding stone path.

While walking,

we lost track of direction,

of the outside world,

and although our feet were moving

our minds felt still.

Before leaving the grounds, we enjoyed a stop at the Quest Book Shop. It is a fascinating place to linger and explore, filled with books and other resources for meditation, yoga, health, metaphysics, psychology, and science encompassing beliefs from around the world.











♡ Dawn

P.S.  Thank you so much for stopping to visit today. ♥ Where do you enjoy walking in nature?



21 thoughts on “Walking in Peace…

  1. Dearest Dawn, your words and photos are so lovely. As you know, we love to walk. It’s a wonderful way to clear the mind of worrisome issues. There is much to be concerned about in our world today. I enjoyed walking with you this evening. Such a peaceful and joyous place to contemplate. Your quotes are meaningful and comforting. Walking near water is always a joy to us as we find it calming to our souls. The ocean has to be my favorite, but honestly walking in the forest is exciting as well. I guess I just love walking, even if it’s through the neighborhood. It’s good for my soul. Take care, dear one. My heart hears your’s tonight. ♥

    • Kindred spirits with a love of walking in nature, dear Martha Ellen! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could truly walk together one day? Walking near water is our favorite, too. It’s so peaceful and makes my worries drift away. We walked toward the pretty pond right away yesterday and lingered there for a bit. I just love to bring my camera on my walks. Wishing you a very special week filled with many blessings, my friend! 💗

  2. Such a tender, serene post and what a special walk this must have been, Dawn, especially in this rather turbulent time we find ourselves in. I haven’t been to the Theosophical Society and bookshop is such a long time. I must remedy that, soon.
    As you know, I’m often walking somewhere or other, especially since I live so close to many paths and preserves. My most recent walk, just yesterday, was actually in a business park where my husband was having some medical treatment. Rather than wait in a stuffy waiting room, I took a walk around the retention pond. There was a nice path of close to a mile. I happened upon a Great Blue Heron, preening on the grass, geese, ducks, and a surprisingly quiet and calm setting. It gave me time to think – and to just BE.

    • You always find the best places to walk, Penny! Hoping that your husband is feeling better already. Taking a walk was such a wise thing to do ~ walking, rather than sitting and worrying. Everywhere you walk, you have a way of finding feathered friends just waiting for you! 🙂 Sending hugs from our house to your house, dear Penny! Wishing you a bit of quiet time in the garden this week! ♡

  3. Lovely day you had out in nature. I must admit I get most of my ‘nature fixes’ here at home. We have almost four acres so I walk from one area of beds to another. I also get a ‘feathered’ fix because of the chickens and ducks. During the summer we do almost weekly picnics at the beach, and I walk around the park there. It was upper 70’s yesterday and will be almost 80 today. You can find me outside. The snow banks are getting smaller. 🙂

    • Home Sweet Home is always best, Judy! You really are surrounded by nature in your yard. Walking there must feel so peaceful. What a huge yard! Thank goodness you are a Master Gardener, Judy! Your picnics at the beach sound heavenly. I can just picture the natural beauty, having visited friends living in your area of New Hampshire. This year, your seasons changed from Winter to Summer overnight! The snow banks will melt quickly now. Busy garden days ahead! Enjoy!♡

  4. Beautiful photos, Dawn. It’s rather a good distance for me to get to the Theosophical Society. Lake Katherine is closer, walking has become difficult, but being able to sit and watch the sun sparkles on the water, the geese, ducks and other birds, or see the flowers coming up or blooming is always wonder filled. I now send people who used to be customers to Quest for items we used to carry, I miss the store and the great people who came to shop with us.

    • Good morning, Aquila! You have found a wonderful place to be in nature! I keep hearing such great things about Lake Katherine. It’s on our list of places to walk! Sun sparkling on the water is such a lovely image, and a reminder to be present and notice all of the beauty around us each day. I love looking at everything in the Quest Book Shop. There is so much to learn! Thank you so much for visiting here today (and reminding me about Lake Katherine), Aquila! Wishing you a lovely week! Namaste. ♡

      • I wish you could have seen our store, I was one of the owners of Sanctuary Crystals in Alsip. We carried many of the same type of items Quest does. In fact, one of our readers is working at Quest now. I think you’ll enjoy Lake Katherine once you visit.

      • So interesting, Aquila! I’ve always been a collector of quotations and always find so many beautiful ones at the Quest Book Shop. I’m looking forward to a quiet walk around Lake Katherine one day soon. Sending warm, sunny thoughts! ♡

    • So true, Jann! It was such fun to round a corner and discover groups of naturalized Spring flowers blooming under the tall trees. Each blossom reminded me to slow down and take the time to appreciate the wonders of Springtime! Thanks so much for visiting today. Have a wonderful Easter, Jann! ♡

  5. You captured the spirit of your outing beautifully. Once a month, I take my soon to be 96 year old mother to the Pacific Ocean. She sits and watches the waves as I walk the shoreline. It, too, brings peace and renewed hope.

    • So soothing to the soul, Anne! Walking along the water is my favorite place of all. What a lovely tradition you and your mom have to look forward to every month! Wishing you wonderful Easter, dear Anne! Big hugs for both of you! 💗

  6. I had such a wonderful, peaceful visit here. I had to look up several things such as to where this perfect center was. I’d be there everyday, walking and reading all the books. I’d have to work there certainly. Because I drive so little anymore, my walks are just around my small neighborhood when the weather allows. We do have our beauty here as well in our neighborhood but nothing so impressive as the center. I loved all your quotes and the labyrinth. What a lovely way to end my day. Thank you for sharing your walk and the geese.

    • Thanks so much, Marlene! This was our first time to walk there in the Springtime. What a place of peace and beauty! It was fun to discover Spring blossoms in unexpected places throughout the grounds. Walking the labyrinth always feels like a walking meditation. There is a beautiful library there, too. I just love browsing in the Quest Book Shop.

      I would enjoy a walk through your neighborhood, too, Marlene. Most of my walks are through our neighborhood. I always love seeing what is blooming in our neighbors’ gardens and how their front porches are decorated throughout the year. Hope your weather will be nice this week so that you can squeeze in some walks! Thanks so much for visiting today, Marlene! ♡

    • What a perfect addition to your fairy garden, Alys! As we walked that afternoon, just meandering wherever the bright patches of Spring blossoms led us, we suddenly spotted the Buddha in that peaceful setting… and it took my breath away. We lingered there for the longest time before continuing our walk.

      After a bit of tree trimming this afternoon, we are headed off to one of my favorite places for a Springtime walk ~ a park filled with Spring bulbs and Lilacs in bloom. I can’t think of a prettier place to get our ‘steps’ in on Earth Day! Alys, will you be able to take a drive to see the ‘Super Bloom’ of California wildflowers? I’m not sure how far that area is from you. The photos I’ve seen look like a Monet painting! Sending sunshine! ♡

      • Dawn, a park filled with spring bulbs and Lilacs sounds like nirvana to me. I know you had a great time. I’m glad you stumbled upon the Buddha and could spend time taking in the experience. I hope to take in the super bloom one day soon. I’m catching up on work and projects after such a long stretch away, but I’m ready for some super bloom time. Thanks for the sunshine. Sending some right back your way.

      • Enjoy these lovely Springtime days back at ‘Home Sweet Home.’ 🙂 You are never more than a thought away, dear Alys! ♡

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