Springtime Blessings!

Hi Friends!

Sunny Springtime greetings!

Today I’m counting my blessings out loud

as my very favorite season begins…

Bougainvillea in bloom in the Sonoran Desert, with the Superstition Mountains in the distance

I have been enjoying precious family time

in the Arizona desert.

Prickly Pear cacti in bloom

Admiring spectacular sunrises

and sunsets…

Saguaro silhouettes at sunset in the Sonoran desert

Sharing wonderful family memories with my parents,

as we talked about their childhood stories

and my childhood years.

Such delightful blessings to cherish!

Brittlebush in bloom fills the desert with sunshine in the Spring

Savoring long talks with my dad,

whose sage wisdom always guides me.

Strong, sturdy Saguaro cactus

Taking long walks with my mom,

a most charming gardener who teaches me so much

about living a sweet, joyful life.

It made my heart blossom as I helped them each day,

in the smallest of ways.

It is such a blessing to be able to help my parents now…

as we spend time together.

Helping to weed, deadhead, transplant, and water

in my mom’s desert garden

reminded me of how this charming gardener

taught me to garden,

thirty years ago,

when I bought a little house

with a large, mature garden of my very own.

Ocotillo cactus blossoms

My beloved husband took care of everything here at home,

so that I could spend time with my parents.

He is one of life’s sweetest blessings!

Purple Trailing Lantana spilling over the red rocks

Brilliant blue skies, gentle breezes, and temperatures in the mid 90s

made the last days of Winter fly by much too quickly.

Just as my favorite season began,

I returned home to

the Midwest.

Today I spent hours in my own garden

(wearing a winter jacket),

as I pruned the ‘Annabelle’ Hydrangea,

cut back the remaining stems and seed heads

left standing for the birds,

and peeked at all of the new growth in my garden beds.

From across the yard, I suddenly spotted

patches of  brilliant purple!

These miniature Irises are always the first blossoms of Springtime in my garden!

What a wonderful blessing to discover

miniature Irises

and Crocuses in full bloom…

just in time for

the first days of Spring!


Wishing you abundant Springtime blessings, too!

(Be sure to count them out loud!)

Choose joy!

♡ Dawn

     P.S.  Hope you will share something you are grateful for as Spring begins!



22 thoughts on “Springtime Blessings!

  1. Sounds you had a very nice visit with your parents there in AZ. I’d love to visit mine but sadly they’re are gone now. Cherish this time you still have with them.

    • I truly cherish every moment, Marcia! Our time together flew by much too quickly. I’m already looking forward to my next visit! Wishing you sunny Springtime walks around your beautiful lake, Marcia! Thanks so much for visiting today. ♡

  2. Welcome back home, dear Dawn. I love that you were able to spend special time with your parents. You are so blessed to have them to share all of your blessings. I imagine they enjoyed having their daughter all to themselves to love on. How wonderful that you can garden with your Mother. I’m sure she is a wealth of knowledge as you have described. Your parents raised a lovely, caring , smart woman and I am grateful to know you! I so enjoy seeing your photos of the desert and the lovely flowering cacti.
    Spring is trying to make a comeback as our temperatures are getting more seasonal. Your miniature iris are just the loveliest of blues. What wonderful harbingers of spring. I worked more in my garden in February than in March. The hellebores are blooming as well as pulmonarias. Sadly all of the flowering fruit trees in our area were hit by the low temperatures of last week. I was so happy that I picked a big bouquet of daffodils in advance of our snow and ice.
    Have a happy week, my friend. ♥

    • I will always cherish our days together, Martha Ellen! My parents really look forward to visits from my brothers and us. It did feel very special to have them all to myself this visit! 🙂 You would love my mom! She is my inspiration for all that is good and sweet and kind in this world. Huge hugs for your kind words, dear one! ♥♥

      Your Springtime garden seems to be a few weeks ahead of ours. I missed the cold, snowy days last week. The temperature was 18 F when I got on the plane, so I really soaked up the sunshine and hot temperatures when I landed. Today was the first day of blossoms in my garden. It was a wonderful surprise for me!! 🙂 Our daffodils are still forming their buds here. Can’t wait until they bloom! As I worked in the garden today, it was a great opportunity to continue planning for the changes I want to make in my front yard garden beds. I’m still working hard to ‘right size’ my garden, so that I will have more time to visit my parents and more time for creative hours in my little Paper Garden studio. It’s going to be another very busy gardening season here! You have been in my heart every day, dear Martha Ellen. Sending lots of hugs! ♡

  3. Hi Dawn,
    I sure miss you my dear friend! I love reading your posts!
    I am also so happy to hear that you spent vacation time with your folks. I am so happy to hear that they are doing well.
    I sure could relate to when you said it was so joyful that you could help them out with simple tasks. I just did that for my mom last month when she had leg surgery. I took time off from work so I could go to Illinois to help her out.
    My school year is going very fast, as I can not believe it is already the end of March. I am so looking forward to summer! I LOVE summer months!!
    Take care and special blessings sent to you!

    • It’s so wonderful to hear from you, Julie! You have been on my mind for the past week. When we were going through papers at my parents’ house, a photo fell out. It was a photo I took long ago at your parents’ house, of their beautiful, wooden fence topped with glass telephone insulators! I must have taken it to send to my dad, since he has a collection of beautiful, old insulators. If you would like to save these special memories, I would be happy to send the photo to you, Julie! 🙂 Now it’s so easy to save inspiring ideas on Pinterest, but long ago, I always took photos and mailed them off!

      I’m so glad that you were able to spend time with your mom. Hope she is feeling much better now. Please tell her “Hello” from me! Can’t wait to hear about your Spring Break and Summer plans. Love you, Julie! ♡

  4. Such lovely flowers in Arizona. God is an awesome designer. He has created such lovely views for us to cherish. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. 💕 I’ll be going home for holidays on the 1st of April. I am thankful to Spring for making my days lovely and for lightening up my mood out of my hectic work😊

    • Cherish each special moment while you are home for the holidays, Ricky! It’s always so beautiful to see Spring flowers growing after our long, cold Winter! Just today, the very first tiny blossoms opened in my garden. My heart was filled with gratitude and joy! I can hear the happiness in your words, Ricky! Carry Springtime in your heart, especially on the most hectic days. So happy that you will have a nice break very soon! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit, Ricky! ♡

  5. Hi Dawn, Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos and time spent with your parents. Enjoy every day with them, time is quite precious! I enjoy the return of spring by watching for the robins. And the flowers and trees sprouting new growth, getting ready for a new season.

    • It’s so nice to hear from you, Patty! I truly do treasure each precious day with my parents. I will be planning more frequent visits to offer my help.

      Have you seen any robins yet? I remember taking a walk through the neighborhood on Easter Sunday last year and seeing more robins than ever! So, I’m already watching for the first robin to visit my garden. This week, I’m going to cut some Forsythia branches to fill an old, watering can for the front porch. Springtime is my very favorite season!

      I was out of town for the March Crop, but I’m looking forward to seeing you at the April Crop! Can’t wait! Sending sunshine, Patty! ♡

  6. Dawn, I love the joy you exude in life. You are as much a treasure to your parents as they are to you. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit, and that you could do for them, as you say, what they have often done for you. I hope they remain in good health for a long time.

    Your photos are stunning! And you’ve included one of my favorite quotes. Gardening in the desert must be so different then what we’re used to. It’s good to know that you’re home now spending time in your own lovely garden. I’ve been weeding, mostly, but today I bought some new azaleas to freshen up a couple of pots, along with seeds for the summer garden. We’re expecting another big storm Friday, so I’ll see if I can fit in some planting before then. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your garden, Dawn. Enjoy getting your nails dirty. I know I do.

    • Big hugs, Alys! ♥ My mom and I both began new Gratitude Journals during our time together. We both had much to be thankful for each day we spent together! Thank you for your heartfelt wishes, dear Alys.

      That is one of my very favorite quotes, too! Gardening in the desert is hard work. A recent sandstorm blew in weed seeds from all over the valley. They waited quietly until the first rain, and then all the weeds sprouted at once. It was funny to pull so many unfamiliar weeds! I only recognized one dandelion. It was a warm and relaxing task to weed early each morning ~ like a garden meditation.

      It’s fun to know that you are already busy in your garden, Alys! I’m sure that your colorful pots will be just beautiful filled with azaleas. ♥ I promise to take lots of garden photos throughout the season. (My camera is one of my favorite garden tools! 🙂 ) I hope this rainstorm won’t be as wild and dangerous as the last one. May there be only gentle rains upon your beautiful California garden, dear Alys! Happy planting! ♡

      • Dawn, I love how close you are to your family. That’s such a gift. I got my love of gardening from my dad who was also a horticulturist but he died when I was 9 years old. He was only 54. My mom was a kind person, but reserved and not interested in anything social. She preferred her own company, time reading and watching TV. That you and your mother can weed together, write together and just be together is extraordinary in my eyes. And I know you do not take it for granted, which makes it all the more special. How funny to be pulling different weeds. I pull the same “cast of characters” year after year, as I’m sure you do in your home garden. Here is it oxalis, spotted surge in the summer, dandelions, and one other that I’ve yet to identify. I like pulling weeds though. It’s quite therapeutic. 🌺

      • Your thoughtfulness always warms my heart, Alys! I can see special qualities of both your dad and mom in you ~ a love a gardening from your dad and a love of reading from your mom. I think I am a blend of both my parents, too. They were my first and best teachers and I continue to learn from them all the time! I truly wish they lived closer to us. There are over 1,700 miles between us, but daily phone calls, and lots of Skypes and visits keep us close!

        It was really interesting to see all of the different weeds in my mom’s desert garden! A recent dust storm carried in weed seeds from all over the valley. A little bit of rain and lots of sunshine made them sprout just in time for my visit. 🙂 It was such a delight to garden with my mom!

        Today was my first day to dig in the dirt in my Midwest garden. What fun! We had an unseasonably warm 82 degrees F today! So I did lots of transplanting in anticipation of five days of rain beginning tonight. It’s a good kind of tired after the first day digging in the dirt!

        I hope you will visit Arizona some day, Alys! Springtime is my favorite time to visit. The desert is in bloom and the sun feels warm, but not too hot. Sending hugs, dear Alys! Happy weekend! ♡

    • Huge hugs, dear Karen! You must feel so close to your mom every time you are working in your garden or see a lovely garden. ♥♥ I’ll bet your garden is lush and green after all of the recent rains in California. Wishing you happy Springtime days and gentle showers upon your garden. So glad you stopped to visit today, Karen! ♡

  7. Such a lovely walk in the desert, Dawn. Thank you.
    My life is in a bit of bundle right now and I haven’t had time to do much out in the garden, where MUCH needs to be done. I will get to it soon . . . first, some family matters, the Up North family was in, and this morning I’m on the hunt for a congress of Sandhill Cranes I heard were mingling in Spears Woods. Should I miss them, then I’ll be content with the first daffodil blooms just waiting to open. We have robins and they are busy nesting and courting, the Mallard are back in the pond down the road (really a wetland, but, pond sounds more romantic, haha).

    • Penny, it was so lovely to see glorious Spring color everywhere in the desert! Recent rains have made the desert so lush and green. The wild areas are filled with sunny, yellow bouquets of Brittlebush as far as the eye can see! Although it is very beautiful now, all of this new growth becomes a terrible wildfire hazard when the heat of Summer turns it dry and brown. Lightning strikes during the Summer monsoon season or a careless camper are all it takes to set the desert ablaze. So, we hope for the best as the seasons change…

      Promise that you will pace yourself in the garden this Spring, Penny. After your injury last Autumn, you weren’t able to put your garden to bed in your usual way. So, just take things slowly, my friend. Eventually, you will get around to all of the most important garden tasks.

      I haven’t seen any robins yet, but as I settle in here, I am watching with great anticipation! It would be such fun to have birds’ nests in my garden again this year. My wee neighbors told me there was a bunny in my garden while I was away. 🙂 I hope it will make a new home, since I am busy downsizing the garden bed where he loved to hide last Summer. There will be lots of changes nearby this year (similar to the big one you experienced last year!). How wonderful that you have a romantic pond nearby! Hope your Daffodils surprise you today, Penny! Happy Spring, dear one! ♡

  8. Lovely post. Nice that you had such a good visit with your parents. Time is what parents relish the most from their adult children. You gifted them with something that can’t be bought in any store for any amount of money. 🙂 Love the gardener quote. I’m grateful for the blogging community because I met some wonderful folks. 🙂

    • Oh, Judy! Your kind words brought tears to my eyes! 🙂 Spending time together is the most precious gift of all. I am planning to visit very often now, helping out in any way I can. 🙂

      That gardening quote is one of my very favorites, too. I am looking forward to time in the garden on Thursday and Friday. Then we are expecting a long string of rainy days. Those will be my Paper Garden days! 🙂 Hope you will have some pleasant weather for gardening very soon, too!

      Being a part of this wonderful blogging community is another blessing! It’s so wonderful to connect with other kindred spirits ~ like you, Judy! Thank you for always being here! ♡

    • Happy Spring, Carol! I’m looking forward to our walking date! I discovered a brand new tea shop for after our walk. Hope you are enjoying your garden this Spring! ♡

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