Cozy Greetings!


Hi Friends,

Merry Christmas Eve!  Happy Hanukkah!  Just popping in to wish everyone a wonderful holiday as you celebrate in your own special ways. We are delighted to have family visiting us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for a cozy, old-fashioned Christmas here at home. Faraway family will join us via Skype ~ so we can all be together both days!


Wishing all of our dear friends and lovely blog friends a merry, little Christmas…

from the bottom of my heart!


May your Christmas be seasoned with love

and your New Year be filled

with the blessings of

good health, dear family, and treasured friendships!


Where are you celebrating the holidays this year?

Cherish the small moments!

Warm, cozy hugs!

♡ Dawn



35 thoughts on “Cozy Greetings!

  1. Love your handsome Santas. 🙂 We’ll be right here safe and sound. It is a rather gray, cold, damp, dreary day, but that’s when holiday lights brighten up everything and baking cookies keeps everything smelling good and the kitchen nice and warm. Hope you have a wonderful visit with family. Merry Christmas, Dawn, and a Happy New Year to you as well. 🙂

    • We are very happy to be home at Christmas, too, Judy! My folk art Santa collection has grown over the past 35 years. Santas always make me think of love! ♥ They are the first Christmas treasures that I unpack… and the last things I put away. We have a cloudy morning here, but the snow covering the ground for the past few weeks makes it look very Christmas-y. I’m so grateful for the warm blanket of snow on my garden. Enjoy every holiday moment, Judy! ♡

  2. We had a wonderful gift of a rain storm last night. It was the most rain in six long years. Love your holiday treasures. Mine, too, give me such pleasure each year. Enjoy.

    • Wonderful news, dear Anne! Rain was the best Christmas gift ever for our California friends! Your trees and and flowers will reap the benefits of much needed rain. Wishing you and your mom a Happy Christmas and a New Year full of blessings! Sending two big hugs! ♡

  3. Merry Christmas Dawn! We are home also; where I like to be. Our granddaughter is home from college and even though she and her Mom now live in town, they are going to spend the night with us so we can be together Christmas morning. Most of Annabret’s Christmases have been spent with us, and every Thanksgiving! This house has watched her grow up!
    Enjoy your family and have a wonderful holiday!

    • Kindred spirits, Chris! ♥ There’s no place like home, especially at Christmas! It will be such fun to have Annabret and her mom stay overnight. Christmas morning will be magical! I’m sure that they love it just as much as you do. 🙂 So many sweet memories to treasure! May you feel wrapped in love and full of gratitude, dear Chris! ♡

    • Merriest Christmas, with loved ones gathered near, dear Carol! I’ve been thinking of you all week.:) Have lots of fun over the holidays! Warmest hugs! ♡

  4. Dawn, I just notice that the Santa in the first picture with the deer, is the same one I have. Did you paint him? We sold those at Craft n Flower when I worked there a hundred years ago! They were unpainted. I have at least 18 of those Santa’s that you had to paint!
    I don’t think you can buy those any more. So fun to spot that!

    • I love that we have the same Santa, Chris! 🙂 Mine was actually a gift from my mom many years ago. It came from the Yankee Peddler Country Store. We should compare all of our Santas! My collection has really grown over the past 35 years. I love the handmade, primitive Santas most of all! I bought many at Christmas Fairs and in my travels. Others were made by artist friends. Christmas blessings, Chris! ♡

  5. Merry Christmas, Dawn! I’m thinking about how the blessing of passing years brings us the knowledge that our dear old favorites remain closest to our hearts. Not sure why this Season, so much more so than in recent years past, I wanted to be surrounded by my old cherished friends…your Santas hold great memories and joy for you and those with whom you share them. Thank you for your beautiful messages.

    • Just lovely, Louise! Your words express how so many of us are feeling this holiday season. Hope your Winter Break will be filled with cherished moments with loved ones. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a delightful start to the New Year! So grateful for our white Christmas (with no shoveling!). Heartfelt thanks for always being here, Louise! ♡

    • Many thanks, Aquila! Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas season and an abundance of blessings in the New Year! Thank you for being a special blog friend! ♡

  6. Merry Christmas, Dawn. I love your beautiful cards and your festive Santa figurines. I know your home will be warm and inviting for family and guests. We’re celebrating at home with family today. It’s been cozy and relaxing, punctuated by a short walk with the kitty in tow. xo

    • Heartfelt thanks, dear Alys! You always say the sweetest things. It’s so nice to celebrate at home! I feel so blessed that my brothers love to come here for Christmas. We always have the best times together! It must be so nice to take a walk in the California sunshine on Christmas Day! I just heard a news report that Australia is having their hottest Christmas in 70 years. We have had snow on the ground for a few weeks here. It’s fun to think about all of the different ways we celebrate Christmas at Home Sweet Home! Wishing you and your family a peaceful, joyous Christmas season. May you continue to feel tidings of comfort and joy! Our blog friendship is a true blessing, Alys! ♡

      • Dawn, a Christmas celebrated with your family, snow on the ground, sounds picture-perfect to me. I’m so happy for you. We are lucky to live in an area with remarkable weather year round. Even our coldest days (about 38 degrees) tend to warm up into the forties and fifties. I’m missing the rain though, as we’ve already had another long stretch without a drop. Happy New Year!

      • It was a lovely Christmas here, Alys! We always hope for a white Christmas… but this year most of December was snowy (about 16 inches so far)! We woke up to a wonderful surprise on Monday ~ all of the snow had melted during the night. We could see green grass for the first time in weeks! 🙂 With temperatures in the mid 50s, we celebrated with a long, windy walk through the neighborhood admiring all of the front porch decorations. Now it’s much colder again, but one warm day was a lovely gift! 🙂 Hope your Christmas was extra nice this year. Do you plan outdoor activities when your family gathers for Christmas? Wishing you an abundance of gentle rains in the New Year, dear Alys! ♡

      • Wow, Dawn! 16 inches is quite a dusting. I’m happy to hear some of it melted allowing you a fun walk on Christmas day. I love seeing all the different decorations too.

        We don’t really plan outdoor activities as a family, though Mike and I go for evening walks most of the time, and actually prefer them this time of year. It can be insufferably hot mid-summer. When our boys were younger we took them to Christmas in the Park, a long-standing San Jose tradition, but as teens they’ve lost interest. The traditions ebb and flow. One tradition I can’t seem to shake: gaining weight in December. Sigh.

      • Thank goodness the snow didn’t arrive all at once, Alys! For three December weekends, we had heavy snowfalls. When the temperatures plunged, the snow stayed with us. So, we got our shoveling workouts, a white Christmas, and a green Boxing Day! Nature’s timing was very nice. It’s always easier when the snow comes on the weekends! No snow at all this past week. You are so fortunate to be able to take nice, winter walks. Christmas in the Park must be lovely. When we walk in wintertime, it’s always a very brisk walk! It’s fun to see all of the Christmas lights. Yes, that is one tradition that everyone would love to change! It’s the Christmas cookies!! I made sweet treats and delivered them all to our neighbors! 🙂 *Wink* Enjoy the jump into the New Year, dear Alys! ♡

      • I think the same about the rain here, as Californians seem to lose their mind on the roads when they’re wet. Slow. Down. It’s not that complicated, but year after year, we have senseless accidents as a result. So, like you, rain on the weekends and evenings, when it does come, is welcome, though as the drought trudges on, any rain (or snow fall in the Sierras) is welcome. We get a third of our water from the snow melt.

      • Wow, Alys! The snow melt is responsible for so much of your water supply. So, when we wish for some rainy days for our California friends, we will also wish for snow in the Sierras. Hope your first week of the New Year is off to a nice start! Sending big hugs across the miles, Alys! ♡

    • Oh, thank you, Deb! We had a wonderful, old-fashioned Christmas. Very special! Hope you and your mum had a lovely Christmas, too. I thought of you over the weekend, remembering our surprise Christmas Eve phone call last year. 🙂 Happy Boxing Day to you! ♡

    • Merry Christmas, Happy Always, Marcia! So happy to discover that we are both Santa collectors.:) My collection has grown and grown over the past 35 years. I think it is complete now, with each Santa holding treasured memories of a special person, place, or celebration. Each Santa is filled with so much love! Enjoy some quiet, relaxing time during this last week of the year! ♡

  7. Merry, merry, Dawn, for we are now into the 12 Days of Christmas. 🙂 We don’t celebrate each day, but, we do keep Christmas up until the “wise guys”, as our girls referred to them when very young, come and Christmas comes down January 6. Our Up North family has been here for the holiday, which has made Christmas especially enjoyable this year – and chaotic. I love every moment.
    Your Santas are so sweet and I’m sure they each carry special memories of people and places. The merriest of days to you and the happiest of New Years.

    • What a delightful Christmas, Penny! Your grandchildren bring such special magic and sparkle to the holidays! 🙂 Oh, the Christmas memories you will hold in your heart! My Santa collection and our Christmas ornaments are among my dearest treasures. We usually pack away our Christmas treasures with the arrival of the New Year. As much as I love to welcome Christmas, I also adore a fresh start into a whole New Year of possibilities. It’s all good! 🙂 I always enjoy this last week of the year. May your days be merry and bright, dear Penny! ♡

    • Big hugs, Marlene! I’m savoring the happy Christmas memories. 🙂 I always enjoy our last week of the year. One of my special traditions is to write about our Christmas in our beautiful Christmas Memories book, by Susan Branch. A cup of tea, candlelight, and Christmas music playing is always a part of this special time of remembering… and journaling our story. ♥ Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your son and daughter! You were working on so many handmade projects in December. I’m sure you are still stitching away on your beautiful Christmas tree skirt! I’m busy in the studio making Thank You cards this week. We are both so blessed to be able to share handmade kindness ~ from our hearts and hands! Enjoy this special week, Marlene! ♡

  8. I’ve just had a chance to sit down and enjoy your post, dear Dawn. I love your sentiments and your lovely Santa collection. I know you must have had a wonderful time with your family and friends on Christmas. We have just sent off the last of the family and now we’re sitting quietly by the Christmas tree reflecting on all of our blessings. Wishing you a Happy New Year, dear friend. xo ♥

    • So many blessings to reflect on, Martha Ellen! I thought of you often during the holidays, knowing that you had a house filled with your most precious gifts of all. All of your family gatherings will warm your heart the whole year through, my friend! 🙂 Take time to sip tea, relax, and remember. Happy New Year to you and Grayden! Warm hugs, dear one! ♡

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