Picking Daisies


Hi Friends!

Waiting in line has never been my ‘cup of tea,’ but this afternoon it felt different.

For I was waiting patiently in line, in my Daisy patch… behind all of the pollinators hard at work.

Slowly I inched my way into the large clump of Daisies, alongside the busy, little bees.

My morning work was finished, and my happy reward was picking Daisies.

Fresh picked Daisies, white Anemones, and Anemone seed heads

Fresh picked Daisies, white Anemones, and spent Anemone seed heads

As I waited for each little pollinator to move on, I began to count the blessings that the garden brought me this week. One-by-one, as I snipped each ‘He loves me’ Daisy, I remembered those sweet, heartwarming moments…

⚛ On Tuesday morning, as I was cutting the grass, our lawnmower stopped. Only halfway through the front yard, I tried and tried to restart the engine to no avail. David, a landscaper hard-at-work in a nearby yard, noticed my dilemma and came to the rescue. From his truck, he produced oil, a new spark plug, and his tools. Right there, in the middle of his busy morning, he adjusted the carburetor, and was able to start my lawnmower one more time. The kindness of a stranger had saved the day and I worked quickly to finish my job! (Shhhhh! I have a ‘thank you’ gift to leave in David’s truck when he comes to work in the neighborhood this week!)

⚛ Later that afternoon, while I was working in the garden, our neighbor, Jim, walked up. He had seen the lawn mower problem that morning, and ever-so-kindly offered to put the lawnmower into his truck and take it to a trusted repair shop. Now the repairman is trying so hard to work his magic, and then Jim will pick it up again with his truck. The kindness of a young neighbor (with a truck) is always so appreciated!

Raindrops on pink Clematis and Peony blossoms

Raindrops on Clematis and Peony blossoms

⚛ On Thursday morning, as I weeded the front garden beds, two lovely ladies stopped to chat as they walked past the garden. It was fun to talk with Susan, as we shared our tried-and-true tips for avoiding mosquito bites in the garden. A bit later, Devi stopped to introduce herself. She is a sweet, retired teacher, new to the neighborhood. It was such fun to tell her about our wonderful library and all that it offers! I invited her to step through the arbor to see my Friendship Garden in the backyard. Gardening always seems to invite the nicest passersby to stop and talk. It’s one of nature’s best kept secrets!

⚛ On Thursday afternoon, Elena stopped to visit. Since the day she was born, I have enjoyed watching her grow and blossom. She shared the exciting news that she now has a home of her own. Instantly, I offered to dig up perennials for her very first garden. So, plans are underway! It always warms my heart to share my garden and the gift of gardening with friends. Two other special friends, Hollice and Maria, will also come to dig up perennials to start gardens for their new homes this summer.

'Garden Grow' collage

Supplies used: Altenew ‘Garden Grow’ stamp set, Canson watercolor paper, Versafine Onyx Black pigment ink, Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers, paintbrush, water, and Post-It notes for masking images.

⚛ Saturday brought the blessing of gentle showers all day long. So, I happily spent many hours in my ‘Paper Garden’ studio downstairs. It was such fun to experiment with the Altenew ‘Garden Grow’ stamp set, creating masks to design some little garden vignettes. As I watercolored the images, using Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers, I thought about special friends who could use a bit of cheer. Soon these images will become the focal points on handmade cards. Creative time adds sunshine to the rainiest of days!

Yellow Iris and Victoria Blue Salvia

Yellow Iris and Victoria Blue Salvia, after the rain

Picking Daisies this afternoon truly did feel like an exhilarating tonic for the soul!

As the sun shone down upon the blossoms,

I slowed down to nature’s pace and took time to reflect.

So many blessings from the garden brought unexpected joys to these early June days.

Sometimes… waiting in line can be blessing, too!


Thank you so much for picking Daisies with me today.

Your visits and comments are such a joy!

Happy Springtime days!

♡ Dawn

P.S.  What unexpected joys blessed you this past week?


30 thoughts on “Picking Daisies

  1. Hi Dawn! What a wonderful neighborhood you live in! Such friendly, helpful people. I know it is fostered by your warm and welcoming personality! And so willing to share from the abundance of beauty that your garden holds! Glad your mower is on the mend now! Beautiful Daisy bouquet! Daisies are so cheerful! Sunny! Have another wonderful week, sweetie! 💕💕

    • What sweet thoughts, Karen! It is a nice, friendly neighborhood. It always feels like a complete circle of love. When I bought my home, as a young, single homeowner, I always helped my elderly neighbors to the north and south. They called me their “angel next door” and I thought of them as my “grandparents next door.” Now, I am one of the older neighbors on the block. It warms my heart so much when my sweet neighbors offer to help me now. The faces have changed, but the spirit of helpful neighbors lives on! 🙂 Wonderful neighbors are always such a blessing!

      I truly do love sharing my garden! Dividing perennials makes it easy to share the beauty. For the past two weeks, I have been cutting bouquets of Daisies and Peonies. Such a gift from the garden! You, too, Karen! Have a wonderful week. Remember to ‘pick Daisies’ each day! Warm hugs, my friend! ♡

  2. Dawn, what a lovely, happy post! Your positive disposition always makes me smile. Your neighbors sound so loving and caring. I suspect it has something to do with you, dear one, and the kind of neighbor you are. There is so much goodness in our world and we really don’t have to look very far to see it.
    Your flowers are so pretty, Dawn. You have so many lovely bloomers in the garden and in your paper garden.
    Thank you for reminding me to look for joy in all things. ♥ thejoyofhomewithmarthaellen.blogspot.com

    • Heartfelt thanks, Martha Ellen! I choose happiness and focus on gratitude. It’s so nice to chat with neighbors (and dear online neighbors♥). It’s always such a treat when our wee, little neighbors come to visit and ‘help’ in the garden, too! Over the years, I guess I have grown into the ‘Grandma Next Door.’ (How did that happen? 🙂 ) As I read about Susan’s wonderful, elderly neighbors in Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams, it reminded me of my wonderful, elderly neighbors, too. All of the sweet memories and funny stories came flooding back! (My neighbor was also from the UK.) It’s good to ‘pick Daisies’ every day… and count our blessings! There are many! Hope you can spend time in your garden this week, Martha Ellen! Big hugs! ♡

  3. Such a lovely and gracious neighbor you are – and it seems your neighbors are equally lovely and gracious. It reminds me our old neighborhood.
    I can’t believe you are already picking daisies. Mine, Becky’s, are up but won’t have blooms for several more weeks. I did have a nice surprise today. I thought my poppies were overrun by ferns, but, not-the-case. I could see the blossom from the living room window and squealed with joy.

    • Such sweet words, dear Penny! I have lived here for 29 years and have always enjoyed the friendship of neighbors. As a brand new homeowner, I often needed the help and advice of neighbors. So, I think they quietly watched over me, as I climbed ladders to paint, clean gutters, etc. Ever since, I have enjoyed helping new neighbors. Working in the garden, on weekends and all summer long, has always been a nice way to stay in touch with my neighbors. Older homes with front porches also help to make a friendly neighborhood.

      I have both Spring-blooming Daisies and Summer-blooming Daisies. I love them so much! I think they were the very first perennials that I planted as a new gardener. What a wonderful surprise to see your Poppies again, Penny! (I thought I heard a squeal!) I used to have Poppies from my mom’s garden, but after many years they disappeared. I still miss them. It looks like a very nice week in the garden. Enjoy every moment, Penny! ♡

  4. Your post, Dawn, is as cheery as the daisies are! I have bunches of ox-eye daisies that just showed up in my garden one year and return in greater numbers every year. They must know where they’re appreciated most. 🙂 I love your story of helping the older folks in your neighborhood and now the younger folks are returning the favors to you–a wonderful example of passing it on and having it come back to you. I know what you mean, though, about growing into the grandma next door–how did that happen?!

    • Oh, thank you, Cathy! ♥ I wasn’t planning to write yesterday, but inspiration struck as I waited in line behind the pollinators to snip a bouquet of Daisies! Nature has such a wonderful way of slowing us down. I know how happy you are to see your Daisies blooming and multiplying, Cathy! I feel the very same way! Two weeks ago, I was so happy to see one blossom and the next day, they were in full bloom. (The neighbors might have seen a little happy dance! 🙂 ) The years certainly do fly by very quickly, don’t they? As I watch the neighborhood children grow up, I always wonder where the time went! Thanks so much for visiting today, Cathy! ♡

    • It really is a community, Judy! Last week I was reminded just how many extra blessings came into my life… and my garden! For the past few weeks, I had been quietly working in the backyard, in the company of the birds and bees. It was so nice to have garden visitors as I weeded the garden beds in the front yard last week. (It was a treat to stand up and stretch, as we chatted.:) )

      All of our Spring rains have made the garden (and the weeds!) flourish. I have already decided to pace myself, and just have fun in the garden. I will just spend a few hours gardenkeeping each day. I have been digging out the roots of Bishop’s Weed everywhere, and a few days later it pops up again. There will always be weeds! I just choose to see the flowers! 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to visit today, Judy! Have a wonderful week in the garden! ♡

      • It’s the same here, Judy! This week, their lacy blooms, although pretty, are towering above my flowers. Bishop’s Weed was happily growing here in one bed when I moved in. Although I have tried to be so careful, I fear that I have unintentionally spread this pesky plant to all of the garden beds as I moved perennials around. I choose to enjoy the Daisies… and little-by-little keep pulling those weeds! ♡

  5. You have always brought the best out in people. Wonderful to hear of the “kindness of strangers.” The owner and staff at a small restaurant in Cambria went out of their way to make Mom’s 95th very special. Real life is always a good antedote to the evening news.

    • Such a sweet thing to say, Anne! It always feels so good to help others. You and I both come from a career of helping ~ it’s a special part of who we are! 🙂 It’s so lovely to hear about your mom’s extra special birthday celebration. I will always remember our get-together with your mom many years ago! Kindred spirits! The good things in life are the perfect antidote to the evening news. You are oh-so right, dear Anne! Thanks so much for visiting today! ♡

  6. Dawn,
    What a lovely account of a week of joy in the garden. I confess, there are so many nice people when I’m working in the garden. It seems to bring out the best in people.
    The daisies are wonderful.

    • Oh, thank you, Karen! Gardeners are just so ‘down to earth’ and approachable. Whenever we are out for a walk, I love to stop and chat with other gardeners, too. I love to compliment gardeners on their gardens because I know how much work and love go into a garden!! Wishing you a happy week in your garden, Karen! ♡

  7. What a happy post this is. I loved that you waited behind the pollinators for the daisies. They are my daughter’s favorite. I would love to get some going here for her. Funny what a garden can do to a neighborhood. It brings the nicest people together. I always have neighbors stop by to comment on mine. We all share bits of this and that and learn from each other. I am curious what you will gift the nice landscaper who helped you and what you use to keep mosquitoes from biting. The cards are just so sweet. Love them. But of course you will draw kindness to you when you are more than kind yourself. I will bet the world is 8 to 2 of kind vs thoughtless people. The kind people just don’t make the news. Thanks for sharing something so cheerful.

    • Thank you, dear Marlene! It’s always fascinating to watch the pollinators at work. I try to keep them very happy in the garden! Last summer, I added little ‘bee baths’ to several of my garden beds to encourage the pollinators to stay longer. I think your daughter and I must be kindred spirits, too!♥ This post from last summer shares the solution that kept those pesky mosquitoes from biting me. It worked so well, that I share it every chance I get! If you try it, let us know how it works for you!

      Heartfelt thanks, Marlene, for your encouraging words about my little watercolors! I just love to make cards and share handmade kindness. This weekend, I am looking forward to an all-day papercrafting crop, with my creative friends! So, I will have handmade cards to mail off next week!:)

      Your garden sounds so lovely, Marlene! Wish we were neighbors and could chat over the garden gate, learning new things and sharing gardening stories. Our little blog gives me the same kind of feeling! You are so right, there are many more kind people in the world. Their stories rarely make the news. Let’s keep sharing the cheery stories in blogland!:) Thank you so much for being here, Marlene! ♡

  8. I so enjoyed your post. I always enjoyed daisies in my New England gardens, I think they are such a sweet and happy flower. How kind of the landscaper and neighbor to come to assist you with the problems concerning your lawnmower. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you, Karen! We have four vases filled with Daisies filling the house with sunshine. They really are sweet, happy flowers! It’s easy to see why we say “Fresh as a Daisy!” Karen, the kindness continues… Yesterday, the landscaper was working on our block again. He noticed our grass was getting a bit long and stopped to ask how it worked out with my lawnmower. When I told him that it is still in the repair shop, David surprised me again. He loaned me an extra lawnmower, right from his trailer, to use this week! 🙂 Isn’t that amazing???? He simply said, “People have to help one another!” The garden continues to bring such sweetness into my life! Thanks so much for stopping to visit today, Karen! ♡

      • So thoughtful!! I think I will share the blog post and comments with him next week, when his truck pulls up at the neighbors’ house. Kindness and thoughtfulness should be celebrated!! ♡

  9. Ah yes, daisies — those friendly
    little flowers! Yours are so pretty!

    I wish my cutting garden were closer
    to the street, because there is something
    about a white picket fence around a
    garden that does draw visitors to see
    what’s enclosed within : )

    I’m currently reading “Elizabeth and her
    German Garden,” which makes me want
    to plant roses….,

    Have a lovely day!

    xo Suzanne

    • Oh, Suzanne, how wonderful to have a white picket fence cutting garden! After reading the Summer book so long ago, my dad helped me to build a white picket fence garden. It has always been the heart of my garden! The raised beds hold culinary herbs and herbs for tea. It is tucked away in the back of our yard and has always felt like a little garden room.

      What a perfect summer read! I have looked for Elizabeth and her German Garden in the past without success. I must try again to find this timeless treasure! Reading with a cup of tea is definitely on ‘The Other List.’ 🙂 Happy weekend, dear Suzanne! ♡

  10. What a beautiful post, shining with joy — and yes, the world really is full of kindness and small blessings, we just need to take a bit of time to appreciate them! 🙂

    • Welcome, Meg! So glad you stopped to say “Hello” today! 💕 That’s so true! Just stopping to wait for my turn in the Daisy patch helped me to be present… and count my blessings out loud. Hope you will spend a bit of time ‘picking Daisies,’ too! Sending sunshine…💗

  11. What a fabulous community! I particularly like that you are sharing a perennial with the young neighbor about to move into her own home. That’s delightful.

    Ah, daisies? Is there anything more cheerful? They’re a perfect match for you.

    • We are fortunate, Alys, to live in a quiet neighborhood of older homes, with mature trees and gardens. One of my favorite things is sharing perennials with friends who are starting new gardens! Just today, I promised my friend, Dulce, some Hostas for her new garden. One day soon, we will dig some up together! Aren’t Daisies such sweet, happy flowers? They have been blooming for about three weeks already. So happy that I can pick another bouquet or two! Thanks so much for visiting today, Alys! Happy weekend! 💗

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