Timeless Treasures


Hi Friends!

Two of my favorite timeless treasures have always been old houses and antique quilts.

The chance to admire both, in a peaceful, charming setting

is always a wonderful treat for me!

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed a special visit to the

9th Annual “All Around the House” Quilt Show,

at Fischer Farm. 


The main farmhouse was built by the Fischer family in the 1920s. Over the years, it has been lovingly restored,

telling the story of this hardworking, Midwestern farm family.


The original 1838 homestead was built when the Fischer family immigrated from Germany.


The Milk Barn and other preserved buildings offer a glimpse of farm life between 1838 and 1930.


For one glorious weekend each Spring,

Fischer Farm invites quilters and quilt lovers to gather here.

Over 100 quilts were carefully hung on all of the walls throughout the farmhouse.


Some of the quilts are original to the Fischer family.

Many more have been shared by private collectors and local quilters for display during this show. 

Several of the quilts were for sale during the show.

(I would love to give credit to each of these quiltmakers.

Please let me know if you can help identify any of the talented people who made these quilts!)


It was so delightful to slowly walk through the farmhouse admiring all of the

beautifully preserved woodwork, floors, and furniture.

Admiring the antique quilts was truly the ‘icing on the cake!’

(I wished that I could reach out and touch each quilt,

but of course, these treasures can only be touched by their owners.)


White-gloved volunteers shared a fascinating ‘bed turning’ presentation.

As they carefully turned back each layer of quilts on the antique bed,

they paused to tell the story of each quilt.

It was so interesting to see how the styles, patterns, and colors changed over the years.

Most important of all, each quilt held a story!

This Embroidered Baskets quilt belonged to Esther Fischer (1904-1999), who grew up in this bedroom.

She became a teacher and taught at the nearby, one-room Fischer Schoolhouse.

Esther lived in this farmhouse until she moved in 1986.

There were tears in my eyes as I heard the story of her special quilt.


The soft fabrics, muted colors, and delicate stitches of antique quilts always warm my heart.

Oh, the family stories, hopes, and dreams that have been thoughtfully stitched into each quilt!



Although I am not a quilter, I have always had a passion for quilts.

As I was growing up, I watched my mother lovingly create a beautiful quilt, block by block.

I will always remember all of the love that was handstitched into her beautiful sampler quilt.


I have enjoyed visiting quilt auctions, quilt shows, and quilt shops for so many years.

A small collection of Amish and vintage quilts adds such warmth to our home. Each one holds a wonderful story of how it came to be part of our home.  I often think of the countless hours the quiltmakers worked designing, cutting, piecing, and quilting each treasured work of art. “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” will always be my favorite traditional quilt pattern!


As I admired the timeless beauty of each quilt,

I had the chance to talk with several of the talented quilters.

They were all so welcoming,

while sharing their passion for quilting and teaching me more about antique quilts.

Although I explained that I am not a quilter, just a quilt-lover,

they invited me

to come to their twice-weekly gathering of quilters.

At that moment, I discovered what makes quilts such timeless treasures ~

it is the quilters themselves,

and the love that they stitch into their works of art!


As I left the farmhouse, I followed the path to the old barn,

filled with antique quilts, vintage linens, fat quarters, and quilting books for sale.

All of the friendly quilters continued to share more

about their beloved art.

To thank each of the quilters for their kindness,

I shared the happy news

that fabrics designed by Susan Branch are now available online.

Quilters will absolutely love Susan’s charming, hand painted designs!


Although I didn’t purchase any quilts or fabrics at the quilt show,

my heart was filled with wonderful inspiration!

I soaked up lovely color combinations and designs to bring into my papercrafting studio,

where I love making little paper-pieced ‘quilts’ on my handmade cards.

What an inspiring morning it was!


Ever since the quilt show, I have been thinking about how

writing a blog is a tiny bit like making a quilt.

Bloggers create a handmade

patchwork of stories,

stitched with the warm comments of their readers,

pieced together from all parts of the world,

 with patches of

wisdom, memories, and joy.

These delicate threads hold us all together

through good times and bad times,

sharing the present and remembering the past,

always comforted with love.


Petals.Paper.SimpleThymes is two years old today!!

I’m ‘sew’ grateful

for all of the warm friendships

that our little blog has stitched together.

 Each of you

helps to piece together our stories,

with warmth and love…

and tied with heartstrings!


Thank you so much for stopping to visit today.

Warmest hugs!


P.S.  One of my very first blog posts was about the 2014  “All Around the House” Quilt Show at Fischer Farm. ♥ Do you have a favorite post or type of story that you really enjoy? ♥ I’d love to hear your thoughts!


33 thoughts on “Timeless Treasures

  1. Google Alma Allen quilts for help identifying some of the Fischer Farm Quilts. I heard of her as her son went to college with my daughter.

    • Hi Barb! Thank you so much for the helpful tip. I will check it out! Hope you are enjoying Springtime! Thanks so much for stopping to visit and joining the conversation. Seeing your name pop up always brings back sweet school memories! ♡

  2. Dawn, your dear post today has me in happy tears. It’s so nice to read about your lovely visit to Fischer Farm! I too love quilts, but am not a quilter. I’ve made small pillows that I quilted, but never have I made a full size quilt. The featured quilts in your post are amazing! In our guest room on top of the chifforobe I have quilts that have collected through the years. Grayden’s great-grandmother’s handmade quilt is our greatest treasured quilt.
    Congratulations on your two year anniversary of bringing joy to all of your readers! I personally love all of your beautiful posts! They are always full of beauty and your lovely writing! I look forward to reading your thoughts on whatever you are inspired to share! xo ♥

    • Heartfelt thanks for your sweet words, dear Martha Ellen! There were so many beautiful quilts on display that day. Many were from private collections, so I wasn’t able to post those photos. Your collection of quilts in the guest room sounds so lovely. Grayden’s great-grandmother’s quilt is truly a timeless family treasure! What are your favorite quilt patterns? It sounds like you really are a quilter!:) Quilting pillows makes you one of the talented quilters I wrote about! You have so many talents, Martha Ellen! Thank you so much for stopping to visit today! Wishing you a good week ahead! ♡

  3. I love quilts! I love fabric. Sadly, I do not like to sew. But I grew up with quilts. Now that my mother is living with me, we often talk about old times. My grandmother, my dad’s mother, lived with us growing up. I don’t ever remember life at home without grandma there. And she loved to crochet and she loved to quilt. I remember quilting frames in our dining room when grandma was quilting and I remember her quilting with the church ladies in the basement of the church. Her stitches were amazing! It looks like machine quilting….but it was all done by hand. What an amazing talent! She lived to be 93 and died when I was 28 years old. I wish I had been more interested when she was alive to teach me.
    One of the most interesting quilt shows I have ever seen was at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts when I got to see The Quilts of Gee Bend. Not the typical European/ Amish style quilts we are used to seeing. But stunning in their simplicity and artistry. If you ever get a chance to see them….go!
    Enjoyed today’s post. Congrats on 2 years!👍

    • Oh Chris, your grandmother was such a talented quilter! Are any of her quilts still in the family? Such timeless treasures! Thank you for telling us about that special quilt collection. I will make note. While we were in Arizona, we stopped at one of my favorite craft shops. You would love it! It is half papercrafting/half quilting supplies. The huge workroom was for scrapbooking and quilting!! Of course, I had to look at both the patterned paper and all of the fabric. 🙂 When I commented on the beautiful, trendy fabrics, the owner told me that many of the paper designers are also designing fabrics now. So lovely! I was truly smitten with the amazing fabrics! So, of course, I had to tell her about Susan Branch’s fabrics on Spoonflower. We had the nicest time talking about all of our crafty superstars!

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Chris! What a special Mother’s Day you and your mom will have this year!! ♡

  4. Dawn, I love all handmade quilts. The Double Wedding Ring , Log Cabin, and Star quilt designs are favorites. But truly, I love them all. If you visit Colonial Williamsburg there is a great shop there that has beautiful quilts. My niece is teaching her young girls to quilt. I’m so proud of her for teaching her girls the timeless tradition of quilting. My sister Inkie’s mother-in-law was a wonderful quilter. She had many of her quilts featured at the Va Historical Society museum. Thank you for featuring this wonderful tradition. ♥

    • Those are some of my favorite quilt patterns, too, Martha Ellen! Star quilts always catch my eye! I just love Grandmother’s Flower Garden and Dresden Plate patterns, too. Can’t wait to plan a visit to Colonial Williamsburg! What a gift your niece is sharing with her daughters! It’s so important to carry on family traditions. What lucky young ladies they are! It’s such fun to talk about quilts together, Martha Ellen! 🙂 All we need is a cup of tea! ♡

  5. Dawn, the quilts are lovely. I think my favorite is the one with embroidered baskets. Most of my family quilts are what my grandmother referred to as “piece meal.” She was Scottish and it was “waste not, want not,” thus no patterns, so she could use every inch of the fabric scraps. But, some of them have chicken feed sacks in them, some of which were also used for my short sets and JP’s for my mother, which are nice memories.

    • Welcome, Rachel! ♥ The Embroidered Baskets quilt was so pretty and had such a wonderful history as part of the Fischer family. Your family quilts sound just lovely! You are so blessed to have them, for they are stitched with your family stories. Your grandmother was so wise! Using chicken feed sacks was such a good, thrifty idea. Enjoy these timeless family treasures! Thank you for joining in the conversation today, Rachel! 🙂 So glad you’re here! ♡

    • So true, Gwennie! Works of art and works of heart! I truly admire the quilters who work countless hours stitching love and joy into their beautiful quilts! Thank you for stopping by today, Gwennie! Wishing you a nice week in your garden! ♡

  6. This warmed my soul, Dawn. Every year, I hear about this show and every year something comes up and I fail to attend. Your choice of wording and well placed photos have stitched the experience of the Fischer Farm, its history, and quilts together wonderfully. Thank you for sharing.
    The entire area is so fortunate to have this treasure, which is basically at the crossroads of expressways, airport, rail lines and commerce. The old schoolhouse is being used again for programs (something near to my heart). One of our garden club members actually quietly tends to the plants there. Most of our members don’t even know she does this.
    You MUST show us some of the cards you “sew” – and happy Blogoversery.

    • Oh, thank you, dear Penny! This was only my second visit to the “All Around the House” Quilt Show. I love, love, love the old farmhouse, with its beautiful woodwork, light fixtures, and staircase! Quilts were hanging from all of the walls in every room, as well as draped over sofas and tables. I adored looking at the quilts, as always. This time, however, it felt so special to talk with the quilters! Everyone was so friendly and helpful, as they shared their beloved art with visitors. The Fischer Farm is truly a timeless treasure! I love knowing that one of your garden club members quietly tends the plants there. 🙂

      Penny, I used to go to a Mennonite Quilt Auction at a church here in town for many years. I loved admiring the quilts and the auction was always wonderful fun! It was a fundraiser for a Mennonite school. Even though I never bought a quilt there (Quilt prices were very high in those years, as collectors invested in quilts!), I always enjoyed those Saturday mornings at the Quilt Auction! I really miss it! Just wondering if you ever went to the auction during those years?

      I just came in from puttering in the garden. Actually, I was moving some plants to the front porch. It’s my first day to play outside for the year! 🙂 So much to do, but I’m just going to take it more slowly this Spring. Tomorrow evening, there is a program about Growing Herbs at the library. Three French Hens is coming up on the 14th. Can’t wait! Wishing you happy days in the garden, dear Penny! ♡

  7. Like you, I am a quilt lover. We decorated our mountain home in small quilts. Many were made by ladies in a quilting circle in North Carolina. They bring such joy every time I see them. As do you, dear Dawn. A belated “rabbit, rabbit.”

    • Rabbit, rabbit,” dear Anne! It’s never too late to wish a friend good luck! 🙂 I know how much you love quilts, too. A mountain home decorated with beautiful quilts sounds so lovely! I love that you know about the ladies in the quilting circle that stitched them! These timeless treasures hold the special stories of the hands that added those delicate stitches. Whenever I am with a group of papercrafters, all working on handmade cards or scrapbook pages, I always think of the ladies who quilted together feeling the same joy and enthusiasm for their arts and the warmth of friendships, grown one stitch at a time! Hope the recent rains in California have sprinkled gentle showers over your garden, Anne! Wishing you a wonderful week! ♡

  8. What a beautiful blog post ! Loves seeing all the pictures….I started out making a quilt once and ended up framing it before turning it into a full quilt. I spent a small fortune on the frame alone ,but I worked so hard on it:)
    I agree cardmakers must be a lot like quilters we are all connected from far away and some close by,I love this community and I feel very blessed to be a part of it.
    Thank you for the visit to my blog.

    • Welcome, Marybeth! ♥ It’s so wonderful that you framed your quilt blocks! Great idea! Now you can enjoy all of your hard work. It’s sure to be a timeless treasure in your family! It’s so true! The worldwide community of cardmakers is always so welcoming, helpful, and encouraging! When we gather together as papercrafters to work on our projects, I’m sure we feel the same spirit and support as the women felt during quilting bees long ago. I just love your blog, Marybeth! Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in the conversation! ♡

  9. I love quilts, too. I have one that my great grandmother did probably 70 years ago and my grandmother made a double wedding ring quilt for me when I got married. She used material from some of the dresses she had made me when I was little. So, so special!!! I cherish them all!

    • Oh, Brenda! What a blessing to have such precious family quilts… filled with so much love and warmth! The story of your Double Wedding Ring quilt brought tears to my eyes. It holds a lifetime of special memories from your grandma. Just the thought of your grandma saving fabrics from the clothes she made during your childhood is truly heartwarming! 💗💗What a quilter (and grandma!) extraordinaire!! 💕Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!💗

    • Heartfelt thanks, Judy! I thought of you when I was admiring all of the beautiful quilts! All of the quilters I met that morning were ‘sew’ friendly!! The beautiful quilts you are stitching today are timeless treasures ~ stitched with love, to be cherished for generations! So glad that you stopped to visit today, Judy! 💗

  10. Hello sweet Dawn! What a beautiful blog about wonderful quilters and an art that I so admire! A beautiful setting to showcase the quilts. I have only done simple patchwork, machine quilted quilts. I have such a deep admiration for the work that went into these that you’ve shown. A labor of love! The time involved is unfathomable! Thank you for sharing yet another of your darling adventures! xo….Karen

    • Hi Karen! I love hearing about all of the patchwork quilts that you make! I’m so impressed by all of your sewing projects. You must be so excited about all of Susan Branch’s fabric designs on Spoonflower! It’s amazing that her designs will be available on 20 different kinds of fabric. Can’t wait to see you! It won’ be long now!!💗

  11. I too am a huge fan of quilts, though I never learned the craft myself. I think so often these things are passed down from our mothers. Our mom taught us to knit and sew and tat. We also crossed stitched and hooked rugs. Perhaps when I retire I’ll look into it further. These are lovely quilts with a rich history. I love every tiny stitch.

    Great post, Dawn. You are always so enthusiastic about life. It’s contagious and wonderful.

    • Hi Alys! You have a wealth of all kinds of sewing experience! I think you would have the great patience necessary for quilting. Over the winter months, I’m hoping to learn punch needle embroidery. I have some lovely primitive patterns, floss, and a friend who will help me get started. I haven’t taken time for needlework since my teens. Small, simple stitching projects are calling my heart. I’m drawn to antique quilts whenever I see these timeless treasures! Thanks so much, dear Alys, for always being a special part of our little blog! 💗

    • Hi Kim! Heartfelt thanks! Beautiful antique quilts just melt my heart. It’s lovely to think about the soft, muted colors, delicate stitches, and the stories they hold. Timeless treasures, to be sure! Hope you are enjoying Springtime days in the garden, too! Thanks for stopping to visit today. Warm hugs! ♡

  12. What a wonderful way to spend the day. I loved all of it. The old treadle machine and wooden spools of thread caught my eye. The quilt with basket embroidery looks like one I’d like to make. It would be an amateur version of course. Then you had to go and tell me about the new line of Susan Branch fabric and I’m done for. I have the page open now and will continue to lust for days. This would be a lovely way to spend the day for me too. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Hi Marlene! It was so calming to wander through the lovely old farmhouse admiring the amazing quilts on display. I truly enjoyed talking with the quilters!! It’s wonderful to have access to Susan Branch’s designs on fabric again. I read that Spoonflower offers choices of 20 different kinds of fabric for each design. It’s such fun to imagine the possibilities! Check back on Spoonflower.com often. Susan will be frequently adding more and more of her designs.

      It’s a very special week here! I am so excited about having Afternoon Tea with Susan tomorrow! Be still my heart! This will be my third time to meet her. 🙂 I’m feeling so very blessed! It will feel like a reunion of kindred spirits to be with so many SB Girlfriends! Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in the conversation, Marlene! Love having you here! ♡

      • Wow! You get to have tea with her!!! Now I’m truly envious, no make that flat jealous. 🙂 I will keep checking the site for new things and let all my quilting friends know about it. Thank you for sharing all this loveliness.

      • Hi Marlene! Susan has been my inspiration since her first book was published thirty years ago! Can’t wait to see what lovely, creative ideas she will share next. The world needs more people like her! It’s wonderful to know that you are a quilter. Have a nice week, Marlene! ♡

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