Oh, the Possibilities…


Hi Friends!

Cheeriest New Year greetings to all!

I have always loved to celebrate new beginnings.

Oh, the possibilities that lie ahead of us all in this brand new year!


This year marks my fifth year to invite

‘One Little Word’

into my life for the new year.

The power of intentionally focusing on just one word

for the entire year

is really quite remarkable!

Oh, the possibilities…

‘One Little Word’ is a powerful concept taught by designer and memory-keeper Ali Edwards in her year-long workshop. Although I have not participated in Ali’s ‘One Little Word’ workshop yet, I have been so inspired by her ideas for being more purposeful with my intentions each year. I have grown in so many ways by choosing ‘One Little Word’ to guide me through each new year. (Please read about Ali Edwards’ ‘One Little Word’ here.)

In 2012, I consciously searched for my very first ‘One Little Word.’ I knew that it should be a very powerful word that I wanted (and needed) to bring into my life. Ever since then, my word has chosen me! I always begin listening for my word in late November. A few words often come to mind, but when my ‘One Little Word’ finds me, my heart knows it! (Take a peek at my four past words here!)

I am so happy to invite

‘One Little Word’

into my life again for 2016.

I can’t wait to follow its leads

to discover where it will take me!

One Little Word

Today I’m delighted to share my

‘One Little Word’

for 2016…


Throughout each and every day, we are faced with so many decisions.

Each decision comes with many choices.

In the year ahead, I will intentionally make choices

that help me to


Jane Shasky's beautiful artwork in my Lang 'Bountiful Blessings' calendar is the perfect way to help make my 'One Little Word' visible.

Jane Shasky’s beautiful artwork in my Lang ‘Botanical Inspiration’ calendar is the perfect way to help make my ‘One Little Word’ visible.



The beauty of ‘One Little Word’ is that it

encompasses all areas of  life.

It reminds me to be brave with my life,

making mindful choices,

that will help me blossom in new ways!


Ali Edwards reminds us to make our ‘One Little Word’



Keeping my word within reach

will inspire me to


as I make healthy lifestyle choices,

take on exciting, new creative challenges,

cultivate new plans for our perennial and herb gardens,

intentionally build my technology skills,

and discover new ways to share handmade kindness.

Oh, the possibilities!


How do you plan for the new year?

Do you make resolutions, set intentions, choose ‘One Little Word,’

or have you found other ways to make it your most remarkable year ever?

Hope you will leave a comment to let us know…

Be brave with your life!

♡ Dawn



29 thoughts on “Oh, the Possibilities…

    • Happy New Year, Karen! I’m really excited about lots of new ideas for the new year. Hope your year is off to a good start, as well. Thank you for visiting today! ♡

  1. Blossom. I think this will be a most perfect word for you this year, Dawn, and that you will find it flowering into your life in unexpected ways. I am not one for resolutions I do, however, enjoy the new year and all that it opens up for us.
    One year, the year we sold our house, at Christmastime, which was a very big challenge, we had our immediate family pick one word of virtue, and our presents would center on the word they picked. It was a challenge for some, an opportunity for others. My word was gracious – and it was a good one for me.
    Happy New Year!
    PS – Love your photos.

    • Happy New Year, dear Penny! I am so very excited about all of the new ways I will blossom in the year ahead! It really is the perfect verb for this year! I just love your gift-giving theme from that very special Christmas long ago, Penny! Thank you for always being such a special part of our blog. This will be our year to meet and exchange hugs! ♡

  2. Happy New Year, my dear friend! I miss you everyday and think of you often. Just little things remind me of you….and blossoms are something we have always shared (well seeds actually like Morning Glories!) Blossoms are the perfect world for you! If I had to pick a word it would be “friends”. My friends mean the world to me and where would be without friends? Sending you LOTS of blessings to a very dear “friend!”

    • Happy New Year, Julie! Heartfelt thanks for your sweet thoughts. I’m actually using blossom as a verb this year. I’m so excited to see where it leads me. I have lots of ideas already! Julie, your seeds of friendship hold a very special place in my heart… and in my garden! I will always remember your wonderful gift of historic Hollyhock seeds, from the living history museum. As I look around our house, there are lovely reminders of you everywhere. We enjoyed your handmade Santas and Snowmen all through the holidays. Friends is the perfect word for you, dear Julie! I cherish our friendship. Wishing you a wonderful year, my friend! ♡

  3. Dawn, what a wonderful way to live your dreams intentionally. I do not use a word for the year, but I do like this idea. I do like the clean slate of the new year and write out goals and plans that I wish to accomplish during the year. Each day brings new possibilities for being the best we can be!
    Happy New Year as you Blossom! xo ♥

    • Happy New Year, Martha Ellen! It’s the perfect time to write out your goals and plans for the year. I’m so excited about all of the possibilities that my ‘One Little Word’ holds. My calendar is already filling up with new ways to learn and grow. It’s going to be another wonderful year of friendship, too! Thanks for always being such a special part of our blog, dear Martha Ellen! ♡

  4. Happy First Sunday morning in this new year! I am enjoying 3 days off from work and loving every minute, especially this first hour in the early morning, just me and my coffee, curled up on the sofa with my IPad and the girls (fur babies).
    I love the idea of a word for the year and I love the word you have chosen for yourself. I can definitely see you blooming! I looked back at a previous blog to see your other four words and liked your first word, breathe! While I first thought of the word patience…that ain’t gonna happen! LOL. Years ago I stenciled above the door into the house from the garage the words ” you’re home…breathe”. Maybe I should really take that word to heart. So if you don’t mind I am going to use your first word and I am going with “breathe”.
    And now to look a little more into Ali Edwards. Thanks for the link.
    Happy New Year Dawn!!

    • Oh, Chris! I think you will love having ‘One Little Word’ to focus on! Breathe is a perfect word (and it is already visible, stenciled above the door!). That word helped me so much that year, as I was approaching all of the changes that came with retirement in June. I still call upon that word in times of stress. Focusing on Breathe will help with patience, as well. You will be surprised to see how your ‘One Little Word’ carries over into all parts of your life. After a whole year of focusing on the word, it truly becomes a part of who you are and the choices you make forever! Ali stresses the importance of making your word visible. Start today with Post-it notes hanging in key places. It would be good to have your word visible at work, too. Using your paper crafting supplies will be a fun way to make your word visible. I’m so excited that you are beginning a new year with ‘One Little Word,’ Chris!! Let us know how it goes. Thank you for for being such a special part of our blog. Happy New Year, Chris! ♡

  5. I do make resolutions. I do set goals for the year both personal improvement and gardening/home improvement. No single word choice though. Interesting choice. I imagine we will see it throughout the year in your blog postings.

    • Happy New Year, Marcia! Yesterday I enjoyed reading about your goals for for the New Year. It’s going to be a busy year for both of us. Your travel plans sound wonderful! Writing about my ‘One Little Word’ throughout the year helps make it visible and keep my focus. Last year, I wrote about being Present many times in my letters. This year, I’m sure that I will also share the ways I am blossoming. Taking on new artistic challenges will be a fun way to blossom! Thanks for visiting today, Marcia! ♡

    • So sweet, Jodi! Taking on new artistic challenges will be a great way to blossom! You are one of my inspirations. 🙂 Happy, Exciting New Year, Jodi! Thanks for visiting today! ♡

  6. I think you picked a wonderful word…not only in the way it can inspire you to grow but in admiring the beauty one little blossom can add to your day.

    • Oh, thank you, Karen! I hadn’t even thought about admiring the beauty that one little blossom can add to each day. So very grateful that you suggested this very special thought, Karen. It will remind me to be mindful of the small moments, like one little blossom, in each day. Big hugs for the New Year! ♡

      • Hold tight to those sweet memories, Karen. Enjoy quiet moments admiring the new blossoms that flourish near your new home all year long! Thanks so much for stopping to visit today, Karen. Happy New Year! ♡

  7. Happy New Year, Dawn! I love the word blossom as your word of the year; there’s so much symbolism in just those seven little letters. A year of growth, of becoming more fully yourself, of shining in all that you do! My word for 2016 is patience. It’s a little more straightforward, but it’s definitely something I need to work on, and I hope I can weave it through every aspect of my life. Hope you’re doing well. Have a great week ❤

    • Bonne Annee, dear Chris! I’m so excited to blossom in so many new ways in the year ahead! I love your special word for the year and your mantra, too. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your wedding and travel plans. It’s going to be such an amazing year for you, Chris! Cherish each moment! ♡

  8. Dawn, I love new beginnings as well. I think that’s why I love Mondays. A clean slate to start a new week. What a great new word! I don’t pick a particular word, but always love ‘attitude’. I think having a positive attitude makes all the difference in the world!

    • Hi Jann! New beginnings remind us that anything is possible! I’m such a morning person and always look forward to the ‘dawn’ of each new day. So, a whole new year of possibilities really excites me! When the word blossom found me, I knew right away that it would help me learn and grow in so many ways! We are getting snow in the Midwest tonight, so it’s really nice to spend a cozy weekend inside. Enjoy your snowy weekend, too! Thank you so much for stopping to visit, Jann! ♡

    • Warm hugs, Marlene! My ‘One Little Word’ blossom filled me with inspiration all year long. It encouraged me to share my handmade cards with the online crafting community, participate in the Papertrey Ink Stamp-a-Faire with stampers from across the globe, and join in a card making blog hop. Best of all, it encouraged me to find crafty friends locally. It feels so good to have a crafty ‘tribe’ to share nice times with! I will always keep my OLW blossom in my ‘toolkit’ and call upon it often in the years to come! Thank you for your very kind words, Marlene. (Save those old Scrabble tiles! 🙂 ) Thanks for being such a special part of our little blog! ♡

      • Do you know how hard it is to find old scrabble boards now. Thrift stores haven’t had them. I did order some online but they are hard to come by. I’m looking for groups here too. Writing and crafting groups. Just the quilters so far but I am more diverse in my creative endeavors. Unearthed all my paper crafting supplies this last week and more stuff coming out of boxes since I closed the storage unit. I think I’m going to have lots of fun this year. I’ll keep dropping by for more inspiration. Thank you, Dawn.

      • So true, Marlene! We were fortunate to have two vintage Scrabble games in our family. So, I gathered all of the letter tiles into a Mason jar. We have several little words on display here! I’ve always been a huge fan of using text to decorate. I hope that you can find just the right creative groups, Marlene. Perhaps your library, community center, a coffee house, or senior center might have info about interesting groups. It’s so nice to be able to talk with kindreds about our hobbies.

        So happy that you are setting up your crafty space again! It must be such fun to unpack those kind of boxes, discovering things you had forgotten about. Enjoy every creative moment, Marlene! ♡

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