Hi Friends,


Just the other day, I spent some time in our lovely conservatory in a nearby park.


It is an oasis of calm, peace, and quiet beauty.


As I admired the stunning Chrysanthemums 

in the Thanksgiving flower show,

each of you

were on my mind.

I was counting my blessings…

and they numbered more than the flower petals.

So I ‘picked’ a few of my favorites… just for you!








Our little blog has become such a special

gathering place

of kindred spirits.

It fills my heart with


when I think about all of us…

sharing, reminiscing, celebrating,

encouraging, learning and growing



Whether we are much-loved family,

 dearest old friends,

exciting new friends,

wonderful blog friends,

or quiet friends that I have not met yet,

it fills my heart with so much


that we take a bit of time

to gather here.


Wherever you live in the world,

may you make this a time of Thanksgiving.

Take time every day to count your blessings out loud.

It is gratitude that makes us joyful!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

So thankful that you are here today!

Warm hugs!

♡ Dawn

25 thoughts on “Joyful

  1. Dear Dawn, this is such a beautiful post…so heartwarming and full of gratitude. Gratitude is indeed what makes us joyful! I’m grateful this Thanksgiving for many things and one of them is the connection I’ve found in you! Thank you for being such a sweet friend. The mums in the lovely conservatory are gorgeous! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! ♥

    • So grateful that we ‘picked’ one another as friends, Martha Ellen! Your kind words and lovely notes always warm my heart. Enjoy your Thanksgiving surrounded by family. Hold sweet memories close to your heart as you count your blessings tomorrow. Sending extra Thanksgiving hugs across the miles, dear Martha Ellen! ♡

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family as you celebrate ~~~ I will be thinking of you all tomorrow with gratitude for friendship that reaches out across the world. We may be oceans apart, but tomorrow we are all drawn together in gratitude.
    Such beautiful flower photographs of stunning flowers and blooms. You know I would go absolutely crazy in this small oasis of plants, don’t you? That very first Chrysanthemum is an absolute stunner. Magnificent.
    ~~~~Waving from Across the Big Water~~~Deb in Wales xoxo

    • So grateful for our wonderful friendship, dear Deb! Although there is an ocean between us, our letters keep us so close. You will most certainly be with us at our Thanksgiving table tomorrow! Our whole family thinks of you with great fondness. I adore our Conservatory in the park. (I think it would be a perfect place for a little tea party!) I was only planning to stop in for a moment, but the gorgeous Chrysanthemums caused me to linger for a very long time. Sending warm Thanksgiving hugs Across the Pond to you and your family, too! ♡

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Eve…from a very warm and windy West Texas, although that is about to change in a day or two! The Conservatory is wonderful, nothing like that here. Having a very quiet Thanksgiving with family and I promised myself a slow start on Friday. Spending the morning at home and then wandering into work around 11:00.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed day!

    • So grateful, Chris, to have made such a wonderful connection over the past months! Kindred spirits ~ across the miles! Wishing you both a lovely Thanksgiving. You have so much to be thankful for this year! 🙂 I love your plans for a slow start on Friday. That is always one of my favorite days of the whole year! I just love decorating for Christmas, while listening to Christmas music all day long. In the evening, when my husband comes home, we will trim the tree together. Christmas magic! When do you begin decorating for Christmas at your house? Sending warm Texas-sized Thanksgiving hugs across the miles! ♡

  4. I put my tree up and decorated the living room last weekend. I don’t usually rush the season, BUT, I am taking my mother to Ohio next weekend and I knew I would get behind. My 92 year old mother and I are on a special mission! My mom and dad had a very elaborate Christmas village, that my dad built many years ago. Dad passed away in 1998. My mom gave me the village and I never had a place for it. So over the years I have been hauling it box by box to my son’s. This year it is going to be put up since we think the kids are old enough. My mom is the only one that knows the process from beginning to end! She is so anxious to see Kobyville after all these years. I am so grateful to be able to do this for her, plus she has another chance to see her only great grandchildren!
    Many special blessings to be grateful for this year!

    • Oh, Chris! What a wonderful ‘special mission’ for you, your mom, and the entire family! I just love this story! It could be the script of a Hallmark Christmas movie, couldn’t it?? It will bring back such special memories and lots of great, old family stories, too! Take lots of pictures of Kobyville, your mom, and her great grandchildren. Heartfelt thanks for sharing your beautiful Christmas story, Chris. Safe travels! ♡

  5. Oh, Dawn, thank you for these magnificent mums. I can almost smell their sweet fragrance. If I were pressed, I would pick the first as my favorite – I’m so glad I’m not pressed, for I would really take them all. You have captured them magnificently. Thank you – and a very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Penny

    • So grateful, Penny, that we have so many special places in common! It was such fun to linger in the Conservatory enjoying the mums this week. I have never seen such beautiful Chrysanthemums! I think the first one was my favorite, too. Thank you for the nice wishes. Sending Thanksgiving hugs from our house to your house! You have so much to be thankful for this year, Penny! Enjoy every moment! ♡

    • So grateful that our paths cross at the library so often, Jan! We are so fortunate to share so many learning opportunities there. If you have time, pop into the Conservatory. You will love seeing the Chrysanthemums in person! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jan! Hope to see you again soon! ♡

  6. Dawn,
    Sorry to be tardy with my visit, family is staying with us. I’m certain you had a lovely Thanksgiving and I look forward to continually being inspired and entertained with your wonderful posts and beautiful photography.

    • So grateful, Karen, for our friendship across the miles! Enjoy every moment with your family! I’m sure they all love the pleasure of being your guests. So glad you stopped to visit today! Sending hugs! ♡

  7. We enjoyed your beautiful pictures and thoughts. Having you as a daughter makes
    us truly thankful each and every day.
    Mom and Dad

    • Sending BIG hugs, Mom & Dad! So grateful for the love we share. Our close family, even across the miles, is such a blessing! Take good care of one another. So glad that you came to visit today! ♡♡

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