World Kindness Day 2015


Hi Friends,

Today, as we mark ‘World Kindness Day 2015,’

we have yet another poignant reminder

of the need to help this world

turn much more gently.


As the news reports

show the latest, tragic acts of terrorism,

our thoughts and prayers are with the people of France.


When times are difficult,

it always helps me to intentionally focus my thoughts


blessings and kindness.


For most of us, kindness is a lifestyle!

The smallest things we do

can bring us great joy ~

and spread joy at the same time.

Today I spent many blissful hours in my paper crafting studio,

adding the finishing touches to our Thanksgiving cards

and making a few special Kindness cards.

I can’t wait to mail them!



Sentiment ~ ‘Throw kindness around like it’s confetti’

My paper crafting friends might be curious about the supplies I used:

Canson XL watercolor paper

Sentiment: Honey Bee Stamps

Versamark ink, Ranger Sea Foam White embossing powder

Ranger Distress inks: picked raspberry, mustard seed, peacock feathers

Sequins: Neat and Tangled

Recollections 110lb white cardstock

Listening to: Great ‘Oldies’ on the radio

Feeling: So blessed!


Have you been the recipient of any small acts of kindness this week?

Have you shared handmade kindness?


I’ll begin… and hope you will jump in to share.

We can focus on small

acts of Kindness

to help ‘make this world turn more gently.’


While we were out of town this week,

our kind neighbor raked all of our leaves as a sweet surprise!

This afternoon, I surprised him with

a handmade ‘So very Grateful’ bookmark,

 freshly baked cookies

(shaped like maple leaves and oak leaves, of course!)

and hot cocoa.



Now it’s your turn to share…


Have a wonderful November weekend, everyone!

Thank you for stopping to visit today!

Scatter kindness!

♡ Dawn

P.S.   If you are playing along with Jennifer McGuire’s ‘Share Handmade Kindness’ Challenge,

check out this week’s updates here.


23 thoughts on “World Kindness Day 2015

    • Many thanks, Judy! You are an expert at sharing handmade kindness! Your holiday mug rugs will bring big smiles to special friends when they open their packages… and each time they use them. Since retiring, crafting has become such a blessing in this brand new chapter in my life. I have met the kindest, friendliest people as I learn and grow in so many new ways! Doesn’t it feel like blogging is a form of ‘crafting,’ too, Judy? Our hearts and hands come together at the keyboard and through our camera lenses. We meet such lovely, interesting people through blogging. Sending sunny thoughts this weekend! ♡

  1. This week the daughter of the owner of the company I work for, brought us a plate of her famous chocolate chip cookies. We were so surprised and pleased! Julie is the mother of SEVEN children! And home schools them! She is just an amazing woman with a lot on her plate, but she always finds time to do nice things for people.

    Yesterday I baked a Cranberry nut bread and took it to work for our morning coffee for Happy Friday!

    I wish the world could be fixed with a few small acts of kindness. Maybe that is indeed what the world needs more of….cookies and hot chocolate! I can’t bring myself to turn on the news today, I am going outside to mow!
    Blessings to you Dawn!
    Chris W

    • Mmmmmmm, Chris! What ‘sweet’ examples of sharing handmade kindness! 🙂 Oh, my! Julie is an amazing example of making a bit of time to share. What a wonderful, real-life lesson for her children, too! I’m sure that everyone really enjoyed your gift of Cranberry nut bread, Chris!

      Although small acts of kindness won’t change the world, they can make a difference on a personal level! In my primary classroom, I often stressed that “There are no hands so small that they can’t make a difference in the world.” I truly believe that it’s the little things that really are the big things in life!

      My heart completely understands your heart this morning, dear Chris! Sending hugs and prayers to the people of France… ♡

    • Oh, Penny! Yesterday’s tragic news brought tears to my eyes when I heard the shocking news reports early in the evening. France has always held such a special place in my heart. My heart is with my beloved Paris today! It’s a day for encouragement, thoughtfulness, kindness, and warm hugs. Sending much love, dear Penny! ♡

  2. My heart is breaking today with the rest of the world , dear Dawn. The beautiful city of Paris…. words do not come for the devastation and useless acts of violence. Yes, acts of kindness and love must overcome hate. It all begins with me. Praying for peace. ♥

    • Such a difficult time for all, Martha Ellen. There really are no words. Please do something today that brings you peace and hope, dear Martha Ellen! Sending big hugs… ♡

  3. Dawn,
    Your post is timely. It helps to remind me that most in this world are kind. The evil are a minority. I’m saddened by the news out of France. You’re right, we can spread kindness in the world around us with good results. Thank you for brightening the day.

    • Hi, Karen! It’s a very sad day for the whole world. So heartbreaking. We have to focus on all of the good in the world. There is so much more goodness and kindness! The smallest acts of kindness can light our way. #PrayersForParis Sending big hugs, Karen! Thank you for being here today! ♡

  4. Another lovely post. I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of goodness. As I heal from foot surgery, many of our friends and neighbors are stopping by with prepared meals, cards, and thoughtful gifts. I received Marie Kondos’ book in the mail today from a client! That was an amazing surprise. I bought a copy, then passed it on to a friend. Now I have another copy. Serendipity. Connections. Thankfulness.

    I’ve been handwriting thank you cards, but not feeling well enough yet to make cards of my own. All in due time. xox

    • You are loved by so many, Alys! I’m so glad that you can feel the love while you are healing! I think you are meant to have ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ in your personal library, Alys! It reads almost like poetry and holds so much wisdom. I’m reading it for the third time now and finding still more inspiration. Some books just come into our lives for a reason! Writing thank notes is such a joyous thing to do. What fun to share your heart with those you love! Give yourself permission to rest each day, dear Alys! Sending healing hugs! ♡

    • You are always so good about paying it forward, dear Deb! The world needs more people sharing kindness in your special way. The Homemade Kindness that comes from your kitchen is well-known in your village! Small acts of handmade kindness are really BIG things. They bring joy to both the recipient and the maker, too! Sending sunshine and big hugs Across The Pond, Deb! ♡

    • Small, everyday moments have suddenly taken on a greater importance. Your words of wisdom are filled with so much truth! Heartfelt thanks for your sweet words, dearest Anne! ♡

  5. When I get upset about what happens in the world, I am always uplifted when I meet people like you who believe in kindness as a way of life. Kind people do their important work quietly, not begging for attention, so when the negative headlines scream for our attention, it’s important to look for the kind hearts around us – they’re always there.

    “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” To this day, especially in times of “disaster,” I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.” – Fred Rogers

    • Heartfelt thanks for your lovely words, Ericka! You are so right! It’s very important to surround ourselves with people who look for the small moments of joy in each day. Sharing smiles is another small act of kindness that only takes and instant, but can truly brighten someone’s day! Thank you for sharing this beautiful quote! It brings tears to my eyes. Mr. Rogers was so wise. We must keep looking for the helpers… always! Thank you for being such a special part of our little, blog, dear Ericka! Sending big hugs! ♡

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