Sharing Handmade Kindness

Hi Friends!

Rabbit! Rabbit! What fun to begin a brand new month just filled with possibilities! Here in the United States, November is the time that our thoughts turn to Thanksgiving. Although we won’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day until November 26th, we have an entire month to celebrate our families, friends, those who help us, and even the kindness of strangers.

Today I can’t wait to introduce you to someone that I have admired for so long! Jennifer McGuire is an amazing mother, talented card maker, respected teacher, and thoughtful friend. Her wonderful blog posts and excellent You Tube videos continually help me to grow as a card maker, by inspiring me to try so many new techniques. Jennifer has become a true leader in the world of paper crafting! (Just feel her warmth in this quick video.) One of the reasons that Jennifer shines so brightly is her kindness. Although we have never met, I always think of Jennifer as one of my best ‘crafty friends.’ She makes everyone feel that way!

Throughout the entire month of of November,

Jennifer McGuire is challenging everyone to

Share Handmade Kindness!

This challenge is most definitely ‘my cup of tea.’

Nothing makes me happier than making cards for family, dear friends,

our honored veterans, and our brave, military servicemen and women.


My happiness is always two-fold…

I just love spending time making a card with one special person in mind.

I think of them the entire time I am designing, die cutting, stamping, and choosing the perfect sentiments.


For me, the happiest part of all has always been slipping each handmade card

into its envelope, writing the address, and choosing the perfect postage stamp!

It just makes my heart happy!!

I imagine how they will feel when they open their mailbox

to find an envelope

filled with love and kindness!

They will know that someone is thinking of them today.

You never know when such a small gesture just might make someone’s day!

You Are So Loved(Listen to Jennifer… in her own words, in this short video.)


There are so many other ways we can all  Share Handmade Kindness...

Anything made with the hands and the heart counts!

Handmade Gifts from the Kitchen

A gift from your kitchen always makes someone feel special.

The last of the garden flowers.A bouquet from your garden would certainly brighten someone’s day!

Pinwheel Quilt, One Stitch at a TimeWhat could be sweeter than a little something ‘stitched’ with love?

DSCN4457The simple act of writing a note or a letter is a true gift of the heart!


I’m sure you’ll agree that the world could use a little more kindness…


Join the fun this November!

Let’s take on Jennifer’s Share Handmade Kindness Challenge!

I will keep you posted with new details each week…

and you can visit at any time to learn more.

Week 1 (November 2 – 8) will focus on sharing any kind of handmade kindness with friends and family.

Week 2 (November 9 – 15) will focus on sharing any kind of handmade kindness with anyone who works/serves in our community

Week 3 (November 16-22) will focus on sharing any kind of handmade kindness with children.

Week 4 (November 23-29) will focus on sharing any kind of handmade kindness with strangers.

Leave a note on someone’s windshield. Send a card to a favorite blogger. (Yes, that isn’t exactly a stranger, but you likely haven’t met!) Drop off a kind note to the mail lady who was nice to you last time you were there. Anyone! Notes or simple cards are best for this challenge.

Who will you share handmade kindness with this week?


Scientific research supports the relaxed, happy feelings that makers always feel as we create.

After reading about the health benefits of crafting

in this recent CNN post, “This is Your Brain on Crafting,”

why not head to your favorite crafty space to

Share Handmade Kindness!

Paper hugs!

♡ Dawn

P.S. I’m so happy that you stopped to visit today!

What handmade gifts do you love to share?

What handmade kindness will you share this week?

We can’t wait to hear from you!


23 thoughts on “Sharing Handmade Kindness

  1. Dawn, you are so right about your beautiful thoughts today. You have given me much to ponder about intentional acts of kindness to those we know. I know you spread love and encouragement as Jennifer mentions in her video. It means more than you can imagine to be the recipient of such kindness! Thank you for being such a special friend! ♥

    • Warm hugs, Martha Ellen! I’m so happy that you peeked at Jennifer McGuire’s videos! Isn’t she wonderful? She will release new details about the ‘Share Handmade Kindness’ Challenge each Monday in November. Be sure to come visit again, as I will add updates to this post! It’s always so heartwarming to receive unexpected happy mail… and it’s even more fun to send it to dear ones!:) So glad you stopped to visit today, Martha Ellen!

  2. Your enthusiasm for this craft/talent just oozes off of the computer screen, Dawn, and lucky are the recipients of your gifts. My homemade gifts tend more toward flower arranging and food, especially around the holidays. I always enjoy making gifts – and receiving them as well.

    There is a lovely book, not really about making cards, but, about making paper flowers. It is called “The Paper Garden” by Molly Peacock. I think you might find it interesting. I wrote about it a few years ago on a post. If you are interested, you can just copy and paste. It is a fascinating story about paper and flowers and one woman’s legacy that began when she was 72.

    • Heartfelt thanks, dear Penny! Although I have shared handmade kindness my whole life, I feel so blessed to enjoy the wonderful gift of time to spread a little sunshine! I know that your handmade gifts bring such joy to so many, Penny! I’m so curious to read more about ‘The Paper Garden.’ Can’t wait to check out your link. I’m so grateful that you shared it! Wishing you a wonderful start to November. So much to be thankful for!

  3. Every day that passes there is so much to celebrate and give thanks for. We have no dedicated day Across The Big Water but having lived on the Other Side of The Big Water I hold Thanksgiving dear in my heart and honour it in ways only I can achieve on my own. I make quiet time to reflect on my friends, near and far, and CELEBRATE all the JOY they bring to my life through the year, many through our small and growing community of web journalists who have become personal friends, not just names on a blog. Time for card making is not my friend at the moment, but soon I will be sitting down to create, with LOVE, each tailor made card that will be going in the post for Christmas {are we okay with that word this early?}
    My joy in creating is all permeating, and pops into my day to day life even when I’m not actually creating cards, and I’m wondering, Dawn, if you operate on the same way I do, in that I see something and think to myself “That will be just perfect for ~~~ ” and buy that special something to add to just one card? I have just bought some daffodil themed stamps specifically for one person, but I know I will use them a lot in other ways, but as I say these are specifically for my daffodil loving friend in Ohio. I know she will be especially delighted and there is Joy in my heart that I will make her happy.
    I love that you do the same as me ~~~ make a chart of actual samples of the colours in the set of pencils. Very useful reference tool!
    On that note, I have new things that are demanding my attention so must go about the house jobs first! ~~~Waving from Across the Big Water~~~ Deb in Wales xoxo

    • Heartfelt thanks for your lovely comment, dear Deb! It’s so true. We celebrate Thanksgiving in our hearts every moment of every day. Being present reminds me to count my blessings out loud! Deb, your handmade cards bring joy to friends near and far. I will always remember the special joy of receiving lovely handmade cards from you. I keep special cards on display in my studio for inspiration.

      Kindred spirits! I do exactly the same thing when I purchase stamps and dies, Deb. For example,I choose sewing and quilt images for my friends who love to stitch, and antique telephone, train, and car stamps for my dad. Almost every stamp I own is in my studio to bring joy to someone special! I love to swatch out all of my watercolor pencils, markers, and ink pads. It’s such a big help in designing! (Jennifer McGuire and Lindsay Weirich taught me that so long ago.)

      Anytime you can squeeze in a moment or two of crafting, or even coloring, remember that you are also being kind to yourself. It’s good for your brain… so it’s a healthy thing to do! Many thanks for taking the time to share your heart this morning, Deb! Hugs!

  4. This is a nice way to start the new month of Thanksgiving. 🙂 I share plants in the summer months with anyone who needs them. Now that I’ve moved on to quilting, I have been working on a couple of doll quilts for a UK blogging friend’s niece. I’ll finish the label this morning and get them in the mail to him today or tomorrow. I had many fun years of sewing for my granddaughter’s American Girl dolls and miss those projects. So when I read about his little niece and her tea towel doll blanket, I thought maybe I could bring a smile to her face. Plus it always feels good to do something nice for someone else. 🙂

    • Oh, Judy! I understand completely the joy of sharing plants and flowers from the garden. Sharing plants from my garden brings me the same joy as making cards! A few years ago, I was blessed to help a dear friend start her very first garden. We filled her car several times with plants from my garden. She created the loveliest garden, filled with birdsong. It was so heartwarming to have tea together in her brand new garden!

      Judy, you are so kind and thoughtful to share your quilted arts with others. I can only imagine the joy it brings you the entire time you are stitching. For you know the joy that your gifts from the heart will bring to someone very special! Quilts are such wonderful, timeless blessings!

      Thank you so much for sharing your heart here this morning, Judy! Each Monday in November, Jennifer McGuire will share her Share Handmade Kindness Challenge for the week, letting us know who we can surprise with unexpected surprises. I will update my post when the details are revealed. Or you can visit or for the details.

      Thank you so much, Judy, for spreading love and joy with your handmade kindness! You are a true inspiration! Hugs!

  5. I’ve been making birthday cards for years. Just sent one off to my uncle who was 102 yesterday. Started on the Christmas cards with my Stampin up distributor and will be going for a second session on Sunday. Also working on a special quilt gift to honor our pastor who is leaving. I’m using iron on to print photos that the congregation has given me. Almost to the iron on stage now, just waiting on a few more submissions. Crafting is very fun. I’ll have to look and book mark that video.

    • So much wonderful handmade kindness, Marcia! I can just hear your joy as I read your words! What a treasure to share your cards with your amazing uncle! Your Christmas cards will feel like gifts to all who are lucky enough to receive them. Your photo memory quilt will truly be a gift of the hearts of the entire congregation, stitched with love. Best of all, the makers feel the joy as much as the recipients of our handmade kindness do! I think you will find so much inspiration from Jennifer McGuire, Marcia. She is a very special part of the paper crafting world. Her kindness makes her shine so brightly! Happy crafting, Marcia! Enjoy sharing handmade kindness this week!

  6. Dawn, you are a good soul. Like you, I love making and sending cards and little notes. It’s wonderful to get “real mail” in this era of email and texts. I love technology (after all it’s how I found you) but I love cards too. I’m about two-thirds of the way through Susan Branch’s book and thank you once again for the suggestion. It’s been fun to read, and a pleasure to the eyes.

    I’m having foot surgery tomorrow to repair a torn tendon, so I will have to see how the rest of this month goes. I would love to join in, but will have to see what my energy is like as I heal. I’ll be following along and look forward to see what unfolds.

    As for Jennifer McGuire, oh my goodness what a talent. I just watched one of her tutorials (the Lawn Fawn card) and the one you shared in your above link. Thanks for spreading the word…and the love.

    • Such sweet words, Alys! We are kindred spirits for sure! I’m so happy that you are discovering the joy that Jennifer McGuire shares through her blog and card making videos! She is the perfect example of Sharing Handmade Kindness! I will be thinking of you tomorrow as you undergo foot surgery, dear Alys. Before long, you will be up and about and pain-free. Give yourself plenty of rest and time for healing. Spending some time with Susan Branch and Jennifer McGuire each day will fill you with lovely inspiration…and help the hours pass quickly! Sending healing hugs!

  7. Dawn,
    I’m sorry to be late to visit. This is such a wonderful post and I wish I had more time to devote to handmaking cards. I appreciate them so and used to make them myself. Working full time has put a crimp in my style, not to mention my time. 🙂
    There are some lovely examples in your images.

    • Heartfelt thanks, Karen! I know you can feel the joy of creating and sharing handmade kindness. You are so very creative! Card making definitely takes a great deal of time! (I often spend hours making each card!) When I was working full time, there was no way to create handmade gifts either. In anticipation of retirement, I slowly began taking a few card making workshops and buying some basic supplies. I wanted to be ready to create when I retired. When you have more time again, I think you will be excited to make cards again. We have so much in common, dear Karen! Wishing you lovely November days! Enjoy the flowers in your garden!

  8. I love all the things you can do. I have been saving seeds and hoping to put together some flower packets for stocking stuffers this year. My mom used to make cards all the time and they were beautiful and definitely saved. Handmade items are always so special to me.

    • Oh, thank you so much, Brenda! It’s so heartwarming to know that you have saved your mom’s handmade cards. I know that making them brought her such joy!! Packets of flower seeds from your garden would be a wonderful gift of handmade (homegrown) kindness! Whenever I have done that, the gifts of seeds have been very well received. I decorated the packets, calling them “Seeds of Friendship.” Your honey is also one of the sweetest gifts possible! I’m so grateful to be retired now, with more time to share handmade kindness! Thank you so much for stopping to visit this morning, Brenda! We miss you when you are too busy to write! Sending hugs!

  9. Every year on Christmas Eve I create bags full of baked goods for the adults, whom we don’t buy presents for (just for the kids!) Each year I enjoy thinking of new items to surprise everyone with, and I am always amazed at how much everyone looks forward to getting their treat bag. No store-bought gift would have been half as fun to prepare!

    • Hi, Ericka! I’m so happy that you stopped to visit this morning! I can just imagine the joyful feelings in your kitchen while you are baking and packing up all of your homemade goodies… and all of the joy that your relatives feel when they receive your handmade gifts, baked with love! I can remember my mom filling big, Christmas tins of pretty cookies for family, friends, and our teachers. Oh how they all looked forward to these gifts of kindness from my mom’s heart and kitchen! I’m so glad that our special traditions are still warming hearts of those we hold dear! Enjoy this special holiday today, Ericka! ♡

    • Oh, Jennifer! I’m just delighted that you stopped to visit today! Thank you so much for all of the amazing inspiration that you share on your blog and in your videos. Sharing Handmade Kindness has always been my ‘cup of tea.’ I love the ways that you are teaching Colin and Lila about the importance of sharing kindness. In my classroom, I always stressed the importance of kindness, often helping my students discover that “No hands are too small to make a difference in the world!” I always think of you as a dear kindred spirit, Jennifer! Be well and be happy!♡

  10. Belated Rabbit, Rabbit. I’m not crafty but do appreciate those who are so gifted such as you. Always love opening a card from you. It warms the day!

    • So sweet, Anne! You have a lovely way of sharing handmade kindness with your beautiful, hand-painted cards! Over the years, you have inspired me to begin watercoloring during retirement! I often think of you while holding a watercolor brush! Sending sunny hugs across the miles, Anne! ♡

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