A Peaceful Walk…


♪♪ (Please listen to the Mindfulness Bell here as you read. Allow the Bell to chime once at each photo.)

Hi, Friends!

 A peaceful walk,

on Saturday afternoon,

was a treasured


of summer’s swan song.

We discovered a lovely

Peace Path

that wound through a magnificent prairie,

planted with native Illinois grasses and woodlands.

We walked slowly,



Father Sky and Mother Earth,


of our




and filled with



Join us for a

walking meditation

along the Peace Path

as we pause

with intention

at each place along the path,

to ring

the meditation bells,

mindful of our powerful connection to nature.











The Peace Path winds through

the grounds of the Tau Center.

Both indoors and outdoors,

this peaceful place

welcomes individuals and groups

of diverse spiritual traditions

to nourish

body, mind, and spirit.


Breathe in a moment.

As one season slips into the next,

may your heart be filled with peace and gratitude.



28 thoughts on “A Peaceful Walk…

  1. How peaceful and lovely, dear Dawn. The accompaning bell at each photo was heart warming. The flowers along the paths and quietness of the area made it feel like a sanctuary of peace. Thank you for sharing such a place with me. I find the older I get the more peace and quiet I yearn. I continued to listen to the sounds of the bells and it turned into a talk about Dr Zin and Dartmouth Hichcock. My daughter happens to work there as well as my son-in-law. Enjoy peace and love as we observe nature growing into a new season. ♥

    • Heartfelt thanks, Martha Ellen! I’m so happy that you could sense the peaceful feeling. The path was a lovely discovery! When the Autumn colors arrive, we hope to visit the Peace Path again. On the grounds, there is also a Labyrinth designed for walking meditation. Although we wandered for a long time, we never found it. So, we must plan another visit! You Tube can be so unpredictable! After the bells, I heard lovely meditation music. Isn’t it strange that you heard something completely different? Thank you for the lovely wish, Martha Ellen. I wish the very same for you! Namaste. ♡

    • Oh, Judy! Thank you! I’m sure we both share feelings of peace and gratitude while we work in our gardens. The garden is one of my favorite peaceful places! Walking along the Peace Path was a wonderful experience. Have a peaceful week, Judi! ♡

    • So sweet, Chris! Aren’t the colors of the prairie flowers just wonderful? Our Asters are just beginning to bloom. This morning I filled vases with Asters and Black-eyed Susans for the front porch. Such a pretty combination! What flowers are blooming in West Texas this week? Are you watching your mailbox this week? I am! 🙂 So happy that you stopped to visit today, Chris! The spirit in me honors the spirit in you. ♡ Namaste.

    • Oh, thank you, Karen! This lovely Peace Path was such a nice discovery! It is such a calm place for a walking meditation. We are planning to visit again during each season. Hope you are well and looking forward to Autumn days! So happy that you stopped to visit tonight, Karen! ♡

    • So happy to share, Jodi! My ‘One Little Word’ for this year is Present. It is my most challenging word so far, but a walking meditation really helps me to slow down and be mindful of the moment! Do you find watercoloring or coloring with markers peaceful? With more time to practice watercoloring, I think it could be another mindfulness practice for me! Thank you for visiting tonight, Jodi! ♡

      • Such a great word. There is a saying we use in the hospice world – the “power of presence” – to be completely present with someone – it’s harder than most people realize, but such a gift!

        Love the peaceful feeling I get when watercoloring. It is such a unique medium – so challenging and frustrating at times, but othertimes – so miraculous and beautiful.

      • Such an important gift to share through your hospice work, Jodi! Thank you for telling us all about the ‘power of presence.’ I love the focus on being ‘present’ throughout each day. This gift seems to come to me in quiet waves, washing over me with peaceful feelings of pure joy. Although still a beginner with watercolors, I often feel ‘present’ when I hold the paintbrush. It’s a lovely surprise each time I watch the colors dancing on the paper! Cherish the day, Jodi! ♡

    • Good morning, Cathy! So happy that you are visiting from Germany this morning. Sweet serendipity on International Peace Day! We took our walk along the Peace Path on Saturday. A few hours after I published this post on Monday, I visited you and discovered that it was UN International Peace Day. My heart is warmed knowing that I shared a few moments of peace with the world on this day! We should make every day International Peace Day!! Sending hugs… ♡

  2. Such a serene and meditative walk, Dawn. I read this late last night, with the resounding sound of the bell guiding me through my visual steps. My laptop lost power just as I finished. Bong. Silence. Though I wanted to respond right away, and could have just started recharging, I chose to continue the path of quiet, peace, beauty . . . your lovely photos still pictures in mind, feeling the peace and the gratitude your walk emoted. Peace. In those moments after, falling asleep. Peace.

    • Good morning, Penny! Your sweet words are truly heartwarming. Our walk along the Peace Path on Saturday felt so calming. I’m so happy that you felt it, too, as you drifted off to sleep. Let’s hold onto those feelings of peace and gratitude on this last day of summer. The spirit in me honors the spirit in you, Penny. Namaste. ♡

    • Good morning, Deb! They are nature’s perfect colors on an almost Autumn day! At home, the monarch butterflies have been visiting our purple Aster. Cherish the day! ♡

    • Good morning, Carol! The Mindfulness Bells reminded me of the special bells along our Peace Path walk. I’m really looking forward to celebrating the first day of Autumn with our Prairie Walk. Bring your camera! The spirit in me honors the spirit in you, dear friend. Namaste. ♡

    • Hi, Brenda! Many thanks for your kind words! The more grateful we are, the more ‘Present’ we become. Being mindful of the moment helps us to find “glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.” It’s always so nice when Kindreds come to visit! Cherish this last day of summer! ♡

    • Hi, Marcia! Thanks for stopping to visit today. We have had wonderful weather for taking walks for the past week! The Peace Path led us through such lovely prairie areas. The bells joined the singing of the cicadas and the chirping of the crickets to add to the peaceful feelings. It was such a wonderful walk, as summer days were winding down. It feels much more like Autumn here today! Hope you are having a nice week, Marcia! ♡

    • Oh, thank you, Chris! It was a wonderful place for a walking meditation. I can still hear the bells resonating. Wishing you a peaceful week, too! So happy that you stopped to visit today, Chris. Namaste. ♡

  3. Dawn, what a beautiful path! I love the chiming of the bell. I did the 5 min. meditation. Must admit that at first I kept checking the time. Once I relaxed I found it to be very soothing!

    • Thank you, Jann! We were so happy to discover this Peace Path and truly enjoyed the beauty and peaceful feeling as we walked. The bells along the path sounded just like the chiming bells on the video. Feeling present during meditation can be a challenge, but is so worthwhile! So happy that you stopped to visit today, Jann! Wishing you a lovely week! ♡

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