Golden Sunshine

Come into my garden, so my flowers can meet you.

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon:

to me those have always been the two most beautiful words

in the English language.”  

~ Henry James

Hi Friends!

What a delightful summer afternoon!

Today was made of blue skies, gentle breezes, warm sunshine,

buzzing bees, singing cicadas, and colorful butterflies fluttering about.

Happiness was blooming in every direction…


“The garden

is a mirror of the heart.”


Gardenkeeping was on my agenda today.

Mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, and deadheading flowers

are always much more fun

when one is surrounded by

golden sunshine!


Bright yellow highlights our Friendship Garden this month.


Rainy days in June helped the ‘Herbstsonne’ shining coneflower (Rudbeckia nitida ‘Herbstsonne’) grow taller than it ever has grown before!


Bright patches of yellow add sunshine throughout the entire garden in August.


Although phlox, salvia, obedient plant,

 mums, hydrangeas, bee balm, and coreopsis

fill the garden beds

with shades of purple and pink.

Yellow takes center stage in our garden in August,

brightening even the cloudiest of days


golden sunshine!


Today I hope you will find a little

golden sunshine…

and carry it with you wherever you go!


Thanks so much for visiting today!

My flowers were so happy to meet  you!

Garden blessings!

♡ Dawn

P.S.  What color really stands out in your garden this week?



27 thoughts on “Golden Sunshine

  1. So pretty! I must admit, though, although the yellow is boldly bright and beautiful, my favourite is the last one where white and purple dominate. They are my favourite colours in the garden. What is my predominant garden colour this week? Green! Every so often, the phases change and there is that time between blooms when there are very few flowers and green dominates ~~~ but have you ever tried to count the number of shades of green in a green garden? Now, there’s a challenge for you. My Wind Anemonies are coming into their own now, so soon white will dominate one border, but for now, all is calming green. ~~~Deb xoxo

    • Oh Deb! The sweetest part of having just a few flowers blooming is that each one takes center stage! Purples and pinks are my favorites in the garden. More are on the way, as hosta and sedum are just beginning to open this morning. There is so much golden sunshine in bloom right now that every time I see the garden, it makes me smile! It’s really time to start digging up some black-eyed susans to share with the neighbors. I love spreading sunshine throughout the neighborhood! Your wind anemones are always gorgeous, Deb! 🙂 Can’t wait ’til they are in full bloom! Sending big hugs Across The Pond! ♡

    • Hi Judy! It’s such a wonderful month in the garden! Your New Hampshire garden must be so lovely right now. Savor every moment, Judy! Thanks for visiting today! ♡

  2. Yellow and more yellow here. The black eyed-susans are holding the stage and I’m thankful for them. So many of the other perennials (bee balm, shasta daisy, yarrow, purple cone flower) are poor performers this year. Thinking of pulling them out this fall and getting new stock. It will be a monumental task but I’ll try one bed at a time in the perennial garden.

    • Hi Marcia! Enjoy all of your golden sunshine in the garden, too! Our bee balm and shasta daisies are doing well, but the yarrow and purple coneflower are struggling to produce just a few blooms. I’m wondering if our abundant June rains were too hard on them. Yes, step-by-step, one bed at a time is the way. I’m sure your Maryland garden looks just like a bouquet of sunshine this morning! Embrace the day, Marcia! ♡

  3. Oh Dawn, you don’t want me to answer that question! My first thought reading the Henry James quote was that’s because he doesn’t live in Texas!! I know you are all having a wonderful summer and in three weeks I will be back in my home state for a visit and I also will be able to enjoy that last breath of summer as she begins to wind down. I wish something yellow was blooming, but nothing is blooming. Just trying to keep my plants alive. It’s actually lovely outside this morning at 76. But the sun isn’t up yet.
    Enjoy seeing your garden thoughout the year and I so love your picket fence garden, it tugs at my heart. You keep your herbs there don’t you?
    I just had to comment when I saw the quote! We just soldier on down here and keep marching toward Fall.
    Chris West Texas.

    • Oh, Chris! Wish we could send our Texas friends cool breezes and gentle showers! You are really feeling the heat. It will be lovely to soak up all of the lush green and beautiful flowers in Ohio! Enjoy every moment of your visit! Yes, the picket fence garden, inspired by Susan, is my little Herb and Tea Garden. It has herbs for cooking and mints for herbal tea. It truly is the heart of my garden! Hang in there, Chris! Autumn is just around the corner! So glad you visited today! ♡

  4. Oh, Henry James got it right. SUMMER AFTERNOON. I simply can’t tell you how much these summer afternoons have made me feel. I am trying to put my feelings and memories into a poem about it… in Minnesota, we all agree that this has been the most spectacular summer any one of us can remember. From native Minnesotans to transplants like us (we’ve been here now 18 years), we keep saying that this has been the best.

    Like you Dawn, our gardens are bright and brimming with YELLOW! I can’t even capture the life in my camera….and the phlox, about a week ago, they were in their peak. As I go to visit them now, they are fading, as well as my summer vacation. I go back tomorrow on Friday to start one of MANY meetings at school to begin planning. But my summer will have to remain a memory in the numerous photos I’ve taken and in the poems I’ve started.


    • Anita, dear one! A lovely summer afternoon is pure poetry! I am certain you will capture all of the magic in your lovely words and breathtaking photographs. Won’t it be heartwarming to enjoy your summer poetry on a mid-Winter’s day? Minnesota is one of my favorite places to visit in the summertime! 🙂 So glad this summer has been so spectacular! Soak in all of the beauty and wonder. Definitely a summer to remember, both at home and in your travels!

      School days are such busy days, my friend. I remember them well. Now I cherish, with all my heart, the warm memories of my students and classroom. Our schools began on Monday. It’s so early this year! Teachers began setting up their classrooms the last week of July! It was such fun to help one friend in her Kindergarten classroom and another friend in her Art classroom. I always love new beginnings! I will be thinking of you on Friday, and next week as you meet your lucky students, Anita! You will inspire them each day… and open brand new worlds for them to explore! French was always my favorite subject in school. Each day, I would dream of visiting France. Dreams do come true! Thank you for all you do, Anita, to inspire our students. You make a difference every single day (even though some days don’t feel like that)! Je vous souhaite une merveilleuse année! ♡

  5. Such a sunny post to see this morning, Dawn.

    I am going to look into planting some of those Herbstone rudbeckia. I have the smaller types, which have been showing off for several weeks now, but, could use these taller ones in the back. They are stunning! 🙂

    My garden is starting to fade – except for the yellows and the coneflowers. I need to do some major trimming back and weeding, which I hope to get to today. Sigh. It has been quite grand having so much time with family, but, my garden and household chores now need some dire attention – so, off I go . . . Thanks for this lovely post and for all the great quotes. 🙂

    • Good morning, Penny! I would love to share some of my ‘Herbstsonne’ rudbeckia with you! I usually divide it in the springtime. I think it would be very happy in your garden on the Cutoff! 🙂 It’s going to be another beautiful day in the garden. Family times are the best times of all! So happy that you were able to make nice memories with Kezzie and Ezra last week! Happy gardening, Penny! ♡

  6. Oh Dawn….yellow is my very favorite color!! I could get lost lovin on your beautiful garden!! You really do have the perfect garden right now…
    I think it’s s little early but it looks like our mums are starting to bloom!!


    • So sweet, Gert! Wouldn’t it be fun to sit and enjoy the garden with a glass of iced tea? I’d love that, too! All of the yellow blossoms bring golden sunshine to every day. I’m going to dig up some black-eyed susans to share with my neighbors. It’s such fun to spread sunshine! 🙂

      This week, our mums are starting to bloom, too! I always intend to cut them back a little before they set their buds. That will hold them off a bit. (But, of course, I forget!) I used to pick mums for our Thanksgiving table. This year, we will have mums for Labor Day instead. Sending big hugs, Gert! So happy that you visited today! ♡

  7. Your post today is just lovely, Dawn. So full of sunshine and hope. I really think that’s what a garden is all about–hope! Your garden is beautiful, dear one. My garden is just popping with yellow also. The rudbecias are in full glory now. We have been doing quite a bit of pruning ourselves. Our shrubs are quite old now and it has required us to do some rather drastic pruning. We worked on “Nellie Stevens Holly” this week. She’s looking so different, but we need to limb her up a bit to open up the area that was getting closed in. I’ve been removing all the dried scapes from the dayliles as they have come and gone now. The light is so different in the garden now. Our cool air and no humidity has given me the strength to get some things done in the garden. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts. xo ♥

    • Heartfelt thanks, Martha Ellen! You are so right! Gardening really is all about hope… and planting dreams for tomorrow. I’m sure your Holly will thrive with all of your hard work and care. It sounds like we have both been busy pulling out the dried daylily scapes. 🙂 I put out several big bundles for composting this week. (At least they are lightweight, no matter how big the bundle!) There is still one large daylily bed waiting for me! This week our humidity has subsided, as well. Ahhhhh… so refreshing. It’s truly energizing to enjoy summer days without humidity! Thanks for stopping by to visit our garden today, Martha Ellen. My plants are always so happy to see you! ♡

    • Hi Kim! There is a whole patch of black-eyed susans that would be so happy in your garden! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about your travels… and dig some golden sunshine together! Safe travels, my friend! ♡

  8. Dawn,
    Your sunshine garden looks beautiful. We’re in the midst of a heat wave so no gardening for me until the heat breaks. I don’t have a lot of yellow in the garden, but I always wish I did this time of year, especially after seeing your garden.

    • Thank you, Karen. I truly wish we could send our California friends some cool breezes and gentle showers. Your four-year long drought and now a heatwave are so stressful for the trees, gardens… and gardeners! Tonight I heard predictions of another extreme weather pattern on the way. We have had a nice break in the hot, humid weather this week. It makes those gardenkeeping tasks so much easier. Wishing you a bit of a cool down for the weekend. Love your visits, Karen! ♡

    • Thank you, Judy! Mid-August is such a colorful time in both of our gardens. This week, I’m going to dig up some Rudbeckia to share with my neighbors. It’s time to spread some of the abundant golden sunshine! So happy you stopped to visit today, Judy! Wishing you a happy week in the garden! ♡

  9. I am very delinquent in replying here. I did read the blog when you posted it but sometimes it takes me so long to reply on my phone and I don’t always have my laptop “fired up!” Your posts always make me smile! So cheery and sunny, just like you! Your yard and gardens are so inviting! Would love to cozy-up in an adirondack chair and a cup of tea and have a nice, long chat while listening to the birds and the bees flit about! My gardens have been so colorful this summer with the many different varieties of daylilies and Asiatic lilies that we have, mixed in with the daisies and Russian Sage and bee balm. Oh my! How the hummingbirds and bees and butterflies love the bee balm and it was a good year for it this year. Right now, our perennial hibiscus are beginning to open with their plate size blooms of red, pink and white with pink. I love the golden rubekia mixed with the white hydrangeas that are beginning to turn green and the pots of hot pink/red geraniums mixed about…a bit of lavender that I am babying because I want to have nice lavender so badly!…and a couple of pretty roses that are so-so. I loath the day that we planted the wild orange tiger lilies! They are beautiful when blooming but they send their nasty rhizomes everywhere and take over the garden and are so hard to control! The north shady side of our house is very green with variegated shades of hostas and bishops weed (another spreader!) and bug bane which will bloom soon. We planted another smoke bush this summer….a different variety. My husband loves them! So thankful for the gorgeous downpour we just had and the cooler temps that it brought. The hummingbirds seem to love it too! They’re going crazy today! xo

    • Oh, Karen! I’m so glad that you are visiting again! Your kind words always touch my heart. Your gardens up north sound so colorful and lovely this summer! You have a whole rainbow of blooms! It must be so nice to sit on your deck and enjoy the summertime colors. I wish we had an easier time with lavender here, too. I dream of having a whole bed filled with different lavender plants! Our winters are just so hard on lavender. Bishops Weed continues to test my patience, as well. It was growing here as a ground cover when I moved here 28 years ago. Every year, I try to dig it out, but haven’t been completely successful yet. Enjoy your hummingbirds, Karen! See you soon, my friend! ♡

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