Happy Birthday, America!

The Pledge, by Robert Duncan {via Pinterest}

Happy Independence Day!

A celebration of

America’s 239th birthday…

Hi Friends!

Parades, flags flying, picnics, cookouts, concerts, festivals,

watermelon, apple pie, baseball games, sparklers, fireworks displays,…

There are so many ways to celebrate America’s birthday this 4th of July! Whether you plan to celebrate quietly at home or at a large gathering, it’s meaningful to pause for a moment  and think about the freedoms that we are celebrating today.

Vintage magazine cover, illustrated by American painter, Frances Tipton Hunter (1896-1957), published July 1944 {via Pinterest}

It’s so important to share our thoughts about

the meaning of Independence Day

with our children and grandchildren.


Today, I shared with my sweet 6 year-old neighbor.

Karla and I talked about the American flag

hanging on our front porch,

and why I hang our flag up every day.

I’m sure she will ask about our flag again,

from time to time.


Karla comes over to ‘help’ me in the garden

whenever she sees me working.

Sometimes we take a little break to share books.

She is quickly learning the names of my flowers

(especially the purple ones).

We even planted flower seeds together

and watched them grow.


Together, we are also planting

the tiniest seeds

of gratitude

and pride in our country,

that will grow as Karla grows.

Vintage graphic, from Jenn’s “Rook No 17” blog  {via Pinterest}

When I was growing up.

our family often drove across the country,

visiting places that are important in America’s story.

A dear aunt took my brothers and I to visit

our nation’s capital and our state capital.

I just love this image, from the blog Zetta’s Aprons. {via Pinterest}

Listening to family stories while growing up

made such an impression on me.

I am so proud

that my dad  served our country in Korea.

Even when I was very small, I knew that my dad was very brave.

In recent years, my dad has been scrapbooking his stories,

and sharing his memories of growing up in America

during difficult times.

I grew up watching the reports from Vietnam

on the nightly news.

I can still remember

checking the map of Vietnam,

cut out from the newspaper and

hanging on the back of our kitchen door.

My uncle was serving there,

and we thought about him each day,

with the hope that he was safe.

Every chance I get, I stop and thank

our veterans and military families

for their great sacrifices for our country.

{via Pinterest}

Of course, I learned about

what it means to be an American

in school.

But what I remember most are the stories,

shared by my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.



When I bought a little home of my own,

with a big front porch,

on this quiet street,

my older neighbors shared

so many of their stories with me, too.


Now, it’s my turn to spend time

sharing my stories

with my sweet, young neighbor.

Stories from the heart,

filled with love and pride,


the blessings of freedom.

Free printable   {via Pinterest}

{via Pinterest}

As you celebrate our nation’s birthday,

in big ways or small ways

this weekend,

I hope you can find a moment to share your stories

especially with our children,

making memories together


sharing the blessings of freedom!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Have a great weekend!

♡ Dawn


18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, America!

  1. Indeed, it is so important to share our stories and you illustrate it so well here, Dawn, in your photos and images and by your words. Independence Day has always been an important holiday in our house, especially when the girls were growing up. Not as much these days as they have moved on, but, still they have good memories – and so do I.
    Lovely post. Thank you so much for it – and happy 4th of July.

    • Heartfelt thanks, Penny! It’s a perfect time to think back on all of our wonderful Independence Day memories. It’s such a meaningful day for me! I think I can remember every celebration ~ whether close to home, in other parts of America, or celebrating abroad. We are planning a quiet celebration at home today. We will have an old-fashioned red, white & blue family gathering here next weekend, while my parents are in town visiting from Arizona! Enjoy the 4th… and our great weather! ♡

      • Isn’t it another beautiful day? It is often hot and humid on the 4th, so we’ve been fortunate in the weather today. I think my, our, favorite 4th was in DC, on the mall, visiting Arlington, the National Archives. 😉

      • Penny, we are so fortunate to have spectacular weather all weekend! What a treat! You must have so many special memories of your 4th in DC. I can’t even imagine the beauty on that day! I’m heading out to spend a few hours in the garden. Happy day! ♡

    • Hi, Kim! It’s such a wonderful holiday… and so many of my red, white & blue memories have been spent with you!! Are you sailing this weekend? Big hugs! ♡

  2. Good morning Dawn! Happy celebration of our country’s beginnings. May our land always be a land of grace. Have fun! Anita

    • Oh, Anita! Your words are just perfect ~ “May our land always be a land of grace!” I remember celebrating the 4th near Minneapolis one year. We sat on a hill watching fireworks from several different towns, in all directions. It was magical! Wishing you and Ruben your favorite kind of celebration!! ♡

    • Many thanks, Judy! Those vintage photos really touched my heart! Celebrating Independence Day in New England must be extra-special! You are surrounded by so much history. Enjoy your red, white & blue celebration, Judy! ♡

    • Thanks for visiting on this special day, Marcia! Enjoy your celebrations this weekend! Our blog friend, Anita, said it best, “May our land always be a land of grace!” ♡

  3. Happy Independence Day, dear Dawn! I loved reading all your heartfelt thoughts about this special day in the history of our great land. Last week we took our grandson to Monticello and pondered all that Jefferson and others penned in our great Declaration of Independence! It stirs the heart to think of the courage they had and men and women still have in our great country! Enjoy your day of freedom! ♥

    • Happy Independence Day to you, Martha Ellen! Your lucky grandson will always remember his visit to Monticello, with his grandparents. What a perfect lead into this holiday celebration! I’m so happy that you are sharing our history and your stories with your grandchildren. It really matters! Hope your weekend sparkles with joy! ♡

    • Welcome, Latane! I’m so happy that you stopped by to visit today. Hope my posts will add sunshine to your day! Many thanks for following. See you again soon! Hugs! ♡

  4. I enjoyed your post and especially your old illustrations. One of the things I like about living in New England are the wonderful small hometown parades on the 4th.

    • Thanks so much, Karen! Celebrating the 4th of July in New England, surrounded by history, must be so wonderful!! Treasure those memories, as you make new holiday memories in Florida! ♡

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