Cherish the Day!


Hi Friends!

Honestly. It was just a quick trip to the post office! Up at dawn, I had spent a bit of time writing three short letters to family and friends. It was such fun to tuck lots of recent photos into each envelope. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to drop all of this happy mail into the big, blue mailbox in front of the post office!

Our post office is located next to a lovely park ~ a park just filled with Spring color on a beautiful morning in May. What is a letter-writing, flower-loving, park-walking girl to do during her favorite month of the year? Happily, I still had my camera in my small backpack, so now we can take a little morning walk together I peeked into the Conservatory first. Spring flowering plants surrounded the fountain and the goldfish pond. They were even tucked in amongst the cacti. What a study in contrasts, seeing the soft geranium petals against the spiky needles of these desert plants. The bright morning sunshine streamed in through the glass panes, filling the entire space with quiet warmth. Silent, except for the soft bubbling of the pond. I felt completely ‘present’ ~ mindful of the colorful flowers, the sweet scents, the warm, humid air, and stillness all around me.


My ‘One Little Word‘ for 2015

has once again chosen a moment in my day

to remind me to practice

being mindful of everything around me.

The flowering trees in the park are were just breathtaking! They seemed to call me to walk under their canopy, as their tiny, pink petals rained down upon me. The Crabapple trees were showering me with their colorful blessings! It was moment! I wish I could have captured that image for you through my camera lens.

Crabapples, Redbuds, and Magnolias in bloom filled the south end of the park. Their colorful branches guided me along the Friendship Walk, sprinkling their blossoms down onto the engraved pavers, filled with words of love and remembrance, along the garden path.

The Herb Garden was a quiet, peaceful place, as I looked around for signs of new growth among the herbs.  Beds of  bright tulips encircled the Peace Pole in the garden. Under the white tent, a lovely setting for outdoor weddings, I giggled along with a group of preschoolers, as they frollicked in the soft, green grass. I carefully climbed upon huge, stone steps to visit the spring flowers blooming in a terraced bed nearby. Don’t the blossoms just make your heart sing on a gorgeous day like this? A quiet visit to the Veterans’ Memorial in the park reminded me of the sacrifices that our brave men and women and their families have given for all of us. Flags from each branch of the military waved proudly in the breeze as I walked amongst the granite sculptures dedicated to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, and Coast Guard veterans. I was reminded of all the reasons why it’s so important to me to volunteer my time to support our military families.

As I walked past the Mansion in the park, the Magnolia blossoms bobbed in the gentle breeze. The fountain splashed happily, surrounded by beds of colorful annuals. Although the flowers are very small now, they will fill these formal garden beds with lush color in the weeks to come.

What an unexpected detour in my morning!

I drove home with a full heart, counting my blessings out loud.

Our warm, summer-like temperatures this afternoon were such a treat! With over an inch of rain this week, our garden is growing by leaps and bounds. Our Friendship Garden is changing daily. At the moment, bright, red tulips are blooming. The irises have large buds and the peonies seem to grow several inches overnight. The ants are busily crawling over the peony buds. It won’t be long until this very special perennial bed is in full bloom. You must come back soon to see it!

My morning ‘to do’ list also took a detour. I had planned to head off to the garden center to pick out annuals, for the containers on the front porch and deck. Instead I was totally content to wander through the garden… doing a bit of gardenkeeping here and there. (There is so much to do!!)  I smiled as I watched a robin splashing in the birdbath, near our Herb Garden.

Then I spent a long time scrubbing our arbor, until it was shiny and white again. The clematis vines can now twist and turn their way up the arbor. It won’t be long until they are blooming, too!  (Tip: Instead of climbing up on a ladder with a scrub brush, I discovered a much easier way to wash the arbor. Now I just use the long-handled snowbrush from my car and a bucket of water, while standing on the flagstone path beneath the arbor. Easy! Sparkly! So refreshing on a warm day in May!)

When I finally came inside late this afternoon, two pink Crabapple blossoms fell out of my hair and fluttered down onto the dining room floor. That’s when I knew I had to share this day with YOU!


{via Pinterest}

Last night, as I listened to a scrapbooking podcast, Wilna Furstenberg reminded the listeners that

“Life is not perfect. It’s hard and it’s complicated.”

It always helps if we can take a moment to notice the small blessings

that drop their blossoms all around us.


Thanks so much for stopping by today! I always look forward to our visits.

Cherish the day!


            P.S.  What’s happening in your garden or nearby park this week?


23 thoughts on “Cherish the Day!

    • My pleasure, Jayne! I just had to share. We have been waiting for days like this for the longest time! Hope you are enjoying a nice week! ♡

  1. Dawn,
    Thank you for the beautiful walking tour of your community garden. You captured so many favorite flowers, I could almost smell the fresh air filled with fragrance.

    • Thanks so much, Karen! I’ve been thinking of you as we watch the news reports of the severe watering restrictions in California. I sure wish we could send some raindrops your way. Hoping you will have some rainy days very soon. ♡

  2. Dawn, what a wonderful day you have enjoyed and shared so sweetly! Thank you for reminding me to be in the present! Life can push me in so many directions, I must stop and be in the present!!! Your park is just beautiful–I’m so happy for you that spring has come in all its’ glory to your neck of the woods. I peeked at your gardens from the past year and they are gorgeous! Enjoy your evening–I know you will! ♥

    • Heartfelt thanks for all of your sweet words, Martha Ellen! Being in the ‘present’ is such a challenge for me. So, I am really practicing this year. It was a perfect morning for a walk in the park! Can’t wait for my gardens to bloom like crazy! Until then… there is so much work to do in the yard. Hope you are enjoying a nice week! Thanks so much for stopping to visit! ♡

  3. A wonderful walk, Dawn, filled with moments of peace, surprise, and reflection. You captured the entire expanse so wonderfully with your photos and your words – I was with you every step of the way.

    My lily of the valley are finally showing off and the ferns seem to have finally realized it was spring. I’ve been noticing lilacs here and there opening up, imagining Lilacia Park might be in full bloom.

    • I thought of you this morning, Penny, as I was strolling through the park! Our paths will cross there one day, I’m certain. The park was at its showiest best today! This weekend, I will pick some lilies of the valley, too.Can’t wait to visit the lilacs in Lilacia Park! ♡

  4. Good morning Dawn! Thoreau got it right. When I take my early morning walk and start off my day considering the flowers of the field, listening to the birds, listening to my heart, it is truly a blessing for the rest of the day. SO TRUE! That is why I wish everyone on this planet would devote a few minutes every morning to look at the sky, the moon, the rising sun, and feed their spirits with goodness. Maybe the world would be different.

    GORGEOUS magnolias! Anita

    • Just lovely, Anita!! Your wonderful words make my heart sing! Over the summer, you will have more time for early morning walks, sweet kindred. Wishing you a lovely spring weekend, filled with all the colors that fill your heart with inspiration! ♡

  5. Lovely walk! I’ve been tending the garden here with my long list of to dos. I should do a walk around and take some photos before some of the flowers change. Maybe this morning?

    • Oh, Marcia! Definitely take a photo walk before springtime rains wash away the beautiful colors! Isn’t it a blessing to have time in the garden each day? It’s so much nicer than spending the entire weekend working hard in the garden from morning ’til night. Allergies have slowed me down this spring, so I still have a lot of gardenkeeping ahead of me! I’m looking forward to playing in the garden. Have a happy weekend, Marcia! ♡

  6. Beautiful post, Dawn! While Autumn is my favorite season of all, my favorite COLORS of the season are definitely Spring! Lavender, pink, white and soft greens! Perfection! I love your One Little Word for 2015….Present! So important! Life is too short to just rush through without drinking in all of God’s beauty and blessings. I am definitely NOT a morning person but I think I may be becoming one as I, too, love to get up at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rising….it’s earlier and earlier every day, isn’t it?! What a beautiful walk you had today! Thanks for sharing your pretty Spring pictures! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

    • Many thanks, Karen! The colors of springtime are just so happy and light-hearted! After a long, cold winter, they are a joy to behold! Wouldn’t it be fun to take long walks together? Wish we lived closer to one another, Karen! Have a special weekend! ♡

  7. Cherish your water! I am off to a three hour presentation about conserving our water. Am faced with the very real prospect of tearing out my front lawn (the back has been replaced already.) Wish I liked the alternatives more. Am grateful for the lovely pictures of your verdant environment. Enjoy!

    • Oh, Anne! We often think about all of the people living in California. The severe drought will bring about so many lifestyle changes. Climate change has become a critical problem. Weather extremes seem to be impacting everyone more and more. We feel it in our area in the form of floods, blizzards, and tornadoes. Hope you will share some of the important things you learn about water conservation. Thinking of you, dear friend! ♡

  8. What beautiful flowers! Sometimes the best adventures are the ones we least expect, the ones we find in the little things in life. Your day sounds wonderful, and I hope you have a week that continues to bring you peace and joy ❤

    • So true, Chris! It was truly an unexpected little adventure in the park. We have had rainy days ever since, so I’m so grateful that I took time to enjoy the blossoms in the sunshine! Hope you are enjoying some quiet hours in your garden this week, Chris. It’s such a lovely time of year! ♡

    • Many thanks, Julie! Although we have had some nice, warm days, we have had lots of cool days this spring. The blossoms on the flowering trees seem to be lasting longer than usual. It’s such a treat! We are truly enjoying them. Have a wonderful week, Julie! ♡

  9. Dawn—-I love the flowers & beauty you share with me !!! I can almost smell the flowers you post! My “word” lately has also been ” stay present” as it would be so easy to disassociate with all the care giving ! Hugs!

    • Welcome, Beth! I’m so happy you made time to visit today! Heartfelt thanks for your kind words. It’s wonderful that we both share the same ‘One Little Word’ this year. Staying ‘present’ is truly challenging, isn’t it? It’s so important to take time to focus on ‘being’ rather than always ‘doing’… especially when you are care giving. Please take a little time for yourself each day! Hope you will stop by to visit again, Beth. ♡

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