Let’s Party!

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Hi Friends!

♫♬  “Silver white Winters that melt into Springs,
                 These are a few of my favorite things…” ♬♫

Our smiles are a bit brighter and our steps feel a bit lighter today! Can you feel it, too?

Hello Spring!!

I have always loved the change of seasons, each filled with changing weather patterns, new outdoor activities, holiday traditions to celebrate, and of course, big changes in the garden.  From my earliest days as a gardener, Spring has always been my very favorite time of year.

It’s so exciting to watch the garden grow in early Spring. Here in the Midwest, it’s still much too early to plant. For the next few weeks, I will enjoy daily walks through the garden, a bit of pruning here and there, and a lot of gardenkeeping. It’s the perfect time for dreaming and garden planning, too.

After a long, cold, snowy winter in the Midwest, we are all happily celebrating the arrival of Spring today! What a delightful time of new beginnings! Are you ready?

Spring is nature’s way of saying,

“Let’s party!”

~ Robin Williams ~

A few decorations always make a ‘party‘ extra-special! Inside there are folk art bunnies, faux nests filled with speckled eggs, and pots of blooming shamrocks (Oxalis). My colorful, folk art birdhouse collection sits atop the mantle. On the front porch, an old zinc watering can is filled with freshly cut Forsythia branches, with hopes of forcing bright, yellow blossoms to welcome Springtime.

Just this week, a brilliant, red blossom has opened near the sunny, southern exposure of our dining room window. The small Mandevilla Vine, that bloomed all summer long on the deck has made it through the winter. I have been pinching off the tips of the fast growing vines for the past few months. Several more buds are ready to open in the days to come. The flowers are sure to add a colorful, tropical flair inside, until the weather warms up. Then the Mandevilla Vine will move back outside to the deck. It has been such fun to watch this tropical vine grow and change with the seasons.


Lace curtains provide filtered sunlight for the Mandevilla Vine as it overwinters in our dining room.

The packets of flower seeds that jumped into my shopping cart on a frigid, snowy day last month have become a quick bunting to celebrate Spring. Until it is time to plant them in the garden in mid-May, the packets of Sweet Pea, Larkspur, Cosmos, and Zinnia seeds make me smile each time I pass them. I know what treasures they hold inside!


I quickly gave the seed packets a ‘vintage’ look, by applying ‘Gathered Twigs’ Distress Ink with a Mini Blending Tool. Using natural hemp and Darice Mini Clothespins, the bunting was hanging up to welcome Spring in just minutes!

The real ‘party’ is going on in our perennial and herb gardens. Now the flower buds are beginning to swell on our Magnolia tree near the front porch. Each day for the past week, I have noticed small changes happening in the garden beds. It’s so exciting to watch new leaves emerge from the soil, watered so deeply by all of the melting snow.

The small moments, as our garden changes daily, are really something very big to celebrate!


Just a little reminder of the joys of Springtime in the garden!

The early days of Spring remind gardeners to be patient and hopeful,

for very soon…

warm sunshine and gentle showers will nurture our gardens

into the lush, colorful, fragrant places of our dreams.


Here in the Midwest, we are expecting snow and freezing rain on the first weekend of Spring!

“Despite the forecast, live like it’s Spring!”  

~ Lily Pulitzer ~   

Let’s Party!

♡ Dawn

              P.S.  Does it feel like Spring where you live?  How will you celebrate the change of season?

24 thoughts on “Let’s Party!

    • Happy Spring, Judy! Perfect plan… Sometimes we just have to make our own ‘party!’ Your geraniums will add wonderful color, along with sunny memories of last year’s garden and dreams of this year’s garden. It’s such a heartwarming way to welcome the change of season. Pick out a brand new pair of garden gloves, too. It won’t be long until we are happily digging in the dirt. Thanks for stopping by today, Judy!

  1. What a darling bunting! You are so clever! It looks so cute on the grapevine wreath, too! Yes, Spring is in the air! Feels good to be able to be out-and-about for a nice long walk! Soon the color will begin but for now we can enjoy the prettiness of Spring and Easter decorations indoors! I love bunnies and lambs and chicks! 🙂 Happy Spring! xo

    • Heartfelt thanks, Karen! I bought the seed packets right after our blizzard. They were tucked in a little basket… just waiting! It was so easy to add a bit of distress ink to create ‘vintage’ seed packets. You know how much I LOVE bunting! It reminds us to celebrate in small ways every day. So glad that you are taking long walks outside. I’m looking forward to walking outside, too! Happy Spring, Karen! So glad you stopped to visit! ♡

  2. LOVE the Pulitzer quote. I keep a commonplace book and will place these words in it.
    I spent most of the day at a district garden clubs meeting, which was good, lots of business, and a wonderful presentation about the gardens and flowers in South Africa. Can you sense me smiling? 🙂

    • Hi Penny! It was the perfect quote for today… especially appropriate after I saw our weather report for snow and freezing rain on Sunday! I love to collect quotes and special sentiments, too. Love that we are such Kindred Spirits! The garden club presentation about the gardens and flowers of South Africa must have been fascinating. What a perfect way to spend the first day of Spring! Big smiles! ♡

  3. Dawn,
    I like your attitude! Spring is definitely my favorite time in the garden as well. I’ve started my garden chores and plans for the season. Happy spring to you, may your area feel some warmth very soon.

    • Thanks, Karen! Sometimes we just have to make our own little ‘party!’ In the Spring, each tiny green sprout brings so much joy. It always feels like a miracle that these tender, little plants have endured our winter conditions. The garden changes so much each day in the Springtime. We just have to be patient a while longer here. Please send a little warm California sunshine our way! Have fun in your garden, Karen! Happy Spring to you and Mr. B. ♡

  4. I am always late to the party, but I am welcoming a new day as you, my friend, are tucked up sweetly dreaming in the land of Nod ~~~ Spring is springing wildly and madly in the Shire, as only Spring can, and will, do! So many things to celebrate too ~~~the different Saints, Easter, Mothers, and Birthdays galore here~~~ and the rebirth of the sleeping land. We didn’t have a Silver White Winter, but Spring is melting our hearts with welcome light and warm days ~~~Deb in Wales xoxo

    • Good morning, Deb! Your words are pure poetry. What a ‘party’ you will have as you celebrate the early weeks of Springtime in the Shire! I often think of you working in your garden, as the earth reawakens and the days grow warmer. It’s the perfect time for new beginnings! Enjoy this Spring weekend! ♡

  5. I AM READY TO PARTY, DAWN! Yes, I am. I have one more week of instruction, then I have one whole week of spring break. Though here in Minneapolis, we’ll probably see nothing but gray until late April, just the thought, the dreaming, the hoping is all part of this season of short-lived color, but eternal hope. OH, PARTY DOWN! Anita

    • Happy Spring, Anita! I can hear the readiness in your words! Spring Break will be the perfect time to relax, recharge, read, write, dream, and plan. What a creative, inspiring ‘party’ you will have, dear Anita! Wishing you warm sunny days… soon! ♡

  6. Dawn, I spent the day in the garden planting early Spring veggies. It was a gorgeous day and I was in my happy place. lol! I like you love a strolling our yard and seeing what’s popping up. How fun to have a beautiful red Mandevilla blooming! I too have a garland of seed packets. Mine are hanging across my mantle. I used a couple of them today, but hung the empty packet back up. Welcome Spring!!

    • So glad you stopped by, Jann! What a treat to spend the day planting your veggies! I know exactly how you feel… When I’m working in the garden, my heart feels like singing! I was thinking about making a special bunting to celebrate Spring, when I remembered that I had a little basket filled with seed packets. Just perfect for a quick touch of Springtime! I’ll bet yours looks so sweet on your mantle, too. Happy Spring, Jann! (It’s official… I saw the first robin in our garden today!) ♡

  7. Hi Dawn! We definitely must party as spring arrives, though I’ll be happier when it’s the thick of summer—my favorite time of year. I love your garden bunting; so beautiful and a great way to celebrate the season! I’ll need to think of a few decorations for my little garden this year. We’ve got some Easter wreaths on the porch and a ton of Easter decorations inside, so we’re all ready for spring here 🙂

    • Happy Spring, Chris! I know that you will be celebrating when the warm weather arrives. Before long you will be running and cycling again! You could make garden markers for your plants ~ both decorative and practical.There are so many creative ideas on Pinterest. Last year, a friend decorated beautiful garden stones to label my herbs and mints. You can see them in my Herb Garden posts from last summer. We are having Spring snow today! It sounds like you are ready to party inside. Have a great week, Chris! ♡

  8. I can’t wait until some more of this snow melts so I can go out and walk through the gardens! We’re almost there…
    I simply love the idea of using seed packets for making a bunting – brilliant. I used to laminate seed packets for children to play with. Your post is making these squeaky wheels turn – I’m thinking about what else seed packets can be used for. Perhaps an old pot can be decoupaged with a seed packet! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    • Happy Spring, Ericka! Since the seed packets are hanging as bunting, it will be easy to remember to plant them in May! They would look adorable on an old flower pot, an old wooden toolbox, a serving tray, on a table top,… Now you’ve got me thinking!! This morning we had several inches of snow! It’s not quite the sign of Spring that we were hoping for. It looks pretty, though! ♡

  9. Good morning, Dawn!
    I think you describe the
    changing seasons, and
    the anticipation therein,
    just perfectly. I am at
    the end of spring break
    in Palm Desert with my
    family and have enjoyed
    the taste of what’s to come
    in the blooming flowers,
    green grass and kiss of
    sunshine on my face and
    shoulders : ) I’ll be flying
    home to snow, but with the
    promise of spring lingering
    in my new freckles! Love
    your sweet bunting and

    xo Suzanne

    • Happy Springtime, Suzanne! Heartfelt thanks for your sweet words. What lovely souvenirs ~ warm family memories and a few freckles, too! We just have to be patient a bit longer. We had several inches of fluffy snow on Monday. I was grateful that we didn’t have any flowers blooming yet! It would have been so sad to see our long-awaited blossoms flattened by the heavy snow. Now that the snow has melted, everything is a bit greener. Let’s keep making our own sunshine! Welcome home, Suzanne! Warm hugs! ♡

  10. Using seed packets for a bunting is a great idea, Happy Spring to you, love your garden photographs. Live in NY so haven’t been able to do much gardening yet in our garden, managed to tidy up some plants before our last snow fall!!
    Hope Spring is truly here now though.

    • Hi Anne! Many thanks for your kind words! After another hard winter, I think gardeners are very, very anxious to be outside in our gardens. There is so much to do! I hope we will be able to do a bit of garden clean up this week. In the meantime, it’s fun to walk around the garden to see which leaves are popping up each day! In early Spring, our gardens give us hope… and teach us patience. Anne, I hope you will come visit often! I’m so happy that we ‘discovered’ one another’s blogs! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! ♡

  11. Dear Dawn, I thought I had commented on your current entry. Sometimes these things get lost in cyberspace. Your beautiful thoughts of impending Spring are spot on for me. I have a hard time saying what season is my favorite as I love them all! Speaking with my gardeners voice I must vote for Spring! Your lovely banner is just genius. Our weekend has been quite windy and cold, but next week hopefully will bring warmer temps and more buds! I love the Pultizer quote! Her clothes certainly reflected that quote! I hope your week brings more buds for you and your garden! ♥

    • Hi, Martha Ellen! I truly look forward to the change of seasons, too! Each one is special in so many ways. Once I moved into a home of my own and discovered the joys of gardening, Spring became my favorite ~ filled with the miracles of new beginnings, new growth, new hopes, and so many new possibilities! Year after year, I never cease to be amazed at the newness that Springtime brings! Heartfelt thanks for your sweet words, Martha Ellen. Sending warm, sunny wishes for a lovely week ahead! ♡

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