Anticipation… {via Pinterest}

Hi Friends!


Can you feel it?

Are there signs of Spring in your garden?

What signs of Spring are stirring in your heart?

In the Midwest, we are still living in a ‘Marshmallow World.’ The bright sunshine makes our snowy landscape sparkle like glitter. Our bone-chilling temperatures keep us bundled up in layers, hoping to find a bit of warmth. The Winter winds are still biting cold. Waist-high snowpiles along our driveway make backing down the driveway a bit of a challenge.

My perennial and herb gardens remain buried under a very thick blanket of snow. I’m longing to peek into the garden! I’m yearning to see a blade of green grass anywhere. Although we are surrounded by the reminders of a very long Winter, I can already feel the early signs of Spring sprinkled throughout each day!

The signs are everywhere…

Last night, I read the entire issue of ‘Garden Gate’ magazine, from cover to cover.

We shivered and huddled for warmth, while standing under the full ‘Worm Moon’ and star gazing.

At the market today, packets of flower seeds jumped into my basket.

A pair of cute, sturdy garden gloves hopped into the basket, too.

I have been sketching a few plans in my Garden Journal already!

This weekend, our clocks will ‘Spring Forward’ one hour, as Daylight Savings Time begins.

Our extended weather forecast calls for more seasonal temperatures, above freezing, at last!

The signs are everywhere…

Exactly two weeks from today,

at 5:45 pm Central DST,

Spring arrives!!

(Check out the Countdown to Spring clock.)


“One of the most delightful things

about the garden 

is the 

anticipation it provides.”

                                                                                ~ W.E. Johns


In the Springtime, the Magnolia, tree near our front porch, bursts into bloom.


Spring bulbs add bright, cheery pops of color throughout the garden.


Irises are one of special flowers that brighten our Friendship Garden.


Bright peonies in late Spring bring old-fashioned charm to the garden.


Following the stepping stone path across the yard to the Herb and Tea Garden in the Spring makes my heart sing!

Let's relax and enjoy a cup of tea together!

Right now, snow is still halfway up my white picket fence. I can’t wait for the glorious Spring day when I can first open the garden gate… and step inside!

Spring is on the way…

and the 


is so delightful!

While our gardens rest, insulated by the snow, Midwest gardeners are so curious to see what’s happening in our garden beds. We haven’t been able to see our gardens since the blizzard buried us in snow five weeks ago! Our gardening friends in New England have been waiting much longer, through their relentless series of winter snowstorms.

As we all anticipate Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are waiting for the arrival of Autumn. Visiting garden blogs from other parts of the world has been such a joy during our Winter days. It has been so lovely to peek into gardens of blog friends in Wales, Scotland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and closer to home in California and Arizona. Although we are separated by distance, we all share the same joys of digging in the soil and nurturing new growth in our beloved gardens. 

Wherever you live, I hope you will take time to notice all of the subtle changes…  

in nature and in your heart. 


Enjoy every moment!

I can’t wait to share a few of my garden plans with you! It will be fun to hear about your garden plans, too!

Counting the days!


P.S.  Have you seen any signs of Spring yet in nature… or in your heart? Hope you’ll share…

26 thoughts on “Anticipation…

  1. I am also in that anticipation mode, Dawn. I’m not feeling quite as patient and upbeat as you. Gardening seems far off here as additional snow has once again covered my gardens. Spring will come in all its glory and we will be glad! I just love your little picket fenced garden–so charming. ♥

    • Hi, Martha Ellen! It’s a bit hard to stay upbeat after two severe winters in a row. Just looking back through all of last year’s garden photos today felt so good! I’m trying to stay busy inside with Spring cleaning and time in my papercrafting studio. The minute it warms up, I will want to spend my days in the garden! My picket fence Herb Garden was inspired by The Summer Book. It’s my very favorite part of the garden! (I really miss it in the winter!) Wish we could visit one another’s gardens, Martha Ellen. Through our blogs, we will be able to ‘walk’ through our gardens together. Happy weekend! ♡

  2. Wasn’t the moon spectacular last night?
    In spite of the snow and the ice and the cold, I spotted some daffodils poking through on the west side of the house yesterday. I’m giddy with anticipation. 🙂
    Two weeks . . . counting.

    • Hi Penny! The full moon was gorgeous last night! Wish we could have stayed out longer… but it was just so cold!! I saw your photo of the daffodils poking through. So exciting! We still have a lot of snow on the ground here. I’ll be checking often as it begins to melt. Can’t wait!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Penny! ♡

  3. Dawn,
    I am very eager for spring this year…we’ve had a little rain and my roses are happy for it. There’s much to do but I’m making lists and eagerly await some relaxing time in the garden. I hope you warm up soon.

    • Hi, Karen! So happy that you had some rain! Do you have flowers blooming through the winter months in your garden? We all long for gardening weather to arrive. In Zone 5, it’s safe to plant annuals after May 15th. So, there will be lots of time to make plans, clean up the garden beds, and care for perennials before we can plant containers and add colorful annuals to our garden. Thanks for your warm wishes, Karen! Enjoy every moment in your garden ~ with a happy heart! ♡

    • Thank you so much for reblogging my post this morning, Paulette! You are the first to reblog one of my posts and your kindness is much appreciated. You have such a lovely way of connecting positive people throughout the world! I’m so happy that we connected in this way! Wishing you a happy weekend, Paulette! ♡

  4. The camellias are blooming, there are lovely, strong shoots on the clematis, and a few things that shouldn’t be in flower yet are bursting open, the days are maybe not quite as windy but still chilly, and I notice that the curtains are closed later with the electric light not needed in the morning and much later in the evening. Oh! and my body is an itchin’ and a twitchin’ to get out there a diggin’ and a weedin’. Our garden waste collections start again on Thursday, so, yes, Spring is definitely on her way to Wales ~~~Deb in Wales xoxo

    • Hi, Deb! Your garden in Wales is already so colorful! While ours is still under a thick blanket of white, my memories (and photos) from last Spring make the sweet anticipation oh-so strong! I understand completely how you feel. Enjoy every moment of the happy signs that Spring is on her way! Happy weekend, Deb! ♡

    • Hi, Judy! Take a peek at your Spring garden photos from last year. It really warmed my heart yesterday… looking back and looking ahead! I would love to watch you tap your maple trees and make syrup. Hope you will share lots of pictures! There are some nearby nature centers where everyone is invited to watch at Maple Syrup time. I’ve always wanted to visit for some sweet, old-fashioned goodness! What a wonderful sign of Spring in New England, Judy! Have a great weekend! ♡

      • Oh dear! That’s a very wise decision, Judy. It will be fun to visit friends, arriving just in time for pancakes with fresh, New England Maple syrup. Have fun! ♡

    • Hi, Ginnie! How cool is that?? Garden Gate has always been my favorite gardening magazine!! I just spotted Carlie’s name. Thanks for letting me know! So glad that you stopped by today. Have a wonderful almost-Spring weekend, Ginnie! ♡

  5. Lovely, lovely photos of your garden, Dawn! As a fellow gardener, I can appreciate that the ground needs to rest through the winter and I think the cold weather and the grey skies of winter makes the anticipation of spring and those early spring bloomers all the more special! 🙂

    • Welcome, Terri! I’m just thrilled that we have found one another’s blogs. It will be lovely to read about your life in Germany and all of your adventures. You are so right about the anticipation all gardeners feel at this time of year! This afternoon, I could see one Pachysandra leaf poking through the snow, and I did a happy dance! It’s finally beginning to melt, little by little. Spring is on the way! ♡

  6. Loved your latest blog. Don’t mean to brag but we are having early summer this weekend…low 80’s. My herbs and succulents are loving it. Your day will come!

    • Hi, Anne! You have earned the bragging rights, my friend! The low 80s sounds perfectly wonderful. I’m sure your garden is lovely! Hope you are still celebrating… and having a great ‘summer’ weekend. ♡

    • Hi, Ericka! Isn’t birdsong one of the sweetest signs of Springtime? I’m still looking for the first robin of Spring. Enjoy the lovely musical accompaniment each morning! Thanks for stopping by today. ♡

  7. Darling Dawn! There is that fabulous picket fence I love so….and we too here in Minneapolis are chomping at the bit! We have had much warmer weather but unseasonably warm for us, in MARCH? No signs of flowers yet because I think the seeds under the roof of the soil are wise. They know better than to poke out their heads too soon! Let’s hope together that warmer days are coming SOON! Have a splendid day dear one. Anita

    • Welcome back, dear Anita! It is a lovely treat whenever you stop to visit!! Gardeners here are feeling the very same way. This is the first weekend in over six weeks that I can walk through my garden without snow! Tomorrow we are expecting one day in the mid 70s. Although it is too soon to rake away the leaves covering my garden beds, I must play in the garden tomorrow! I’m planning to cut back some of the stems that I left standing all winter. It might be fun to tidy up my potting bench, too! Just a few happy little things to celebrate the countdown to Spring! Enjoy each creative moment, Anita! Warm hugs! ♡

  8. Gorgeous! I can’t wait!! I have all of the same plants except a Magnolia. Actually went looking for one on Thursday. Didn’t find one yet.

    • Hi, Jann! What fun to think that our gardens are filled with all the same perennials and herbs! You will LOVE having a Magnolia tree. Ours is planted near the front porch. It looks like a huge bouquet as it blooms. Ours blooms around Mother’s Day, in our Zone 5 garden. Thanks for visiting. Happy Springtime days, Jann! ♡

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