Love Notes

Do keep reading! ♡ You’ll be surprised! {via}

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

It’s the perfect time to celebrate all of the sweetest things in life ~ family, friendship, and LOVE! Although these cherished relationships are special every day, it’s lovely to make celebrations of the heart a bit more tangible on Valentine’s Day!

So, I’ve been busy downstairs in the Paper Garden (my papercrafting studio) for several days making handmade Valentines. It just makes my heart happy to mail off simple, but heartfelt, tokens of affection.

There is a very special handmade Valentine for my husband, too.

His simple Valentine gift is always a challenge though. For he truly enjoys being a minimalist!

He doesn’t really want things. He doesn’t need them or collect them at all.


I really had to be creative, but I finally came up with a plan…


(Keep reading…  ♡  You’ll be surprised!)

Luckily, I found just the inspiration I needed on Bev’s blog, Flamingo Toes. A very talented seamstress, Bev used beautiful fabric to create her Love Notes Valentine’s Day Bunting. (See her complete tutorial.) What a happy idea, with so many possibilities!

I just love to hang bunting and banners throughout our home to celebrate the small moments that make each day feel like a little celebration. The past few years, I have made heart-shaped bunting for Valentine’s Day. We needed something different.

So, I thought it would be fun to recreate Bev’s idea, using patterned paper in masculine colors, for a different version of

Love Notes Bunting. 

Love Notes Bunting

The whole project came together very easily. Using an Envelope Punch Board, I created seven small envelopes.

Love Notes Bunting2

Each envelope required one 8×8 inch sheet of patterned paper, adhesive, and a vintage button for embellishment.


Basic Supplies Used:

Tools ~ Envelope Punch Board (or just steam open an envelope to make a template), bone folder

Paper ~ Recollections patterned paper

Adhesive ~ Tombow Mono Multi to create the envelopes, Zots to adhere the buttons

Vintage Buttons from my collection, Natural Hemp to string the bunting


My Valentine surprise is tucked inside of each envelope in the bunting…

Each contains a small, decorated card with the title of a song!

My real gift is

♫♬  Love Notes  ♬♫  

(favorite love songs that remind me of us!)


There is a surprise You Tube playlist filled with songs (with lyrics) that tell our story!

(It’s waiting on his computer right now.)


I’m sure there will be lots of singing-along! Maybe some dancing, too!

♫♬   LOVE NOTES  ♬♫

Just a simple gift of the heart.


For all of my blog friends that I don’t know personally,

I love to share our happy story!

We were introduced by a dear, mutual friend

and met in our later years.

It was a first-time marriage for both of us.

It was such a happy wedding day!

I think we will be ‘newlyweds’ forever!


Whether your Valentine’s Day is a romantic celebration, a day of family fun,

time spent with friends, or toasting the single life…

I hope you feel adored, appreciated, and your heart is filled with love.

Love is all around us… and life is filled with wonderful surprises! ♡


Thanks for being here! I LOVE it when you stop by to visit!

Valentine hugs!

♡ Dawn

                P.S.  Do you have a special Valentine’s Day memory or tradition to share? Or a song that tells your story? We’d LOVE to hear about it!

29 thoughts on “Love Notes

  1. Dear Dawn ~ what a sweet heart~warming post for Valentines Day ~~~ Happy Valentine’s Day to You and Hubby ~~~Deb in Wales xoxo

    p.s. I’ve only heard of Michael Buble and The Beatles ~ what a sheltered music life I must lead!

    • Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet Deb! Aren’t the songs great? Lots of old favorites and some new ones, too! I’m so glad that you liked them. Definitely some singing-along and dancing happening! Wishing you a very special day! Waving across The Pond! Warm hugs! ♡

    • Happy Valentine’s Day, Jill! Just imagine how much fun it was listening to all of the songs as I planned the ‘Love Notes!’ Wishing you a lovely day. Stay warm!! ♡

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day, Dawn, and thank you for so graciously sharing you story and your love notes. What a fabulous and meaningful way to say I love you; both the bunting letters and the musical “notes”. Enjoy this day, cold as it is, but, the sun is shining.

    • Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Penny! Heartfelt thanks, too. My husband LOVED his surprise! There was lots of singing (and dancing!) here this morning! It’s the sweet, little things… that truly are the big things! Our Arctic weather is perfect for spending a cozy day inside. Sending warm wishes… from the heart! ♡

  3. Lovely post, Dawn! And I love your story. You inspired me to re-post about my first Valentine from Gerrit. Thanks for helping me bring back that special time. xxoo

    • Oh, Ginnie! You have just made my day!! ♡ It is the perfect time for thinking of everyone we love. Heartfelt wishes for a whole day filled with sweet memories of dear Garrit. Sending smiles and hugs! Can’t wait to read your post! Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Ginnie! Stay warm!! ♡

  4. Dawn, how beautiful! I love all the creative talents you combined to make such a meaningful Valentine for your sweetheart! What a beautiful love story. My husband and I have been married for 47 years and love each other more and more as each year passes. I’m a blessed woman beyond measure. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your husband! ♥

    • Happy Valentine’s Day, Martha Ellen! Thank you for such sweet words. What an amazing love story you share together after 47 years! We are ‘newlyweds’ of only six years. It’s amazing to think that we both lived nearby, even frequented the same library, but our paths would never have crossed without the love of a dear friend who knew both of us. We often talk about what a miracle it was to finally meet! Life is filled with amazing surprises and blessings, around every corner! So happy that we are getting to know one another, Martha Ellen! It’s lovely to meet another Kindred Spirit! Wishing you a weekend filled with LOVE! ♡

  5. Dawn,
    This is such a sweet recount of your creative idea and the love behind it. The handmade envelopes are charming. You are very talented and I’m sure your husband was touched and enjoyed hearing the songs that are representative of your love through the years. I’m going back to listen to your song list, which I believe has a few songs that we (Mr. B. and me) enjoyed throughout the years as well!
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

    • Heartfelt thanks, Karen! It was such fun planning his surprise. Enjoy the songs! Do let me know which ones touch your heart, too. Wishing you and Mr. B a Happy Valentine’s Weekend, too! ♡

    • Heartfelt thanks, Michele! I just shared your snowy photos with my husband. We are in awe of your snow totals in Salem! So glad you are doing happy ‘inside’ things. Stay safe and warm! ♡

  6. Wonderful idea, Dawn! I hope you two had a great Valentine’s Day! Todd and I just spent the day with family, and I baked him a flourless chocolate cake 🙂

    • So happy to share! We both enjoyed his Valentine surprise ~ with lots of singing along and dancing, too! I hope you will try it next year. Wishing you happy days in your garden! ♡

  7. You are so creative! Did you create the water color with the be creative wording? It is gorgeous. I love water colors but I never mastered the medium. I did acrylics, oils and colored pencils.

    The little notes are adorable too as well as the gift they represented. My husband wold enjoy that I am sure. How long have you been married?

    • Hi, Julie! So happy that you stopped to visit! The beautiful watercolored image inspired me the moment I saw it on Pinterest. (Follow the link below the image for a nice surprise!) I have just begun to play with watercolors, learning to paint some of my favorite flowers. I’m finding so much watercolor inspiration everywhere! I have begun to add watercolors to my handmade cards, too. My husband really enjoyed his ‘Love Notes’ surprise! I heard him listening to the songs again last night. So sweet! We are ‘newlyweds’ of six happy years! Life is filled with wonderful surprises! Hope you are getting lots of rest, Julie! Sending healing hugs… ♡

  8. The envelope bunting is so charming! The idea of filling them with songs is wonderful You’ve given me an idea – I have tons of holiday/wintry paper, so I can make a holiday countdown bunting using this paper for the envelopes. Inside I can tuck in little projects we can do to enjoy the beginning of the winter season (yes, one day we’ll actually be looking forward to the winter season again, but hard to believe now!!), such as making homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows, driving to see decorative lights, making a gingerbread house, etc. I love it! Although I don’t have a handy envelope cutout…guess I have to brush up on my envelope folding technique!

    • Oh, Ericka! What a great idea! Our envelope bunting, hanging over our dining room doorway, is a lovely reminder of a special Valentine’s Day celebration. We smile every time we walk through the doorway! A Christmas countdown would be amazing!! Just find an envelope size that will work best for you, steam it open to create a template. Trace it onto your patterned paper and cut out. If you don’t have a scoring tool or bone folder, you can place the flat envelope cutout on a mousepad and create the score lines using a ruler and butter knife. Number your envelopes and fill them with wonderful celebrations! I didn’t attach the envelopes to the twine, since the vintage buttons on the flaps weighted them down on the twine. Clothespins (so appropriate at your house!) would be a great way to hang the bunting! You could even decorate your clothespins with patterned paper! It will be easy to take the bunting apart to store from year to year. It could become a new holiday tradition for your family, made once, and hung each year. Just mix up the project cards inside for a daily surprise! It warms my heart, just thinking of your plans, Ericka! Stay warm! ♡

    • Heartfelt thanks, Karen! Both of our Valentine surprises were handmade, straight from the heart, and oh-so-special! Thanks so much for stopping to visit today. Stay warm! ♡

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