Christmas in Bloom




Just stepping into the Conservatory on a cold December day warms my heart!

Hi Friends!

Just last week, I visited the Conservatory in a nearby park to enjoy the colorful Christmas blossoms. Ever since that sunny visit, I have been thinking about my favorite holiday flowers…

Poinsettias have always been a part of our family Christmas celebrations. I have sweet childhood memories of guests bringing my mom a beautiful Poinsettia at Christmastime. I often wondered what made this flower so special? When I began decorating a home of my own, my mom, aunt, friends, or neighbors would surprise me with a beautiful Poinsettia plant for my December birthday. Often there were many colorful Poinsettias here!

Now I realize why these flowers are so cherished…

Can you guess why these beautiful blooms are such a heartwarming part of my Christmas?


Poinsettias come in so many different colors…



Another Christmas flower that warms my heart is Cyclamen. Its unique heart-shaped leaves show off delicate flowers that dance upon long, graceful stems. Many years ago, I ‘discovered’ Cyclamen while visiting Germany at Christmastime. During that wunderbar Christmas visit, I was enchanted by the Cyclamen plants blooming on my friends’ windowsills.

couldn’t wait to bring that Christmas tradition to my home!



Now each year on my birthday, my husband surprises me with pretty Cyclamen plants for our sunny dining room. This Christmas, they are gracing an antique wooden box on our dining room table. Every time I gaze at their blossoms, I remember my faraway friends and my unforgettable Christmas in Germany!

Cyclamen and Poinsettias

have become such an important part

of our Christmas celebrations here at home.

Beyond their beautiful blossoms, they hold precious memories.

 They are a special part of our family stories now,

celebrating so many precious people

who will always be part of our lives.




The Conservatory has a wonderful kaleidoscope that allows visitors to focus on different flowers. It is amazing to study Poinsettias and Cyclamen through the lens of the kaleidoscope. What intricate designs it creates! Take a peek…





Amarillys, Paperwhites, Christmas Cactus, Star of Bethlehem…

In Christmases past, I have grown and enjoyed them all.

Each blossom brings so much beauty on the coldest of winter days.

Amaryllis {Photo Credit}


Paperwhites     {Photo Credit}


Christmas Cactus {Photo Credit}


Star of Bethlehem {Photo Credit}


Yet for me,

the most heartwarming Christmas flowers

will forever be

Cyclamen and Poinsettias,

for they have stories to tell that make my heart sing…

and stories truly do matter!


Pale pink Cyclamen and bright pink Kalanchoe

Yes, flowers are always a special part of Christmas at our house.

But I hope you’ll come visit again soon,

for the most special stories

are waiting to be shared.

 Next time…

May your Christmas bloom with happiness!


P.S.  What is your favorite Christmas flower? Hope you’ll share your stories!


12 thoughts on “Christmas in Bloom

  1. Good morning Dawn! That conservatory…oh how GORGEOUS. I’d love one of these in my yard if I had the room! And the colors of Christmas botany are thrilled splashes of color against the peaceful white. Wishing you a fabulous Christmas! Anita

    • Bonjour, Anita! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a conservatory of our own? As long as we are dreaming, our conservatory must include a small table and two chairs for sharing a cup of tea! A bench for sitting and soaking up the gorgeous colors would be lovely, too! It’s good to have dreams… Joyeux Noel, sweet friend! ♡

  2. Poinsettias are such a cheerful plant that brightens the holidays and December. My mother-in-law was often successful in getting them to re-bloom from year-to-year. Your photos are luscious, Dawn. I would love to bump into you there one day. 🙂 and am delighted to learn that we both celebrate December birthdays. Isn’t that kaleidoscope magnificent? Meant for children, we older children seem to enjoy it the most. Lovely post.

    • Hi, Penny! Although I’ve kept Poinsettias for an extended time, I’ve never had them re-bloom. I know it takes great effort! Your mother-in-law must have been very diligent and was truly rewarded for her efforts. Maybe we can plan to connect at the Conservatory during the cold winter months! We could soak up the colorful blossoms… then walk to the library for tea! It would be such fun for blog friends to finally meet! Enjoy all of your holiday preparations! ♡

  3. Dawn,
    What a wonderful place to be able to visit during these cooler months. I, like you, find flowers provide me with the same memory triggers that fragrance and music do. I love them for their beauty and fragrance and for the memory of places and events they conjure up.
    Merry Christmas, we’re nearly there. I’m so excited!

    • Hi, Karen! You are so right about the wonderful memory triggers that flowers provide! Often they highlight such important times of our lives. Such sweet reminders of who we are and where we have been! Each petal is part of our story! Just like you, I love the anticipation of Christmas! Hope your Christmas sparkles with warm, wonderful memories, Karen! ♡

  4. Here in the States, I think most of us associate Poinsettias with Christmas more than any other flower. I have a Cyclamen that was given to me three years ago by a friend and it still blooms for me each winter. You gave me a smile when you mentioned spending Christmas in Germany. One of the best experiences my husband and I have are of several trips to Germany and Austria at Christmas…they were wonderful.

    • Hi, Karen! A warm holiday welcome! You are so fortunate that your Cyclamen plant has lasted so long. Christmas in Germany, with my dear friends, is one of my most treasured Christmas memories! This afternoon, my husband and I visited our local Christkindlmarkt for some of our favorite German treats. What special memories it brought back! Wishing you a very cozy Christmas, Karen! ♡

  5. What wonderful memories and a great tradition. It shows the true meaning of Christmas. I have a favorite little doll ornament that looks kind of like what I looked like as a child. I’m sure that’s why my parents picked it out. How wonderful that your auntie took the time to explain her tree and get you started with the tradition!

    • Merry Christmas, Beth! Our Christmas ornaments hold so many special memories. Your little doll ornament is such a treasure! Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your sweet story. Wishing you warm holiday memories this Christmas season! ♡

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