3 French Hens

A wonderful place to find treasures!

A wonderful place to find treasures!

Hi Friends!

Brrrrrr! It was such a chilly Saturday morning! Just after sunrise, we drove through the countryside to the quaint, little town of Morris, Illinois, ‘leaf peeping’ along the way. It was time for the final 3 French Hens French Country Market of the season. This popular event is held on the second Saturday of each month, from May through October, in Canalport Park along the banks of the historic I & M Canal. It’s always one of our favorite antiquing destinations!

The 3 French Hens French Country Market attracts the friendliest people ~ antique dealers, artisans offering their handmade wares, gardeners selling colorful Chrysanthemums, bakers displaying their delectable treats, local farmers selling freshly-picked produce, and treasure hunters galore!

One of the delights of the October market is… pumpkins!! We had such fun talking with the grower of Anderson Pumpkins. Valerie shared tales of the pumpkins and gourds they grow on their farm. Each variety has a wonderfully descriptive name. Just imagine the fun of naming each variety of pumpkin!

Anderson Pumpkins, in Newark, Illinois, grows so many wonderful varieties of pumpkins and gourds!

Anderson Pumpkins, in Newark, Illinois, grows more than 50 varieties of pumpkins, squash, and gourds!

Rather than carry a heavy pumpkin through the market, we picked out a variety of small, unique gourds to fill a basket on our dining room table. Passersby smiled as they watched us picking out several ‘perfect’ gourds to take home!

Scarecrows are popping up all over the Midwest this month. We stopped to enjoy scarecrows of all sizes and shapes. Although we haven’t made our scarecrow yet this Autumn, we found so much wonderful inspiration here on Saturday morning!


A friendly scarecrow stands watch over a garden of colorful Chrysanthemums.

We met Kathy Pribble, a talented artisan who creates the most wonderful scarecrow characters. Each one of her scarecrows has a name and a unique personality. So much creativity…


Kathy Pribble wil be selling her delightful scarecrows again next weekend, at the 3rd Sunday Market, in Bloomington, Illinois.


Scarecrow children riding a tricycle. {Created by Kathy Pribble}

Wouldn’t it be fun to take one of her unique scarecrows home for the front porch? Maybe someday…

With cups of steaming, hot pumpkin spiced tea and hot apple cider to chase away the early morning chill, we continued our treasure hunting. There was so much more to see!

There were treasures everywhere!

There were treasures everywhere!

'Dave and Jayne's Furniture Fix', from Wilmington, Illinois, offered pretty painted and distressed furniture.

Dave and Jayne’s Furniture Fix‘, from Wilmington, Illinois, offered pretty painted and distressed furniture.

Caroline, from Paperjack Studio, offered her repurposed furniture, vintage finds, and painted letters.

Caroline, from Paperjack Studio, offered her repurposed furniture, vintage finds, and painted letters.

Caroline also had unique ideas for holiday celebrations yet to come!

Caroline also had lovely ideas for special holiday celebrations yet to come!  

What a perfect Saturday morning! The friendly people always make the 3 French Hens French Country Market extra special. We had nice long visits with a soap maker, a pumpkin grower, and a baker. It’s wonderful to find so many talented people from so many walks of life gathered together in a pretty park in the heartland.

A wonderful place to find treasures!

A wonderful place to find treasures!

We were so fortunate to visit the 3 French Hens French Country Market three times this year ~ Spring, Summer, and Autumn. We are already looking forward to coming back again next year. In fact, we have decided to spend the whole day in Morris next time. There are so many interesting places to explore in town. On Saturday afternoons, the streets fill with hundreds of vintage cars for Cruise Nights. It would be so nice to stay for the fun! Every single time we visit  this little town, surrounded by farms in America’s heartland, we always have the same conversation, “Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a small town one day?”

As we walked through Morris on our way to the car, we listened to  the crunch of leaves underfoot. We were filled with inspiration and happy memories of a lovely morning of treasure hunting. We brought home some small treasures that hold big memories ~ a bag of unique gourds, fragrant bars of handmade Lemongrass/Mint Goat Milk soap, and shiny, silver charms to add to a necklace. The best memories of all weren’t carried in our bags ~ they are carried in our hearts! Warm memories that will last through the cold winter months ahead.

Next weekend, there will be more ‘leaf peeping.’  Yellows, oranges, and brilliant reds are just beginning to show their colors here. The green leaves will soon perform a spectacular symphony of Autumn colors. The following weekend, there is sure to be another popular Autumn activity… leaf raking!

A few leaves from our 'Autumn Blaze' Red Maple have begun twirling down.

A few leaves from our ‘Autumn Blaze’ Red Maple have begun twirling down.

 Autumn is the perfect time for making memories!

Happy Autumn days!

♡ Dawn

P.S.  What are your favorite Autumn activities?


18 thoughts on “3 French Hens

  1. Hi Dawn! I’ve been so delinquent! First vacation….then catching up but I’m back now and enjoying Autumn! Love seeing the 3 French Hens Market! Thanks for sharing your experience. One day I’d love to go….we shall see….Have a beautiful week! xo….Karen

    • Welcome back, Karen! You have had a most wonderful Autumn! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in New England! Happy Autumn days! ♡

    • Hi, Jodi! Thanks for stopping by! You would love visiting the 3 French Hens French Country Market. There is so much inspiration to be found there! I know you will agree ~ Autumn weekends are the BEST! Have a great week! ♡

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Oh how I wish we lived where it was cooler than it is. Southern California has been consistently late spring/early summer warm and we’ve yet to have a week of cool weather. Your day sounds ideal. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Karen! We feel for all of our Southern California friends and wish we could send you gentle rains and cool breezes! It’s fun to think back to our other visits to the 3 French Hens French Country Market in the Spring and Summer, too. I really enjoy our change of seasons! Hope you will have a touch of Autumn very soon, Karen! ♡

  3. Good morning Dawn!

    Isn’t this a glorious time of year? Just yesterday, my husband and I had a rare moment of getting home early, at the same time, and we went out for a stroll and our own neighborhood is just shouting out in brilliant yellows, oranges and reds. I also took a quick drive to one of my favorite garden centers where there are TONS of my favorite colored pumpkins…GRAY, PINK, WHITE!!!!! My favorite thing to do as well is to peruse the antique stores with my husband who also loves to browse….we just soak up every bit of charm during this time.


    • Bonjour, Anita! The colors in your neighborhood sound just spectacular! So glad that you both had a chance to stroll and and enjoy them together. I think our peak colors will be next week. I’m ready to grab my camera and capture the magic! Your favorite pumpkins sound amazing ~ just right for your decorating style! Walking through an antique shop feels so relaxing. It makes us slow down, as we reflect on the past and learn new things! We always treasure beautiful Autumn days, knowing that they won’t last forever. Enjoy the day with your students! I know you will inspire them with your creativity and passion!! ♡

  4. Looks lovely! I especially love that photo of all the different kinds of pumpkins. I’ve never seen such a variety! I hope I can find a nice pumpkin when I go apple picking this weekend. Have a great day ❤

    • Hi Chris! Thanks for stopping by! Isn’t it fun to see so many varieties of pumpkins? They were all grown on a farm near Morris. Have fun apple picking this weekend! ♡

  5. Hi Dawn,
    I love your post…it is so much fun to read about the town of Morris it brings back fond memories! Maybe next summer my mom and I can meet you? We both would love it!
    We are spending the weekend in the beautiful North woods. The trees this year have been spectacular and lasting longer than I remember.
    I will send you an email and add some pictures.

    • Hi Julie! I would love to meet you and your mom in Morris! It would be such fun to hear your memories of growing up there and all of your mom’s stories! Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s an easy one hour drive from here and shouldn’t be too far from your mom’s house. There is a cute tea room there! Enjoy your Autumn weekend at the cabin, Julie! Soak up all of the beautiful colors! ♡

  6. Bore Da! Good Morning from Wales on a billowingly blustery Autumn Sunday ~~~ then, late to the party {due to internet failure on a large scale} I find we have been on another magical trip to The 3 French Hens market ~~~ such a haven, it seems, for anyone looking to escape for a few hours and return home laden with goodies ~~~ as one who adores pumpkins, I especially loved seeing all those different shapes and colours and would *love* to spend time chatting with Valerie at the Anderson Pumpkins stand ~~~ my heart would sing and my knees would wobble in harmony ~~~
    ~~~waving~~~ Debs in Wales

    • Bore Da, Debs! So happy that you are here! It would be such fun to walk through the 3 French Hens French Country Market together. There were so many lovely, creative touches of Autumn everywhere we looked. Do you grow pumpkins or gourds in your garden? Wishing you happy October days as you celebrate your favorite month of the year! Waving back! ♡

  7. Dawn it was great to have you visit my blog and so I had to pop over and get to know you and your blog better. I grew up in a small Northern Indiana town and absolutely loved it….I definitely will be stopping by often to see your wonderful part of the country…oh and I would be visiting 3 French Hens often if I lived there!

    PS- I have 2 blogs so sometimes I sign with Donna at Gardens Eye View my original garden blog or Donna at Living From Happiness my new blog since retiring…I write weekly on both!! It confuses some folks so I just wanted to let you know in advance…thanks again for visiting!

    • Welcome, Donna! So glad that you stopped to visit! It’s lovely to meet another Kindred Spirit. It’s fun to know that you have Midwestern roots. I just love visiting the Amish communities in Northern Indiana. I enjoy visiting both of your blogs. Happy Autumn days! ♡

    • Hello, sweet friend! So happy that you are here, Kim! Very soon, we will be celebrating the six-month anniversary of our little blog! It is such a joy to connect with so many kindred spirits ~ both near and far! My favorite part of blogging is reading everyone’s heartwarming comments. Autumn blessings! ♡

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