Rabbit! Rabbit!

Hi Friends!

Rabbit! Rabbit! Happy October! Can you already feel the changes in the air where you live? Our weather seemed to change overnight, right on cue! Suddenly, it is much cooler in the Midwest. We are wearing sweaters and denim jackets. The beginning of a new month is always filled with promise… and is the perfect time to celebrate the small moments that make life oh-so sweet!


 Today I am feeling especially grateful for…

A long walk along a wooded path with a dear friend.

A pot of cinnamon tea brewing and two teacups waiting.

Bunches of fresh herbs harvested and hanging to dry.

A few brilliant, red Maple leaves collected and pressed in a book.

A stoneware crock filled with pale pink Chrysanthemums and deep purple Asters.


My heart is so grateful that you have come to visit today!

Our little blog is exactly five months old this very day. It’s such fun to gather with kindred spirits here! Sharing our thoughts and stories makes life so much richer. For our stories truly do matter!

Today, I honor each of you… and give thanks!



As the garden begins to slow down a bit, there is more time now to explore other creative passions.

It was such fun to spend a recent afternoon playing with paper and ink  in a friend’s Stampin’ Up Studio!


Design by Laura B. ~ Studio1Stampers.com ⚛ All Products by Stampin’ Up!

When kindred spirits gather together here on our blog, we piece together our thoughts and dreams, almost like a paper quilt.

By being here, you make our little Gratitude Sampler ‘quilt’ feel complete.

Heartfelt thanks for being here!

Scatter sunshine!

♡ Dawn

                                                               P.S.   What small moments will you remember as October begins?

20 thoughts on “Rabbit! Rabbit!

  1. Happy October 1st, Dawn!
    So true, having kindred spirits in the blog world is one more perk in this journey. This time of year is my favorite, filled with promise and anticipation of cooler months, upcoming holidays, and a time for evaluating how blessed one is by review of the past 9 months.
    Enjoy your week.

    • Hi Karen! You are so right! It’s the perfect time for walking quietly, dreaming, remembering, and counting our blessings. As nature slows down a bit, we can reflect on all the memories that we have harvested in our hearts so far this year… Warm wishes! ♡

    • Hi Mama B! I love it when you come to visit! We will send a cool breeze your direction very soon! Will you have bright, colorful leaves later in Autumn? Have a happy week! ♡

  2. Congrats on hitting the five-month mark, Dawn! I’m glad you decided to start writing; your posts always brighten my day.

    It was still quite warm here over the weekend, but now the weather has started to get colder. I hate to see summer go, but I’m excited to wear boots again because they make me feel cozy 🙂 Have a great week! ❤

    • Hi Chris! I think we both started about the same time. So, it’s a double celebration! Our little blog is such an unexpected surprise… and I just love it!! Boots, snuggly sweaters, and scarves are such cozy ways to welcome the new season. Enjoy all of the planning… and this most special time in your life! I think of you often! ♡

  3. The leaves blowing across
    the road or crunching underfoot
    always bring me back to my
    childhood days, the same way
    the smell of lilac, the tang of
    suntan lotion or the scent of
    a blown-out candle do…..

    Enjoy savoring all of these
    sweet moments!

    xo Suzanne

    • Hi Suzanne! You have such a special way of creating images that touch our hearts and souls. True heart sounds & heart touches! (I learned that from you!) The scent of suntan lotion and blown-out birthday candles are such sweet moments, filled with happy memories!! Thank you so much for reminding us, Suzanne. Warm hugs! ♡

  4. Sorry I’m late ~ Happy October! Yes, the days are turning now, I have felt it for some time, but now the nights are drawing in noticeably too, lights on earlier, curtains pulled to shut out the darkening evenings,
    Congratulations on your {our} five month anniversary! How time flies; how fortunate we are that you created this little oasis for kindreds! Thank you!

    • Hi Deb! It’s lovely to honor this little anniversary. If only we had one of your lemon cakes!! Heartfelt thanks for your sweet words, Deb. Each evening, we comment about how early we must turn on the lights now. It’s a little sad to see the garden beginning to rest. It does make me happy, though, to have more time for other passions! October is filled with promise! Sending Autumn blessings across The Pond! ♡

  5. Hello there Dawn! I hate that I have not been able to visit for a bit but I sure enjoyed reading this sweet post and your cards are simply beautiful! Hope we will be seeing more of your lovely paper crafting soon! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog…..you are so thoughtful! Hoping you are enjoying your beautiful fall weather……:)

    • Hi, Katie! You are too kind!! I will try to be very brave and share some cards soon. World Card Making Day is just around the corner! Colorful Autumn blessings to you! ♡

    • Hi Ginnie! October began on such a lovely note! I had to take two walks along the prairie… just to soak it all in! Wishing you sweet October days, Ginnie! ♡

    • Hi Brenda! Can you believe that I recently read Anne of Green Gables for the very first time? Now Anne’s words pop into my thoughts so often! Your Autumn posts are just lovely. It was such fun to visit your garden and listen to the birdsong! Wishing you happy Autumn days! ♡

  6. Dearest DAWN! Rabbit Rabbit! teeeeeheeee…well I have bunnies in my garden who are hunkering down now that the air has turned cool in my Minneapolis garden! And the colors are so stunning! I am grateful to be alive. That’s that.

    BIG WISHES for a fun fall of pleasure of all five senses! Anita

  7. Good afternoon sweet Dawn! I am home from school now, and that wind has kicked up and the leaves are gracefully dancing. It is EXCITING because now I can drink hot tea and really enjoy it! Thank you so much for your visit and kind words today! Much love, Anita

    • Bonjour, Anita! Hot tea is just perfect as the Autumn winds blow. It’s so cozy and comforting. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sip tea together one day? Warm wishes on this Friday evening! ♡

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