So ‘Glad’ You’re Here!

Gladiolus along the white picket fence welcome sunny August days!

Gladiolus along the white picket fence welcome sunny August days!



Hi Friends!

“Rabbit! Rabbit!” According to British superstition, you should say some variation of these words on the first day of each month. You must say them out loud upon waking up or say them to the first person you meet that day!  Saying this phrase will ensure good luck throughout the whole month. Do you practice this superstition? As a child, I remember hearing this phrase on WGN radio, at breakfast time, on the first morning of each month. I’ve always remembered this happy, little phrase because it made me smile! Try it… you can’t help but start the month on a happy note!  Hope our UK friends can share their memories of this cheery superstition…

So glad that you are here! We’re celebrating the small moments that make each day special!  Today, our blog Petals.Paper.Simple Thymes is exactly three months old! You, dear friends, are a very big part of this small celebration! ♡ I always say “our blog,” since it certainly wouldn’t be as much fun without you here!

Celebrating our first three months! {via Pinterest}


As sunshine and showers have nurtured our garden and helped it to flourish over the past three months, your visits and thoughtful comments have helped our quiet, little blog grow steadily, as well.  You are the sunshine and showers that help us grow and flourish here at Petals.Paper.Simple Thymes! I must send so much gratitude out to everyone who has stopped by  for a visit during these busy Summer days!

I’ve really grown over the past three months, too! Of course, I’m still learning how to use all of the WordPress tools and features. It’s always so exciting to discover a new skill on my own! I’ve been so fortunate to connect with a wonderful group of brand new bloggers at our public library. Our monthly meetings are filled with inspiration and encouragement, as we each grow in new ways!

While we are celebrating, we should take a little tour of our blog! To preserve the simple, old-fashioned feeling here, some of the special features are hidden from sight. Have you discovered our ‘slide-out’ sidebar? Just click on the dark stripe on the left side. On the sidebar, you can subscribe to our blog via email. It’s easy to search for your favorite topics. All of the posts are archived here. Using the Tag Cloud is another way to find a post that may interest you. Do check the sidebar often, as new features are always being added as our blog grows!

But much more important than learning how a blog works, I’m discovering the absolute joy that blogging brings me Sharing and connecting with old friends and new friends is what makes blogging so meaningful to me. I’ve discovered that any opportunity to stay in touch with old friends during our busy lives is a wonderful thing. My heart sings when I think of all of the amazing new friends I’m making through our little blog! People from many walks of life, throughout the world, gather here and share their thoughts with all of us. I’ve learned so much from  their comments, as we have watched our friendships grow and flourish.  What could be sweeter than discovering kindred spirits, both near and far?


Anne of Green Gables (by L.M. Montgomery) says best, what I’m feeling in my heart today…


“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think.


It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” 


Anne, you were so right… and I am so grateful!


Our visitors have come from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and all over North America.  Friends, new and old, have shared the stories of their quilts, homes, gardens, travels, families, and memories of simpler times with all of us. Readers have recommended many interesting book titles along the way. So many lovely Girlfriends have dropped by from Susan Branch’s blog to visit. Many lovely travelers and dreamers have visited from Anita’s blog. Several papercrafters have visited us, too. (I promise to share card making adventures very soon! It’s just so hard during the Summertime, when one passion takes you outside to dig in the dirt, while another other passion must wait for quiet time inside!) My heart overflows with gratitude for everyone who has come to visit!


So 'glad' you are here today!

So ‘glad’ you are here today!


Wishing you  sunny August days!

Make special memories!

♡ Dawn

P.S.  If you have any suggestions for future posts, be sure to let me know!

26 thoughts on “So ‘Glad’ You’re Here!

  1. Rabbit Rabbit! Blissful August ~ which means only one thing ~ Autumn is nearly here ~~~sighs~~~ Happy Birthday sweet three month old! I can scarce believe you have only been doing this for three months ~ for it feels like so much longer ~ in a good way, in the way that one slips into a favourite cardigan at the first signs of Autumn and reaches for the mugs full of steaming hot chocolate ~
    Now, are you ready for this? Here, at least in my corner of the UK we say “Pinch and a punch for the first of the month” ~ which at first does not seem very pleasant. However, this is steeped in old folk lore of the Middle Ages when there was fear of witches in the midst of us ~ the “pinch” is a pinch of salt, believed to weaken the power of a witch and the “punch” was to shove the witch aside after the powers were weakened with the pinch of salt! So, there you have the tradition of my little corner! I look forward to seeing what others say their traditions are!
    On that note, I’d best away for I have company coming today ~~~ Waving from Across The Pond ~ Debs in wet Wales!

    • August greetings, Debs! May this new month be filled with lovely moments that make you smile! Thank you so much for sharing your Welsh tradition with all of us! I’ve never heard that expression before. It’s so wonderful to learn from one another here! Enjoy your day! Waving back! ♡

  2. RABBIT, RABBIT!!!!!! Whew….I got it in, first thing this morning! August is here and I go back to the classroom on August 25, so hopefully, I have the luck of the bunnies to make a successful comeback! teeeeeheeeee

    DAWN MY DEAR! Your blog is now three months old? Isn’t it fun? I am so happy to know you through the link party and may our journey together be one of creativity and discovery, support and kindness. These flowers you share….oh how my mother loved them in white, and I love your pink choice here. ENJOY YOUR DAY! Anita

    • Hi Anita! Our blog journey is off to such a delightful start! We have so many lovely connections. As we turn the calendar page today, students and teachers alike think about the start of the coming school year. You will have a wonderful beginning… Your students are most fortunate to learn from such a creative, supportive, enthusiastic teacher! Vous faites la différence, Anita! Enjoy happy August days! ♡

  3. Well, Rabbit, Rabbit, sweet Dawn and all the girlfriends visiting today! 3 months already? Wow! Congratulations on the success of this fun blog! I always look forward to new posrs! Love the Anne quote….so true. That bunting pic Is too cute! I adore them! Happy Weekend! xo…Karen P.

    • Hi Karen! I’m so very grateful that you have been visiting our little blog since Day One! I just love being surrounded by Kindred Spirits here! Bunting always makes me smile. We have several small buntings hanging in our house, reminding me to celebrate the small wonders that happen every day! Sunny wishes for a great weekend! ♡

  4. What a fun way to start the month. I had never heard of that tradition. I’ve said it out loud, I hope I have great luck this month. 🙂
    Your blog is lovely. Congratulations on a 3 month anniversary.

    • Many thanks, Karen B. It’s such a cute way to wish friends and family good luck in the new month! So ‘glad’ that you are here! Enjoy your garden this weekend!

  5. Rabbit, rabbit to you from the Finger Lakes region! Happy three month anniversary on your beautiful blog! 🙂 Katherine

    • Heartfelt thanks, Katherine, for taking time during your vacation to read our little blog! I know that you are having a wonderful time… and making sweet memories. Safe travels! ♡

  6. Congratulations on reaching your 3 month birthday Dawn! Your blog is so pretty and your words so warm that I am sure your blog will go from strength to strength! Following you now by email so I should be able to keep up with all your posts X

    • Many thanks for your sweet words and for following our little blog, Penny! I think you are our first follower from Scotland! I’m really enjoying your posts and getting to know you through your home, your travels, and your book reviews. Just lovely to see a bit of your area and wanderings! It would be such fun to have tea together, wouldn’t it? ♡

  7. Oh Dawn, how I love this post….you are the one that introduced me to “Rabbit, Rabbit!” because I was telling my husband about it and we chuckled…we adore bunnies and we have many of them in our yard and they only add charm, no harm to plants!

    Thank you kind and sweet friend for coming to visit today! You are entering into your third year of retirement! LOVELY! I have about 10 years to go until I hit that time (I started teaching at 42, so I need to work a little longer) but the beginning of the school year is always exciting! I have one French proficiency class to teach at the middle school and three level 4 French classes to teach at the high school in the same district. I love it!

    I just had a super morning in my garden with my husband; my moon flower vine gave us four large white moon flowers LAST NIGHT, and then my morning glory gave us four colbalt blue lovelies this morning. AHHHHH!

    Have a fun day my friend! Anita

    • Anita, it’s always so nice to connect this way! Helping dear friends in their classrooms keeps ‘back-to-school’ time fun for me. The decision to retire was the hardest thing I’ve ever done! Being a teacher has been my dream since I was seven years old!! Teaching will always be such an important part of who I am. My years of studying French in high school and college were wonderful… always dreaming of my chance to spend time in France! I’m sure that so many of your students feel the same, Anita! You are introducing them to a new culture, making the world a bit smaller by helping them to understand and communicate with others, and encouraging them to dream! I still remember the strong influence that my French teachers had on me so long ago!
      Your moon flowers must have looked gorgeous in the evening light! Hope you photographed them! Hoping this weekend, you will have more blossoms under the Super Moon!
      Je t’embrasse! ♡

  8. Rabbit, Rabbit!….Or Pinch and Punch! I’m a bit late since it’s August 6th, but that’s a fun, new good luck tradition to start each month. Thanks for letting us know about that, and congrats on 3 months in the blogosphere! I’m happy to have found your site! I’ll follow and look forward to future posts. Take care!

    • Lenore, I’m so ‘glad’ to meet you! I know we’ll have a great time following one another! Life is filled with surprises… and blogging has certainly been a wonderful surprise in my life!! There is so much to explore, with so many kindred spirits to meet along the way! Sending sunny wishes! ♡

    • Oh, Susan!!!! I’m so very glad you’re here!! It has been my secret wish that you would come visit our blog one day!! My home, my garden, and many of my posts are just filled with your inspiration! There is always a lot of Susan Branch love and appreciation happening here… with more to come! It’s almost time to celebrate the one year anniversary of your book signing visit and tea party here. It’s hard to believe that we have been enjoying ‘A Fine Romance’ for a whole year now! We are so thrilled that you are hard at work writing and painting our next book. Sunny summer hugs! ♡

    • Hi, June! I’m so happy that you stopped to visit today! I never dreamed that blogging would be a part of my retirement. It just wasn’t even on my radar! Life is full of surprises! Have a wonderful summer weekend… and a great start to the new school year! Warm hugs! ♡

  9. Hi Dawn, just jumped over from Susan’s blog and I see that you kindly replied to my comment (see above), well thank you for that! Am delighted to be your first follower from Scotland and will fly your flag high! Yes I would simply love to have a cup of tea with you, we will need to co-ordinate a time and day, sit down with our copies of ‘A Fine Romance’ and sip tea and read our books ‘together’! X

    • That sounds delightful, Penny! Tea, scones, A Fine Romance,… and kindred spirits across the pond! Wishing you a lovely summer weekend. ♡

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