Fairy Tales…



Hallo Freunde!


Willkommen in Deutschland!

As you travel along,

discovering ‘Simply Irresistible’ European destinations,

we have a truly irresistible place to share with you!

Rustic, romantic, charming… 

Come experience

the quaint, medieval town of

Bacharach, Germany.

Bacharach, Germany

Antique Postcard of Bacharach, Germany {Photo credit: http://www.papergreats.com}

Just imagine…

strolling along the cobblestone streets,

church bells ringing,

villagers greeting one another with a smile,

and a hearty “Guten Morgen!”

Dreams like this

can feel like a fairy tale…

But dreams and fairy tales can come true!

Ours did!

Willkommen to the fairy tale that is Bacharach, Germany today!


 Bacharach is a storybook town,

sitting on the banks of the beautiful Rhine River.

This romantic village transports visitors back to the days

of medieval kingdoms, castles, and legends of old.

Burg Stahkeck

 Bacharach’s crowning glory is its 12th century castle, Burg Stahleck.

Bacharach, DE

Winding our way up to the castle,

we climbed stairs well-worn through centuries of footsteps,

walked along the sturdy, stone walls that once protected this city,

and followed the footpaths along the vineyards,

bearing grapes for the new wine.


Fairy tales…

Burg Stahleck, Bacharach

 Fleeting feelings drew us

back to the Middle Ages,

when Bacharach was the biggest wine-trading town

on the Rhine River.


Today, Burg Stahleck is a family-friendly hostel,

where guests enjoy the charming views

of the half-timbered town of Bacharach

and the picturesque Rhine Valley below.



Winding our way back down the path from the castle,

we admired wildflowers,

bravely growing on the strong, stone walls,

and delicate blossoms here and there,

as the first hints of Autumn filled the air.





Fairy tales…



the main street of Bacharach,

welcomes visitors

with its timeworn cobblestones.

Bacharach’s residents

are friendly and welcoming,

as they share their storybook town

with those who come to visit.


From the moment that we rang the tiny bell,

at the front door of the Hotel zur Post,

Ute was most charming and welcoming.

We knew that we had come to a very special place!

Fairy tales…


Visitors come to celebrate the new wine,


walk along the quiet streets,


and find beauty everywhere they look!

Fairy tales…


 The oldest house in Bacharach,

built in 1368,

shows off its small, round, glass window panes.

It was modern glass-blowing technology in the Middle Ages.

Stepping inside is to truly step back in time!

The house is filled with old etchings, photos, and medieval charm.

We enjoyed our romantic, candlelit,

traditional German dinner

in the “Altes Haus” restaurant.


We cherished magical walks, hand-in-hand, through the Malerwinkel (“Painters’ Corner”),

with its babbling brook, colorful gardens, and views of the vineyards above.

Fairy tales…


We hiked up to

the ruins of the 15th century chapel,


(built 1289-1430),

admiring its beautiful skeleton

as the afternoon light shined upon its ruins.


“No doors, no roof or windows,

a magnificent skeleton

puts its silhouette against the sky.

Above it, the ivy-covered castle ruins provide a fitting crown.

This is Bacharach,

land of fairy tales,

covered with legends and sagas”

~ Victor Hugo ~

(From:  Excursions Along the Banks of the Rhine ~ 1842 travel book)

Fairy tales…


Visitors come to Bacharach each day by ship, train, car, or bike.

Some visit for only a short time.

We are so happy that we decided to make Bacharach our ‘home base’ for a whole week,

as we explored the middle Rhine Valley.


River boats and trains made it easy to enjoy the castles

in the most romantic stretch of the Rhine,

from Mainz to Koblenz.

We enjoyed the legendary Lorelei,

and visited the historic Deutsche Eck,

at the confluence of  the Rhine and Mosel Rivers.

One day, we traveled by trains, taxi, and a long walk through an enchanted forest

to visit Burg Eltz, our favorite castle in Europe.  Truly magical!


It was so wonderful to return to Bacharach each evening, for quiet strolls along the cobblestones.

We will always savor the small delights of dining in Bacharach ~

the German pastries,

the Turkish Doner Kebab, the friendly Irish Pub, and the Eis Cafe.


Our stay in Bacharach was simply irresistible.

The kind of fairy tale that comes along once in a lifetime ~

a romantic second honeymoon,

a celebration of retirement,


a wonderful prelude to our most special destination of all…


We were on our way to spend

very special times

with dear friends

near the Black Forest!

May all of your fairy tales and travel dreams come true!


With special thanks to Rick Steves for his exquisite guidebook: Germany 2012.

For every European destination, we use Rick Steves’ travel guides to plan the most wonderful adventures.

Thank you,  dear Anita, for inspiring everyone to share such creativity! You are simply amazing! ♡

Safe travels!


                                P.S.  Which simply irresistible European destinations do you dream about most often?





68 thoughts on “Fairy Tales…

  1. Thanks, Dawn! I even forwarded this reply to my friend, so that she is sure to click on the links! We devour all of Rick Steves’ TV shows. Doesn’t he have the best job on earth?! 🙂

  2. Hi Dawne! So true!! His travel books are ‘spot on’ down to the last detail. We have been able to plan such wonderful trips. Be sure to check on the Forum on his website. Travelers write in their ‘real time’ suggestions and tips while they are traveling. Lots of up-to-the-minute travel goodness! It will be helpful for all of your adventures! ♡

  3. Dawn,
    What a beautiful destination. I have never been to Germany, which is sad as I am half German. It’s on the list and this arm chair tour nudged it up there, even before the Chelsea Garden Show.

  4. Hi, Karen! I really hope you have the chance to visit Germany one day. If you click on the links in my post, there are some nice Rick Steves’ videos about the little towns and beautiful castles along the Rhine River. Just nudging! Just imagine visiting the Chelsea Garden Show. It would be a dream-come-true for all gardeners… especially us! ♡

  5. that is beautiful,there are some castles in the Netherlands that look like that which is my 2nd home,thank you for sharing you lovely memories,xx Rachel and Speedy

  6. Tes images sont sublimes, empreintes d’un délicieux romantisme.
    Je connais un tout petit peu l’Allemagne, c’est vraiment un très beau pays.
    Gros bisous

  7. Good morning to you dearest Dawn! I am enjoying my “morning routine” as I blog and see your comment. I am so thrilled that this party has indeed brought together some of the nicest and best blogger friends I could ever imagine having. And that’s right; you are new to blogging and what a great way to experience your first year in what I still believe is one of the best technology discoveries. Discovering your hidden talents in sharing what you love, then by surprise, finding others who share many of your passions. But when we all come together, it’s quite a feeling of a miracle to think so many people who can’t see each other can make such a connection.

    Thank you so much dear Dawn, for participating. The curtains of our spectacular “show” are slowly drawing to an end, and tomorrow, I will be posting the winner of the tea set. Our party will be done, but never forgotten!

    Mille mercis mon amie! Anita

  8. I’m so glad You visited Me and left a comment so I didn’t by chance miss this charming city.I’m half German on My Mothers side.My parents traveled all over the world,She told Me Germany was the cleanest and prettiest country of all.I’m going to put this city on My list of dream destinations. If You had Google Friends Connect I would be one of Your followers.So nice visiting You-Denise

  9. Bonjour Marie-Ange! Merci beaucoup! Germany is very beautiful. Your images of Provence are so lovely. The fields of Lavender are in my dreams! I will always remember my wonderful time in the South of France!
    Je t’embrasse. ♡

  10. Hi Denise! I’m so happy that you stopped for a visit. Germany has a very special place in my heart. I loved your dreams of the Irish countryside! I share your lovely dreams!! I would love to have you follow my blog. If you click on the brown stripe on the left side, a slide-out sidebar will appear. You can follow by email there. It’s kind of tricky to find, but tucking the sidebar away keeps the simple, old-fashioned look here! Please come visit again, Denise! Happy summer days! ♡

  11. Dearest Dawn! Good morning and another big thank you for coming to visit. Wasn’t it a great party? Thanks to all of you who took the time to write a post and most of all, visit one another. Love does make the world go ’round! Anita

  12. Anita, the whole experience has been such a pleasure! I’m already looking forward to next year’s Link Party! Have a happy, relaxing weekend! ♡

  13. Hi Anita! I am discovering so many of the wonderful joys of blogging! Technology has made this ‘miracle’ possible. It’s so true! We are able to connect, share, learn, encourage, problem solve, and enrich one another’s lives from all points of the globe. It’s a bit like teaching… on a grand scale! Don’t you agree? Thanks, again, for your special gift for bringing people together, Anita! Wishing you and Rubin a wonderful weekend! ♡

  14. Oh Dawn, how beautiful! When I was 17 and touring many countries in Europe, we took a tour boat down the Rhine River and to this day it is one of most memorable trips of my life. I was completely enthralled with the castles and had decided that day that I would return to live there. I haven’t done it but I have revisited and will continue to. Bacharach is a place I must disembark and explore! Thanks so much for the beautiful trip down memory lane.

  15. How nice, Robyn! You would love exploring Bacharach. It’s a tiny gem! If you click the links in my post, you will see short Rick Steves’ videos about Bacharach and the castles along the Rhine. It was his videos that drew us to Bacharach! Hope your fantasy trip to Greece will happen one day. What a beautiful adventure! ♡

  16. Thanks so much, Terri! There is so much old world charm around every corner in Bacharach. We feel so lucky to have visited such a special friends and such special places in Germany. It’s just wonderful when Fairy Tales come true! I’m so happy that you stopped to visit today, Terri! Enjoy every moment of your Fairy Tale!! ♡

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