A Passion for ‘Postcrossing’


Hi Friends!

Is your mailbox happy today?

There is a wonderful way to add happy surprises to your mailbox that will

brighten your day, warm your heart, help you to discover new places

and meet fascinating, friendly people from all over the world!

It’s true!

I discovered this lovely pastime three  years ago,

on Pinterest.

When I first read about this project ~ instantly my heart swelled and my eyes filled with happy tears.

I knew that it was just my ‘cup of tea.’

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."  ~ Winnie the Pooh

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”
~ Winnie the Pooh ~

So, I’d love to introduce you to…


Postcrossing helps people all over the world connect in so many surprising ways!

When you join Postcrossing, you send and receive postcards from other Postcrossers

throughout the world. (Read the details here!)

Postcrossing is run by a wonderful group of volunteers,

with heartwarming goals…

“The Postcrossing goals are clear and simple:

to connect the world into a smaller place

and to bring smiles to as many different people and countries as possible.

Happy Postcrossing!”  

~ from www.Postcrossing.com



As I write, there are currently 482,671 Postcrossing members

from 212 countries

writing 709 postcards per hour.

At this moment, there are 465,760 postcards traveling

on their way to make LOTS of mailboxes very happy!

(Click here, to see up-to-the-minute statistics about who is sending and receiving postcards!)

You will be amazed to see “What is happening now?”

When I joined Postcrossing, I wrote this short profile…

I enjoy meeting friendly people from interesting places throughout the world. Postcrossing combines both my love of travel and writing letters. Writing to friends across the miles always fills me with joy. I think about how they will smile when they open their mailbox and find a letter or postcard from a faraway friend!

I am happily married and live in the Midwest, in the United States. I am now retired, after thirty-five happy years of teaching. I am excited to have more time now for gardening (growing flowers and herbs), paper crafting, volunteering, collecting antiques, international travel, reading, writing, and taking long walks.

I hope to learn more about you, the place you live, your work, or your daily life. Perhaps you could share a favorite quotation with me.I love collecting quotations from many cultures!

“Letters are like visits, when friends are apart.”

“Those who bring sunshine to others cannot keep it from themselves.”

Happy Postcrossing!


That’s how my passion for Postcrossing began.

I requested five addresses of Postcrossers, from anywhere in the world.

Then I visited their online profiles, to learn a little about them.

As I wrote my postcards, I told them about

my little house with the big garden,

how much I loved teaching young children,

about our daily activities,

and our holiday celebrations during that season of the year.

I also shared one of my favorite quotations with them.

It was so exciting to drop my Postcrossing cards into the mailbox!

(Each postcard has an ID number, to register on the Postcrossing website.

So, I knew when my postcards arrived at their destinations!)

Then five random Postcrossers (from anywhere in the world)

received my address and sent me a postcard.


People join Postcrossing for so many different reasons…

some are travelers (like me),

some are arm-chair travelers and this is their chance to ‘see’ the world,

some are stamp collectors,

and some are postcard collectors.

Teachers often share Postcrossing in their classrooms.

My students were so excited each time a new postcard arrived. We checked on Google Earth and Wikipedia

to learn interesting things about each country.

The children could actually hold the postcard from so far away in their hands.

My students discovered so many important things about

writing to communicate ideas,

different traditions and celebrations around the world,

and the homes, foods, animals, and geography of faraway places.

The MOST important thing my young students learned

from the Postcrossing postcards

is that inspite of the interesting cultural differences…

People everywhere are so much alike!

Postcrossing is also a wonderful project to share at home with children and grandchildren.

What an amazing gift you will give our children,

as they grow into curious, compassionate citizens of the world!

 Francis, in Indonesia, told us about bamboo rafting, their  traditional river transportation.

Francis, in Indonesia, told us about bamboo rafting, their traditional river transportation.

All Postcrossers write in English, no matter where they live.

It’s so interesting to see the different styles of handwriting, too.

Postcrossing is a very flexible pastime.

During busy times, you can just set your profile to ‘inactive.’

When you have free time, Postcrossing is always there for you,

with lots of adventures waiting to begin!

Vivien, from Taiwan, told us about the beautiful wild birds in Formosa.

Vivien, from Taiwan, told us about the beautiful wild birds in Formosa.

It’s always free to join Postcrossing.

All you will need is international postage stamps,

postcards (It’s fun to pick up new postcards wherever you go!),

and the desire to connect with people that you would never have the chance to meet, in any other way!

Some Postcrossers might continue to keep in touch via email.

Some Postcrossers might even turn into Pen Pals, or lifelong friends.

But most Postcrossers just come into your life for a brief moment…

and touch your heart.

Liucija, a student from Lithuania, told us about studying at school there.

Liucija, a student from Lithuania, told us about studying at school there.


I love being part of the Postcrossing community,

sharing the everyday experiences that make our lives so special!

We are not just the stories that we see on the news every day.

We are truly connected

in big ways,

and small ways.

Liucija (from Lithuania) and I both practice Yoga.

Julia (from St.Petersburg, Russia) and I both love to visit museums.

Susan (from Australia) and I both love nature photography.

Susann (from Leipzig, Germany) and I are both learning to paint.

Virpi (a librarian from Finland) and I both love children’s books!

Claire (from Quebec, Canada) and I both love to travel!

Kitija (from Latvia) and I love old buildings!

Yulia (from Belarus) and I both love to grow flowers!

I truly feel a personal connection with each postcard that I receive.

Many Postcrossers have sent me their favorite quotations, too!

Gabiya (from Lithuania) ~ “All possible outcomes are perfectly designed for our full blossoming into oneness.”

Nicole (from Belgium) ~ “No pain, no gain!”

Keight (from Kielce, Poland) ~ “Don’t resign from your goal just because you need time to reach it. Time will elapse.”

Claire (from Quebec, Canada) ~ “Happiness seems made to be shared!”


Nastja (from the city of Arkhangels, in Russia) shared this Victor Frankl quotation ~

“Happiness is like the butterfly.

The more you try to catch it, the more it escapes.

But if you transfer your attention to other things,

it will come quietly and sit down on your shoulder.”


I’m passionate about Postcrossing!

It’s a special way that I can scatter a little joy and happiness

around the world.

It always reminds me of how much good there is

in the world!

Winnie-the-Pooh was right…

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

Happy Postcrossing!


P.S.  Have you heard of Postcrossing before?   Is there anyone you know that might enjoy Postcrossing?  Be sure to tell them all about it!

18 thoughts on “A Passion for ‘Postcrossing’

  1. My goodness, girl!! You are just the social butterfly extraordinaire! I have never heard of Postcrossing before. What wonderful connections you’ve made. I would really enjoy doing this but I better think on it awhile. I have quite a few penpals and I’ve not been very good about writing to them. Wonderful post today! I loved hearing the stories about your friends around the world and what a gift to introduce these cultures in this way to your students. You are possibly the best teacher ever! xo

    • Hi Karen! Postcrossing has been such a delightful pastime! Most of the postcards I’ve received/sent have just been a brief ‘moment in time’ kind of connection. But there are have been several follow-up email conversations, with the chance to talk more. Every so often, a Postcrossing pal from Australia surprises me with a letter! It’s so important to learn more about the people who we share our planet with! The beauty of Postcrossing is that you are free to start and stop, by setting your profile to ‘inactive’ any time that life gets too busy. Even in retirement, life is often much too busy to participate!! Your oldest grandson might like to try Postcrossing sometime! ♡

  2. This sounds wonderful, Dawn! I’m definitely going to try it out. When I was younger I used to love signing up for penpal websites; I still even have one or two that I keep in touch with. Thanks for sharing! Have a beautiful day ❤

    • Chris, I think you would love Postcrossing! It doesn’t take much time, and you can completely make it fit into your busy lifestyle by changing your profile from ‘active’ to ‘inactive’ at any time. It’s such a small thing, but it can make so many people smile. I’m so hoping that one person who reads my post will give Postcrossing a try! “Do small things with great love.” ~Mother Teresa ♡

  3. Good morning Dawn! I just missed this post by one day as I wanted to come back to you and thank you for coming to visit me! How lovely to have this new mode of communication. I truly believe that blogging and these other forms of social interaction are great ways to share and grow together. I must investigate this!!! Looking forward to the link party my friend. CIAO! Anita

    • Hi Anita! It’s such fun keeping in touch with you via blogging. Sharing, learning, growing, inspiring… There are definitely some similarities between teaching and blogging! Maybe some of your students would like to learn about Postcrossing! I’m so curious about your favorite places to visit in Europe, Anita. It would be lovely to share travel stories over a cup of tea! ♡

    • Hi Ginnie! So great to see you here again! It’s really fascinating to discover how ‘connected’ we all are! I’m always amazed! Wishing you nice summer days! ♡

    • Hi Linda! So happy you stopped by to visit. I love hearing about your dream trip to Italy! So much beauty to explore. Hoping your wish is a dream-come-true! ♡

  4. Hi Dawn:

    What a perfect visit to Germany this is!! Funny thing, although my mom was born in Norway (as you just read) my dad was American born with roots in the Black Forest of Germany. To this day, GOSSWEINSTEIN is a tourist stop and had the tradition continued, the oldest son (my dad) would have been the king, instead of a preacher, and that makes me a princess! 🙂

    I just loved this visit and also your comments on my page.


    • Hi Sonja!
      Thanks for stopping by! I just love your family stories! Just imagine… That’s a real fairy tale! Hope you do feel like a princess, at least once in a while! ♡

    • Bonjour, Rhonda! Thank yo so much for visiting today! May your dreams of Provence come true… just like in a fairy tale! Bonne journee! ♡

  5. What a lovely place, dear Dawn………..it´s so full of romance and history. I have never been there and so I´m happy to enjoy your pictures! Have a wonderful summertime,

    with love, Jade

    • Heartfelt thanks, Jade! It would be a nice, little adventure for you to visit Bacharach. You are surrounded by so much beauty in Bavaria! You live in a very special place! Your blog is so beautiful. Enjoy lovely summer days! ♡

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