Blossoms Everywhere…

Hi Friends,

 Today my heart is so full of blessings!

The words of the Persian poet, Rumi, fluttered into my heart

as I walked through the garden on this sunny July morning.


{via Pinterest}


While walking through the garden, it’s very easy to count your blessings…

if you just listen closely to your heart.

Blessings drop their blossoms all around you.    ~Rumi

So, my friend, I will be very quiet, so that you can listen to your heart…











Each blossom reminds me of each blessing in my life

… especially today!




 May your day be filled with blossoms!


P.S.  When I count my blessings, I always count you. Heartfelt thanks for stopping to visit today! ♡









26 thoughts on “Blossoms Everywhere…

    • Many thanks, Chris! I just love spending hours in the garden. It’s a quiet, peaceful place… just the place to count one’s blessings! ♡

    • Hi Liz! So happy you stopped to visit! This morning, I found all the colors of the rainbow in the blossoms. So, of course, I had to fill a Mason jar and bring some inside to enjoy! See you soon… ♡

  1. Good Morning Dawn ~~ oh, what a beautiful post to wake up to, to be {almost} the first thing I see on my laptop as I do my morning check in ~~ I’ll open my window and it will be like scratch n sniff! I just love how your lilies are in a big patch like that and your clematis are full of beautiful purples {I don’t think mine will bloom this year, too wet a winter = lush growth : no flowers}
    I love simple posies in mason jars so much more than big arrangements {that’s me for you}
    Waving from Across The Pond ~~ Debs in Wales xoxo

    • Good Morning, Debs! A jar filled with posies just for you today! It would be such fun if you could come walk through the garden. We’d have so much to talk about! Waving back… ♡

    • Hi Debs! I think you usually login through your WordPress account. Try that one… and we’ll see what happens! Have a happy day in your garden! ♡

    • Hi Penny! Heartfelt thanks. The garden is changing every day. I can’t stop taking photos! The last photo is a special one ~ celebrating my husband, on the day we met. A true blessing in my life! Sending sunny summer wishes all the way to Scotland! ♡

      • Thank you Dawn, I had a funny feeling your message might be for a special anniversary! Enjoy your lovely celebration time together! X

      • Many thanks, Penny! You were the first person to ‘read between the lines (and pixels).’ Kindred spirits! ♡

    • Hi, Katherine Ann! All of the beauty is in the flowers! It has been so windy, that the flowers keep dancing while I’m taking pictures! I’ve always wanted to take a photography class to learn how to use the settings on my camera. Let’s plan a garden visit! ♡

  2. So pretty, Dawn! We have many of the same flowers! You have much more blooming, though, than I do. I love the little “vignettes” that you put together. So sweet! (I didn’t know that you knew Debs! Yay! We’re all connected, aren’t we?) xo

    • Hi Karen! I love knowing that we have so many of the same flowers. Kindred spirits! Are you also in garden Zone 5? Remember that my garden is very old! Many of the perennials were already mature when I bought my house almost thirty years ago. So, that might also be a reason for the abundance of blossoms! It’s such a joy to be connected to so many Girlfriends! Thanks for always being here, Karen! ♡

  3. Yes, the garden really does beckon us in and announce “You are blessed!”, doesn’t it? Each bloom is so exciting . . . and yours are looking fantastic! I really love your soft purple clematis . . . mine is a spring bloomer and finished it’s display weeks and weeks ago.

    • Hi Jennie! The soft purple Clematis is really happy this summer. It must be all of our rain! I have an early spring Clematis on the other side of the arbor. It blooms nice and early. It’s always a delight to see its big, colorful blossoms in early spring! Sending sunny wishes! ♡

  4. Dear and sweet Dawn!

    A bad storm whipped through our city yesterday and knocked out our power and internet services for 24 hours!!! But what a blessing indeed to look at nature around us in awe and to be thankful for the life and beauty in the garden. Your photos are just striking and yesterday before the storm hit, I was in the garden with friends, taking pictures and enjoying ourselves like little children. Oh the glory of summer!!! Anita

    • Hi Anita! So glad that everything is ok again! I truly noticed your absence yesterday. Enjoy every one of your summer days! They are flying by so quickly this year! Sending only blue skies and gentle breezes your way! ♡

    • Many thanks, Debs! I just love celebrations! Are you having cool weather this week? My friends in southwest Germany are having rainy ‘Autumn’ weather! We are expecting cool weather to arrive next week. It’s a refreshing change of pace! Sending sunny thoughts Across The Pond! ♡

  5. DAWN!!!!!!! Are ya packed, love? OH YEAH! I know you will take us where we all would love to go in Europe, and we are going to have fun! Thank you for coming by today to visit and we go live on Friday the 18th, so pack every little detail in that creative suitcase of yours!!! Anita

    • Hi Anita! I’m definitely getting excited!! Just a few more days until our “Europe: Simply Irresistible” Link Party takes off for exciting destinations across Europe! ♡

  6. Have just come home from some mini trips to find my potted plants and hanging baskets all abloom. Am amazed. They are nothing like your wonderful garden but give me such pleasure, nonetheless. Thanks for keeping me inspired. You are a gem.

    • Hi Anne! Your trips sounded so amazing! You are very adventuresome, my friend! That inspires me…
      So happy to hear that your garden is abloom with color. Now you can relax and enjoy some quiet times on the patio at home! Sunny summer wishes… along with some much-needed raindrops! Keep having fun! ♡

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