Chatting by the Garden Gate

So glad you stopped by to chat for a moment!

So glad you stopped by today!


Hi Friends!

It’s so nice to chat by the garden gate for a few moments…

We are having glorious weather here today! I spent the whole morning in the garden ~ weeding, trimming the Quince bush, and pulling out some groundcover that was quickly taking over a perennial bed. As I was working, I thought about two easy, helpful garden tips to share! I ‘pinned’ both of these ideas on Pinterest last Spring and couldn’t wait to try them. After a whole year of “testing” these ideas, I think they are worth sharing with gardening friends. They worked great in our garden over the past year!

A natural weed preventer!

A natural weed preventer!

Weeds grow quickly on the flagstone patio, surrounding our old stone grill. Typically, I have to pull the weeds growing between the flagstones every few weeks all summer long. There is an easy solution, using something you probably have in your kitchen right now.

First, pull the weeds from between the flagstones. Then sprinkle the area with baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate). You can use the old box that has been freshening your fridge! Water the baking soda into the soil between the flagstones. New weeds will not germinate. (Be careful not to sprinkle the baking soda on desirable plants.) Baking soda also prevents weeds from growing in sidewalk or driveway cracks. It was a great solution to a problem area in our backyard!



We grow Hostas in many parts of our shady garden.

Hostas grow in many parts of our shady garden.

Hostas thrive on our shady front porch!

The same Hostas thrive on our shady front porch!

We have Hostas growing in shady areas throughout our yard. Did you know that Hostas also make great container plants?  Last Spring, I dug up Hostas from the yard and planted them in these containers for the front porch. They thrived on our shady porch throughout the summer. When the weather turned cold, I just moved the pots to our unheated garage for the winter. During our extremely cold winter months, I only watered the pots twice. When the weather warmed up in early Spring, the Hostas were already poking up through the soil in their pots in the garage. So, I moved the pots back to the front porch and watered them well. They are growing quickly again this year! I will fertilize them a bit during this growing season. Instead of just filling containers with annuals, it’s easy to grow perennials in containers, too!

It’s so nice to use what you already have… with wonderful results!


Happy gardening!


P.S.  Do you have a favorite tip to share with our gardening friends?





12 thoughts on “Chatting by the Garden Gate

  1. Hi Dawn! It was a beautiful, blue sky, fluffy cloud-kind of day here! It must have been nice by you if you were outside all day weeding! UGH! Not my favorite thing but that’s why YOUR gardens look like they do and MY gardens look like they do! Ha! Great tip about the baking soda! I must find a use for that somewhere! We love hostas but have never put them in containers! Good idea! They’re very pretty “greenery” and I usually end up buying some things for the pots. This is better as it’s a good idea to split them up, anyway! xo

    • Hi Karen! Such simple ideas… and they really work! If you dig up a few Hostas now, you will have instant lush, green containers filled with free plants. Next Spring, just water the containers and you are all set! More time to sip iced tea and read on the deck! Enjoy the sunshine! ♡

  2. I am a newcomer to your blog and I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit…..I will certainly be back soon! You had me at hosta..;). Wishing you all the best as you start your new blogging adventure…I started a little over a year ago and it has been wonderful! 🙂

    • Hi Katie! I’m so glad that you stopped by. Congratulations on being part of the Power Poppy design team! Your Lavender card was so lovely! Such a great Blog Hop, filled with inspiration! (I ordered the very first week Marcy opened her shop!) I’m really hoping there will be more herb stamps from Power Poppy! Happy stamping and happy gardening! ♡

  3. I’ve seen that baking soda tip on Pinterest, so now I’m going to try it! Thank you for letting us know. Now, I wonder, do they deliver baking soda by the wagon load, for my weeds are many! I love your white picket fence, oh how I must find somewhere in my garden for such a delight.
    Waving from Across The Pond in Wales ~~~ Debs 🙂

    • Hi Debs! I’m so tickled that you visiting my garden! My dad helped me build the picket fence herb garden when The Summer Book was first published! It’s a heartwarming story, so I’ll have to share it. This year, we have more weeds than I have EVER seen before. I wonder if all the moisture from our snowy winter might be the reason! Every maple and elm seed seems to be sprouting. There is a wonderful side, too! This year, many hollyhocks are growing… and already have buds!! I haven’t had hollyhocks in several years. So, I’m really excited!! Be sure to save enough baking soda for scones, Debs! Waving Back! ♡

  4. Good morning Dawn! Baking soda? I am running out there this weekend with my little box stuffed in my bakery cupboard! What a great idea instead of using harsh chemicals! Thank you for this tip, and I just love your little picket fence. Happy day! Anita

    • Hi Anita! It was such an easy thing… and it worked so well. I was amazed all last summer! Weeds never grew back between those flagstones. I just love my little herb garden in the white picket fence! I’ll tell the whole story one day. Enjoy lovely summer days, Anita! Will you visit France? ♡

  5. Hi Dawn! That’s a great tip about the baking powder. I’m definitely going to keep that in mind. And I love love love the white picket fence around your garden. Very charming. Thanks for sharing another great post.

    • Hi Chris! If you try baking soda (in the orange box), be sure to keep it away from the plants you want. The white picket fence herb garden is my favorite part of the yard! My dad helped me build it many, many years ago. It has two raised beds ~ one with culinary herbs, and one with herbs (like pineapple sage!) and mints for herbal tea. It’s such fun to spend time in this sweet, fragrant, little garden! Hope you are enjoying peaceful, happy times in your first garden! ♡

      • I’ll be sure to remember that. Aw, that’s so great that it’s the same fence your dad helped you build! I know how happy I felt when my dad helped me with my little garden. I haven’t tried my pineapple sage plants in tea yet, but that’s going to definitely be on the agenda for this weekend! ❤

      • Hi Chris! Just imagine the peaceful, relaxing feeling as you sip your pineapple sage herbal tea! It sounds lovely! ♡

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