Welcome to Petals.Paper.Simple Thymes!


So glad that you stopped in for a visit today! I hope you will always find something here to brighten your day.  We might walk through my garden together or get creative with paper and ink. Sipping tea, planning an antiquing trip, or sharing a new discovery is always more fun with a friend!

I hope each post will feel like a letter from a friend ~ an old friend or a new friend.  Please leave your thoughts… I promise to write back! If you’d like to subscribe, it’s easy. (Just slide out the left sidebar and leave your email address.) New posts will arrive in your inbox from time to time.

Stop by often to see what’s new!

♡ Dawn

Join me for a cup of tea. You can step into my herb garden  to create your own special blend of tea!

Join me for a cup of herbal tea.
You can step into my herb garden
to create your own special blend of tea!




6 thoughts on “Welcome to Petals.Paper.Simple Thymes!

  1. Hi Dawn!! I absolutely love your blog — I have read through each post you’ve written so far — each one is like a little gift of you. Congratulations on a big accomplishment! I am really looking forward to reading your future posts. xo

    • Hi Kristin! I’m so happy that you came to visit! Life is full of unexpected surprises, isn’t it? I’m hoping that the blog will become a special place where friends can meet. Such special people (like you!) have been stopping by! ♡ My greatest wish is that everyone will get to know one another, by sharing comments and talking together! There is always a lot to talk about when friends get together! Wishing you sunny days in the garden! ♡

  2. Well, I wandered into this happy space sometime, I think, in the middle of last summer ~ and what a little haven it has proved to be. My aim now is to be full caught up with my reading by the time you celebrate your first birthday. I wonder if I’ll make it? I just had to come back and leave a reply on your very first entry, you’ve come such a long way in a year!
    So thrilled to be along for this journey, it has opened my eyes to so many new things ~~~Hugs, Sweet Friend~~~

    • What a wonderful surprise, Deb! This little blog has been such an unexpected joy over the past ten months! Along the way, I have met so many delightful new kindred spirits and have even met some new ‘forever friends,’ too. You know how much I LOVE to learn new things. It seems that blogging teaches me something new with each and every post! New growth ~ in and out of the garden! Happy reading, dear Deb! So glad you are here! ♡

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